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Denys Sinclair in uniform and his bride in a white dress holding a bouquet are standing in between their parents. Bagpiper airmen and a pilot are behind them.
On the reverse 'Denys and Nancy (Street) Sinclair Far Rt Sir Arthur Street.'

Harry joined the Royal Australian Air Force on 25 June 1942 as a wireless operator/air gunner and received his initial training in Australia before going to Canada for his trade training.

He sailed on the SS Johan Van Barneve to San Francisco and…

A head and shoulders portrait of George Robinson in uniform with white training flash on his field service cap.
On the reverse is written: "From Mrs R Tempest Wilsford Nr Grantham. Please return this" and in a different hand: "To Eileen. All my…

A full length portrait of George Robinson and a woman. She is wearing a dark dress, jacket and hat. He is in uniform with a button hole flower. They are standing close together, arm in arm and smiling.
On the reverse is the Betta Photos LTD stamp…

PSmithAT2301 copy.jpg
The wedding of Albert Thomas Smith and Violet Mary Ralph. The couple are sat between two women. Three men and a woman are standing behind. Albert is in uniform showing his sergeant stripes and Violet is in a high necked, long dress holding a bouquet…

Left page: view of Luton with German annotation. Right page: top left, report of rocket development. Top right, Barracuda in flight with tail wheel showing. Middle left, three airmen standing alongside a Barracuda. Middle right, lifeboat alongside…

Left page: top right, a man in top hat and tails flanked by two women, annotated 'John Hawkin's wedding August 1960'.
Bottom left ten people inspecting a rowing boat on a frame. Bottom left, head and shoulder portrait of a boy, annotated 'Ricky'.…

Left page: top left, list of members of the Women's Auxiliary Air Force. Top right, Queen Mary standing with a woman in uniform and 13 men, one in uniform, identified as Bob.
Middle, left, Christmas greetings.
Middle, right, best wishes at…

Left page: top left, invitation to Flying Officer R V Keeling DFC and Mrs Keeling to the wedding of Alice Sharpley and John Keeling.
Top right, six wedding guests including a man and woman in uniform at at Boswell House, North Elkington.

Left page: top, the Luftpost, numbers 10 and 18.
Middle, left report of an aircraft landing on a car.
Middle centre, woman holding a baby, reports of engagements and births of babies.
Bottom left, report of the death of Lieutenant Geoffrey William…

Left page: top, a group comprising bride and groom, seven bridesmaids and two couples, annotated 'Kay Tomlinson's wedding'.
Bottom, four men walking abreast, three wearing top hat and tails and one a vicar.
Right page: top left, a rural scene, top…

Left page: top, congratulations to Mr and Mrs Keeling on their wedding.
Bottom, Stanley sending love and best wishes.
Right page: propaganda leaflets dropped in Italy and Germany, annotated 'war time propaganda leaflets released by the R.A.F.'.

Left page top and right page; best wishes from friends on the marriage of Pilot Officer Bob Keeling to Ursula Hartley.
Left page: bottom left, Bob in uniform with a woman in civilian clothes annotated 'Christmas 1940'.
Bottom right, a woman and a…

Left page: top, an advertisement for a hotel.
Bottom left, view of a cathedral.
Bottom right, view of terraced fields.
Right page: top two rows reports family engagements; centre; a list of the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserves including R V…

Top row, from left;
A group of 13 uniformed airmen arranged in two rows outside an open window in a tile fronted building. Seven are standing all with half caps with six seated in front, including two officers. The individuals are annotated, from…

From top left,
A group of 13 uniformed airmen arranged in two rows outside an open window in a tile fronted building. Seven standing all with half caps and six seated in front, including two officers. The individuals are annotated, from the top…

Covering the period 3 December 1941 to 1945 it details Jack's initial training, sailing from New Zealand to Canada and subsequent train journey, visiting a fox farm, canoeing, taking exams and getting the results and trips in the snow. Qualifying as…

Jack's wife recollecting meeting Jack, their marriage and her later life. She describes meeting with Jack's surviving crew members, pilot Tom Dykins, Sergeant Bert Price, Sergeant Doug Looms and Stan Jones, who had been held as prisoners of war after…

Marriage details for Lieutenant Nora Muriel King and Flight Sergeant Denis John Browne.

An airman and his bride, two bridesmaids, a best man and the father of the bride. They are standing outside Holy Cross Shrewsbury.

An official record of Bill and Mary's marriage.

A bride and groom on their wedding day. On the reverse is dated 18 June 1946.

Three photographs of Hubert and family. The first is a formal portrait of Hubert, head and shoulders Sergeants stripes and air gunner badge.
The second shows him walking with another man down a broad pavement, he is dressed informally, a row of…
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