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An album to contain a series of cigarette cards of national importance. Shows pictures of some of the things that the government and local authorities are working out for the protection of the general public. Includes: window protection, splinter…

Covers first aid, care of stirrup pump, war gases, organisation, duties, equipment, team drills and actions and types of bombs including incendiaries. Concludes with miscellaneous notes.

A diary entry taken from an album page.

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Margaret was almost twelve years old at the outbreak of World War Two and living in Romford, Essex. She remembers the announcement made by Neville Chamberlain on the radio on September 3rd 1939. Margaret recounts being issued with a gas mask and how…

Six sheets of German food tokens.
Cheese, Bread, Food, Bread, Food and Cheese.
Date of Expiry 6.2.44


Side view of an open topped car captioned 'KD Magnette £50, 1938'. Captioned in frame '1938 K D Magnette bought 1938 for £50. M of Supply requisitioned tubes and tires. Reason! Not taxed or insured, missing was not an excuse!'.


Terry and his father standing outside their house. Both are in Home Guard uniform.

Two photographs of Terry and family Moira, Terry, Mother (Hilda), Father (Arthur) and Yvonne.
In the first image Terry has pilot's wings but not in the second.
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Writes of weather and earlier blackout times. Mentions his letters which reported that they had had more food parcels from Canadian Red Cross. Mentions letter from friend and passes on news. Mentions factory chimneys smoking after short holiday.…

No letters or cables to report and awaiting next ones from him. Discusses several cables previously sent/received that he asked about. Still no news of missing friend. Comments of weather and father's little holiday. Will stay at home as wartime…

Reminisces over past events and reports arrival of postcard from him. Mentions father on duty and going straight to work. Writes of new biscuit rationing system which would be the same as for sweets. Wonders if any parcels have reached him. Mentions…

Relief to receive cable. Long discussion on problems with receiver to pay telegrams which they said they had sorted out with Cable and Wireless. Comments on the weather and working in the garden. Reports arrival of another letter from him and says…

Reports on latest consignment of letters which arrived in May. Catches up with news of friends. Mentions his culinary efforts and that neighbour had brought round rhubarb for her. Continues with more on rationing. Writes of wonderful sunrise, the…

Writes of the weather and looking over town to see works where father was and of his daily routine and life in general. Talks about the war in general. Says they will not go away for summer holiday but might go to see their old house and visit…

Writes of prospective visits by relatives and spring in the local countryside. Mentions plants and garden. Comments on letter he sent to another acquaintance which they have been lent. Mentions sending cable and looking forward to his reply. Catches…

Writes of lengthening days, good weather and local area. Mentions their activities going for a walk but still deep snow. Writes that she sent him a cable previous Saturday and awaiting reply. Writes of daffodils and snowdrops in shops again but…

Comments on weather and arrival of spring and tells of her activities. Writes that they still have good wholesome food despite rationing. Catches up with news of friends, gossip and other activities. Mentions drastic reduction in petrol ration which…

Writes of father going out for fire watching duty on a snowy night. Comments on the days weather and that it had been a rough winter. Still waiting for letters the last came at the end of January. Writes there was no more news of loss of a friend.…

Written on new years night and mentions father going out and that they are thinking of him. Awaiting next batch of letters from him and noted that 6 arrived on 15 December with the last dated 17 September. Wonders whether he has enough warm food and…

Writes answering question he asked in letter dated 24 August about fathers smoking habits. Comments on food, scarcity of grapes in England and cost of tomatoes. Catches up with other correspondence and passes on news of friends.

Written by his father saying that mother is better letter writer and he leaves it mostly to her. Mentions sending him a cable on previous day. Writes about his activities including fire watch duties. Talk about his business and that the letter is…

Had just received four letters from him, all by airmail but some had taken longer than others. Worried about cost to him of airmail. Passes on sad news of loss of friend. and news of others missing and awarded medals. Catches up with family news,…

Notes arrival of 4 letters and 5 postcards in a week. Comments on contents concerning his activities and whether he is becoming a cynic. Writes of happy hours spent in garden. Provides description of new house. Mentions double summer time and sunrise…

Writes of weather, mentions she got many letter for her birthday and comments on bad weather noted in some and other news. Mentions shortage of onions and continues with other gossip. Comments on butter ration and that she has become a clever soup…
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