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Flying log book for W.J. Martin, flight engineer covering the period from 3 April 1944 to 13 November 1945. Detailing his flying training, operations and instructional duties. He was stationed at RAF East Kirkby, RAF St Athan, RAF Swinderby, RAF…

An account of how the operation came about and evolved. Describes the events leading up to the need for food relief in Holland, a brief account of how the operation was set up and executed.

Ben May's life and service as a flight engineer on 420 Squadron flying Halifax from January 1945. Relate life before volunteering for aircrew and being called up for the RAF in February 1944. Provides short description of training and joining 420…

Diary from joining the RAF in may 1941, through training as groundcrew and then volunteered for aircrew and eventually trained as air gunner and posting to 514 Squadron. Describes operations while on the squadron and notes details and losses.…

Reports arrival of letters one with photographs of the baby with which he is very pleased. Discusses progress of war and expectations of the end before Christmas. Mentions V-1s and V-2s. Says he has almost run out of cigarettes and that he they were…

Gives accounts of operations including target, opposition, anti-aircraft fire, success of bombing, day or night, weather conditions. From September 1944 through to April 1945. Last page has list of losses.

Margaret was almost twelve years old at the outbreak of World War Two and living in Romford, Essex. She remembers the announcement made by Neville Chamberlain on the radio on September 3rd 1939. Margaret recounts being issued with a gas mask and how…

Tells of how pleased they were to hear that Bob is safe, and that a rocket bomb dropped a short distance from school. Also, of the play that is being rehearsed.

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Letter encloses a transcript of telephone interview and ask Mr Chandler to check for accuracy and asks specific questions about window, operation briefings, bird strike, being coned on Karlsruhe operation, overcoming fear and did he feel operations…

A view of a V-2 mounted on a launching trolley. A caption describes the development of the rocket.

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Notes 4.5 million houses out of 13 million damaged by bombing including those recently destroyed by flying bombs and rockets.

Article 1 headlines: 'Three Soviet columns nearing Pecs, 'Two bridgeheads'. Article 2 headline: 'Spitfires blew up V2 warheads'.

Biography of Squadron Leader David James Baikie Wilson, DSO, DFC and Bar (1917 - 1947). He flew operations as a pilot with 214, 196 and 617 Squadrons before becoming Head of Aerodynamic Development and Testing, and Test-Pilot at A V Roe & Co Ltd.…

Cutting annotated 15 Oct 1956, reports last operational flight of a Coastal Command Lancaster.
A magazine cutting January 1957 reports the last operational Lancaster flight.
A cutting of a letter suggesting that the Lancaster should be preserved…

Colin Deverell was born in Croydon. Upon leaving school, he worked for Oliver Typewriter Company, where he gained engineering skills to become an amateur rigger for Imperial Airways, before finding employment with Rollaston Aircraft Services in 1939.…

Recollection of Eric Horsham from his early years in Plumstead, training at Lords, Torquay, St Athans, Marston Moor then 102 Squadron at Pocklngton. On one operation they were badly damaged but made a successful forced landing at Woodbridge, assisted…

Andrew hitchhiked from Edmonton to Calgary and then on to Mountain View by train. Gunnery training was in a Bolingbroke which had a mid-upper turret; bombing training was done in an Anson. Andrew was then posted to navigation school in Quebec for…

Target photograph showing open countryside with fields and roads. In the centre a large area with many craters. Caption '246, W.S., 24.6.44, 8", 17200, 150 degrees, B1, O, 617'. On the reverse '51:96/28'.

Target photograph showing open countryside with fields and roads. In the centre is a large area with many craters. Caption '242, W.S., 24.6.44, 8", 17300, 1`12 degrees, R., R., 617'. On the reverse '51:96/26'.

Target photograph showing open countryside with fields and roads. In the centre a large area with many craters. Caption '238, W.S., 24.6.44, 8", 17000, 124 degrees, Y., Y., 617'. On the reverse '51:96/25'.

Target photograph showing open countryside with fields and roads. Centre right is a large area with many craters. Caption '230, WS, 24.6.44, 8", 16300, 140 degrees, T., T., 617'. On the reverse '51:96/24'.

Sequence of five target photographs taken at intervals from the same aircraft. All show open countryside with fields and roads. The nose of the bomb is visible on left edge centre in first image and further right in the second. A large area with many…

Target photograph showing open countryside with fields and roads. Bottom right quadrant is a large area with many craters. Caption '221, W.S., 24.6.44, 8", 16500, 115 degrees, D., D., 617'. On the reverse '51:96/18'.
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