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A head and shoulders portrait of Connie. On the reverse 'WAAF Cpl CE Thornhill 2049455 Service 1940 to 1945 Married Oct 26th 1943'.

Ted and Connie on their wedding day. On the reverse is a post it with '26/Oct/43 EB Thornhill CE Crowther. Horbury. Wakefield'.

Ted advises he has leave and Connie is asked to arrange their wedding on the 26th or as soon as possible.

Coming home Sunday night
Wedding Tuesday very quiet
Love Connie

He apologises for having nothing new to say but he is fit and well.

He reminds his wife that he is writing on the day of their first wedding anniversary. He expresses love for her and says he hopes to be home soon.

Freda Todd (bridesmaid), a woman, a bridesmaid and a boy. A bridal party photograph with, on the reverse 'My Aunty wedding. Freda, Mum, Michael'.

Ernie and Jessie on their wedding day, flanked by two older women. On the reverse 'Ernie Todd & wife Jessie. Wedding'. [Note on the previous image Ernie's wife is written as Bessie and on this one, Jessie'.

Ernie and Bessie on their wedding day, flanked by two bridesmaids. On the reverse '1941 Freda Todd, Ernie Todd Bessie his wife'.

Joyce and Oliver on their wedding day, outside their church. On the reverse '1942'.

A wedding invitation for Joyce and Oliver.

Writes of difficulty in finding accommodation. Makes arrangements for her to visit which he is keen to happen despite fact he might be too busy. Speculates he might get 48 hour leave. ends with endearment.

Letter telling of journey and offering many endearments and loving comments.

Bride and groom (in RAF uniform) along with three other airmen, one with pilot's brevet standing in the doorway of a house. Another man wearing civilian suit standing on the left. Captioned 'Wedding of P/O Galan'.

Joyce and Oliver with six airmen on their wedding day. On the reverse 'Joyce & Oliver Bell Wedding Day May 21 st 1942 Harworth Church'.

Oliver and his bride leaving the church, both in uniform. On the reverse '1942'.

Small leather purse and silver identity tag and accompanying note.

Top - a large group of trainee airmen wearing greatcoats and side caps sitting and standing in three rows in front of a brick building with large windows criss-crossed with blast tape. On the reverse signatures. Captioned 1 - 'Heaven help poor old…

To K Gill - congratulations on wedding, sorry cant come. Les.

Full length image of an airman wearing tunic and peaked cap standing arm-in-arm with a woman wearing dress, both standing at the bottom of steps to door of a house. On the reverse 'Sept 1943'.

Full length image of an airman wearing tunic with half brevet and holding peaked cap standing arm in arm with a woman wearing dress and hat and holding a wedding bouquet.
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