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Excerpt (pages 7 and 8) from letter from CR Phillips to F Phillips. Writes he will be with her again soon and ambitions for after the war. Expresses his love for her.

Flight Lieutenant Bluey Mottershead in uniform standing next to his bride with veil and bouquet.

A wedding photograph of Bob and Marjorie. It is annotated '28-2-43 Bob on Embarkation leave' and underneath each individual is identified 'Gordon Mother Me Father Bob Marjorie Cyrilwix Mrs Mott My Grandfather'.

Thomas on his wedding day, standing with his bride, Kathleen Rogers, outside the church.

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Wedding group photograph of Douglas Conlon and his English ‘war bride’, Nancy Woolrich, with two bridesmaids and 18 other guests.

This item was sent to the IBCC Digital Archive already in digital form. No better quality copies are available.

Douglas Conlon and his English ‘war bride’, Nancy Woolrich.

This item was sent to the IBCC Digital Archive already in digital form. No better quality copies are available.

Reports arrival of first two letters for two months and catches up with news from home. Mentions he is still getting letters from 'girlfriends' and that he thinks a lot of wives taking opportunity for a spot of fun while husbands are locked up.…

This edition covers an Editorial, poems, the padres notes, romantic fiction, a car chase in London, a list of expenditure of the station's social funds, recollections of flying in the Great War, Christmas stories, Officers Mess gossip, a story about…

This edition has adverts, an Editorial, reminisces by Dr Vyse, an appreciation of the arrival of the RAF at Weyburn, photographs of Weyburn, stories about Gremlins, a fictitious love story, photos of dances, Weyburn library, poems, love stories, a…

Bride and Groom posing, to the right of the groom a younger man stands in uniform. To the left side of the bride, a women is posing in a long formal dress holding flowers and an elderly man is stood in a suit.

A man in uniform is stood linking arms with women in a dress and veil. The women is holding a bouquet of flowers. Behind them is an older women and child in a dress.

A bride holding a bouquet of flowers is wearing a long dress and veil is linking arms with a man in uniform. To the right of him an elderly man and women are posing in formal wear. To the left of the bride a young women is holding flowers and in…

Wishes her happy birthday and reminisces over recent walk with her.

Newspaper announcement giving details of family and wedding.

Sergeant Maurice Marriott and his bride, standing outside the church.

A newspaper cutting with Rex and Isabella's marriage announcement.

Two brides and grooms plus guests arranged in a group outside a church.

Four photographs from an album
Photo 1 is a group of 11 people at a wedding. They are outside in a churchyard.
Photo 2 is two girls and a young man seated on a lawn drinking tea.
Photo 3 is two girls sitting on a garden wall.
Photo 4 is a view…

A bride holding her floral bouquet standing beside her groom at the entrance to a church.

Photo 1 is five uniformed men at the tail of a Lancaster, HE411, captioned 'First Operational Crew'.
Photo 2 is Fred Say's wedding day. A group of eight captioned 'Jan 9th 1945 Joan Fred FDS Fred Gladys Aunt [indecipherable] Hancock Betty Sen'r…

Bob's memoirs in the RAF. His training started at Lords cricket ground then Torquay. Technical training was at St Athan. At this time he met Dorothy. In March he was posted to Dishforth where his aircraft crashed damaging his spine.

A telegram sent to Harry on his wedding day from his Aunt Nellie.

A receipt for a memorial wreath for Mrs Redgrave's late husband.

Head and shoulders portrait of Jessie with 'With love Jessie' on the front and 'To Henry with love From Jessie' on the reverse.
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