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A memoir of David Storey's service from 27 May 1943 to April 1944. He describes his 32 completed operations as a navigator on Halifaxes and including details of incidents and aircraft losses.

This item was provided, in digital form, by a…

Flying log book for Warrant Officer James Wrigley, wireless operator, covering the period from 17 November 1942 to 30 June 1954. Detailing training, operations and instructor duties. He was stationed at RAF Yatesbury, RAF Pembrey, RAF Whitchurch…

Aircrew Mascots flying log book for Flight Sergeant Rascal, covering the period from 15 August 1944 to 29 March 1945. Detailing his flying career during training and operations. He was stationed at RAF Kinloss, RAF Forres, RAF Yatesbury, RAF…

RAF Kinloss is in Moray, on the southern coast of the Moray Firth eight miles north east of Elgin. It opened in 1939 as a training school. In May 1940 it became home to 45 Maintenance Unit which remained at the station until 1956.
It was home to: 19…

Photograph 1 is of three airmen by the nose of a Lancaster, captioned 'Sid Munn? Knight & Self Kinloss'.
Photograph 2 is of three airmen, one leaning on a propeller blade, no caption.
A third photograph is missing and is captioned 'Sgts mess…
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