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Upper photograph: seven aircrew pose in front of a Lancaster. Standing at the rear are four non commissioned officers . Crouched at the front are Septimus Robinson (far left), an officer pilot and another non commissioned officer aircrew member.

Head and shoulders portrait of Septimus Robinson in officer's uniform, with his observer brevet and medal ribbons. Annotated "PO SEPTIMUS ROBINSON RAFVR 1432941/ 190538". There are two other prints of the same photograph.
Also a handwritten page…

SSmithRW425992v10005-0002 copy.pdf
Miscellaneous papers from Bob's service in the RAAF.
Includes copies of his identity cards, certificate of service and discharge and a cartoon about the role of the observer.

PSmithRW23010028 copy.jpg
The four airmen have just received their stripes and brevets. Behind them is a sign for the Royal Canadian Air Force No 2 Observer School, Edmonton.
The for men are identified in Bob's memoirs as Bob Smith, Eric Sutton, Noel Hooper and Lou…

PSmithRW23010027 copy.jpg
The three airmen have just received their sergeant stripes and brevets. Behind them is a sign for the Royal Canadian Air Force No 2 Observer School, Edmonton.
The three men are identified in Bob's memoirs as Eric Sutton, Bob Smith and Keith Mills.

The six airmen are sitting on an old cannon amidst a snowy landscape. On the reverse 'Just qualified as Sergeant Observers. This is the only photo of me (at the back without a cap) with stripes & 1/2 wing as at the time I was unaware that I had been…

Peter Taylor in uniform with Observer brevet.

Additional information about this item has been kindly provided by the donor.

The first of three chapters of Bill's wartime service.
There is a second copy with handwritten edits.

Contains details of the nine operations Philip flew to Stettin, Hanau, Maresburg, Cologne, Bremen, Magdeburg, Wesserling-Klon, the railyard in Berlin and the Leuna oil refinery. Includes descriptions of targets, weather conditions, defences…

Head and shoulder studio portrait of Philip in uniform showing his sergeant's stripes and observer's brevet. Annotated 'Sgt P.J.Anstey, Observer. Killed 16.12.40 when his aircraft ditched in North Sea on returning from Ops to Berlin.'.

Head and shoulders portrait of an airman wearing tunic with observer brevet, DFM ribbon and Pathfinder badge. Submitted with caption 'Flt Sgt Harry Wilson DFM'.

This item was sent to the IBCC Digital Archive already in digital form. No better…

Five servicemen, three army and one RAF (Harold Wilson) in uniform and the fifth in shirt sleeves. Sitting round a table with glasses and cups inside a room with picture on wall behind. Submitted with caption 'Commonwealth War graves'.

A head and shoulders portrait of Derek in uniform showing his observer's brevet and ribbons, including for the Distinguished Flying Cross. On the reverse is a stamp from the photography studio of Edward C Partridge and annotated '5874/2' and 'Derek…

John Taplin and fellow crew members. They are standing in front of a Nissen hut. On the reverse they have signed their names. An additional note states 'LR (Rear Gunner) Waite Dad [circled, John Taplin], Gordon (Nav) Black'.

106 Squadron after returning from the 'Thousand Bomber Raid' in May 30/31 1942, at RAF Coningsby. Wing Commander Guy Gibson can be seen on the front row, and Kenneth James Broderick can be seen standing behind with a pipe. Avro Manchester's can be…

A head and shoulder portrait photograph of Walter Braithwaite in a Royal Air Force uniform.

3 men, in different military uniforms. The man on the left of the photograph, Walter Braithwaite, is wearing a Royal Air Force uniform, with an observers brevet visible above his left pocket. The man in the centre of the photograph is wearing a naval…

A watercolour painting of an airman in uniform with his aircrew brevet above his left breast pocket. Annotated 'B Kamhuckhú 1944'.

The photograph on the left of the left page shows two men in military uniforms standing next to a sign with indecipherable writing near Malahat Chalet. Aircrew brevets can be seen on the top left pockets of the men's uniforms.
The photograph on the…

Head and shoulders portrait with Observer's flying badge.

This item was sent to the IBCC Digital Archive already in digital form. No better quality copies are available.

Group photograph, head and shoulders, two pilots, three observers, two air gunners, brevets not visible on others.

A half length portrait of Frank, in uniform with his Observer's brevet.
Underneath is handwritten 'Frank Edward Claydon 13/14 January 1944 130537 166 Sqn'.
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