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A group of seven airmen arranged in two rows, the front row seated, the back standing. Sergeant Joseph Wilson is front row, far left.

Four airmen at the tail of a Wellington. A fifth airman is sitting at the entrance of the rear turret. The Wellington is coded 'ZO-H', HF464. The photograph is signed by J W Beale, W F Temlett and F Elliott. On the reverse 'Azzaro, 196 Squadron…

Sergeant J K Henson, Flight Sergeant A H D Batty and Sergeant L S Coleman all of 226 Squadron were awarded the Distinguished Flying Medal for the action around a daylight attack on Merville airfield.

Seven aircrew wearing tunics, three in front and four behind. Neville Petts is identified as back row second from right wearing observer brevet. Ian Archer Wynn is back row left wearing engineer brevet, John Hudson is front row left wearing air…

35 airmen arranged in four rows. David Joseph is on the rear row, fourth from the left. On the reverse '17. Pre-AFU Course, Perth April-May 1943' and 'Subject back 4th from left'.

Half length portrait of an air observer wearing tunic and peaked cap. On the reverse 'Flying Officer Bill McCall Girdwood age 23 = 6 . 43 killed 22.6.43'.

Half length portrait of Douglas Hudson wearing tunic with pilot officer rank, observers brevet and medal ribbon including the Distinguished Flying Cross. He is wearing peaked cap and holding a pipe.

Notice paper for five years reserve service for James Douglas Hudson dated 29 June 1939. Gives conditions and contains certified copy of attestation with personal; details. Concludes with signatures, oath and certificate of a justice of the peace or…

For entry to Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve, notes for information of candidates. Covers introduction, conditions of entry and service, training, financial provision and general note. Concludes with appendix on medical examination.

Don Falgate with the other seven other course members,in uniform, standing in the snow, barracks in the background. Captioned 'Having recently completed aircrew training in Canada (self second from left) and passed out as sergeant observers. Photo in…

Don Falgate, standing in the snow, full length, in uniform, with observer half wing brevet. Captioned 'Newly commissioned Pilot Officer Observer at RCAF Monckton [sic], New Brunswick. Winter 1942.'

Don Falgate standing by entrance steps to a railway coach, in the snow, full length, in uniform, with half wing observer brevet. Captioned 'Commissioned as a Pilot Officer at RCAF Port Arthur, Ontario. Photo shows self on the way to RCAF Monckton…

Don Falgate's pre-Advanced Flying Unit formal course photograph, 32 Officers and senior non-commissioned officers, arranged in four rows. Signatures on the reverse. Captioned 'Students of pre AFU (Advanced Flying Unit) RAF Perth Scotland, about…

Don Falgate's ATU course from RAF Penrhos. Ten officers in two rows, all with half wing brevet. Signatures on reverse. Captioned 'ATU (Advanced Flying Unit) course at RAF Penrhos, North Wales . 1 month course of training on Wellington aircraft.…

Half length portrait of Geoffrey Whittle in uniform with Flight Sergeant rank, wearing an Observer's brevet.

Head and shoulders portrait of Geoffrey Whittle. On the reverse 'Guess who!'

The Obituary describes his service and civilian career from training in the United States to his 105 operations. Awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross. He met his future wife, Isobel in Blackpool. Served in the Far East and demobbed in 1947.

Two airmen in uniform standing on a hillside. Fred Whybrow is on the right.

Head and shoulder portrait of Frederick Caunter-Jackson wearing tunic with observer brevet and peaked cap.

Additional information about this item was kindly provided by the donor.

Three airmen sitting on the grass with a further three lying on it. In the background is a Lancaster. On the reverse 'Me Nav Jimmy Joyce WOP Bob Henderson Pilot (Aussie) Mug F. Eng' and 'Len Dorricott James Joyce Bob Henderson Malcolm Whitehouse…

The group including Leonard Dorricott in uniform with observer's brevet, is sitting on a rock on a hillside.

A group of four airmen standing in a wood. One is smoking, two are wearing gloves. On the reverse 'L Me Nav Bob Henderso [sic] Pilot Malcolm Whitehouse Bomb Aimer Tony Perron R.G. R'

Half length portrait of Oliver Gomersal in tunic with observer brevet and peaked cap standing by a door with hands in pockets. In the background a three story house. On the reverse 'Flight Leut Oliver Gomersal, Navigator/Bomb aimer, spring 1945'.

The aircrew were all those who flew the bomber aircraft. In 1939 their trades included pilot, observer, and wireless operator/ air gunner. Ground personnel sometimes flew as gunners. By the end of the war, all aircrew were officers or…

Photograph 1 is of the cockpit of a Halifax with damage below and in front of the pilot's position.
Photograph 3 is of the instrument panel of a Halifax showing damage. Captioned 'Halifax A/C, returned from a raid, Ruhr, Germany, damage to pilots…
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