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Half-length portrait of an officer wearing tunic with observer brevet and medal ribbon as well as peaked cap. Submitted with caption; 'William Alfred Colson'.

Several senior RAF officers sitting at a dining table with one standing to address audience. In the background curtains. Submitted with caption 'Officers Mess Head Table dinner Feltwell No 3 L.F.S January 31 1945'

A full length portrait of a man wearing uniform tunic with observer brevet and side cap standing in front of steps to pavilion like building. On the reverse 'Elliot ATC'.

Two officers wearing uniform tunic with, on the right pilot's brevet and the left observer brevet, standing on grass with shrub boarder and trees in the background. On the reverse 'C Ball'.

A group of RAF officers gathered round an an air vice marshal who is holding a folded flag. A man wearing white surplus and mortar board hat watches on the right. In the background spectators and a sandbag wall.

An officer wearing tunic with pilot's brevet and side cap marching in front of a large parade which is marching in column around a running track in a stadium. In the background a stand, high wall and houses beyond, On the reverse 'ATC parade'.

Three officers wearing uniform tunic, two with side caps and the third with peaked cap walking across a car park. Two officers on the left have pilot's brevet and the other officer an observer brevet. In the background a group of civilians and parked…

Four RAF officers standing in line all wearing uniform tunic and side caps. Two have pilot's brevet and a third an observer brevet. In the background a building with a ladder.

A squadron leader lading a parade through city streets with crowds of spectators and shops in the background. On the reverse 'Squadron Leader A C Balls , officer commanding Nottingham City Wing. leading the parade. Pre-entry service parade 1943'.

51 aircrew in three rows in front of a Hampden and a hangar with a large dog in the centre of the front row. John Nicholl is fifth from the right in the front row.

Additional information about this item has been kindly provided by the donor.

Head and shoulders portrait of an RAF Officer wearing tunic with observer brevet, and peaked cap.

Top - two aircrew either side of a man wearing civilian suit. All have glasses in hand. Bertie Foxlee is on the right. Bottom - nine aircrew and one man in civilian suit gathered round a table with drinks. In the background shelves with bottles.

F G Bower's sergeant stripes, Observer and RAF badge mounted on a small frame.

Few lines to let her know he is OK. Still near Oxford but should be finished soon. Should get leave before reporting to new station. Writes that he had been crewed up and describes crew as one Rhodesian, an Australian observer, a wireless operator…

Three photographs from an album.
Photo 1 is Shep receiving his observer brevet, captioned 'Shep gets his O'.
Photo 2 is a parade of airmen passing the Battles.
Photo 3 is a group of airmen outside a brick building, captioned 'Corporal Gash &…

Two members of Alan Edgar's crew standing in front of a brick building. On the reverse 'L to R Allan, Bob

Four airmen, including Homer lawson, lined up in their uniforms. Identified by their brevets are an air gunner, flight engineer, observer (Homer Lawson) and the pilot (Canadian).

Three images from a photo album.
Photo 1 is a head and shoulders image of Homer Lawson in khaki, wearing an observer's brevet. It is annotated 'With all my Fondest Love Harold xxx'.
Photo 2 is a group of ten trainees arranged in two rows.
Photo 3…

Bob Smith was born in Brisbane, Australia. He recalls moving to the family farm in 1932 and being a member of the Air Cadets during his school years. Upon leaving school, Smith undertook training as a bank clerk. Following the events of Pearl…

For W/O Valentine J R M, ex prisoner of war. Gives medical classification, dates for 19 days leave and orders to report to regional hospital Cosford.

A group of 12 airmen arranged in two rows. Jim Tyrie is in the centre of the front row,

Photo 1 is a half length portrait of a man in a sweater.
Photo 2 is eight airmen captioned '+20/8/43'.
Photo 3 is two men with their hands in the air, one soldier beside them. Two men with rifles are on the right, captioned 'Two Polish prisoners…

Provides dates and family history from their engagement to after the war including John's time as prisoner of war and in hospital after his return. Lists letters and dates and provides locations of where they were written.

A newspaper cutting about the funeral of Sergeant-Observer Harry Redgrave.

Writes that she has just come in and commenting on clear sky and large moon and wonders whether he is flying. Hopes he will return safely. Continues with news of her domestic and gardening activities and finances. Reports on visit to baby clinic and…
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