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A bride and groom on their wedding day. On the reverse is dated 18 June 1946.

Three photographs of Hubert and family. The first is a formal portrait of Hubert, head and shoulders Sergeants stripes and air gunner badge.
The second shows him walking with another man down a broad pavement, he is dressed informally, a row of…

Joan Broderick and Sidney Nuttall. Sidney is wearing a Royal Navy uniform.

Kenneth James Broderick and Joan Hyland on their wedding day standing arm in arm next to a building.

A part letter from someone's wife. She discusses dinners and drinks and looks forward to seeing him.

A head and shoulders portrait of Violet. On the reverse is a note with 'Violet Williamson married NJ Long 5/8/44'.

Norman and Violet leaving the church on their wedding day. On the reverse 'Kingsey Park Methodist Church Northampton 5/8/44 Violet Williamson'.

Ruth at the seaside. She is crouched down with a net in the sea. It is annotated 'Thinking of you & loving you even more, darling Ruth xx. Selsey, October 1944'.

Gordon and Ruth on their wedding day. The image has been mirrored.

This item was sent to the IBCC Digital Archive already in digital form. No better quality copies are available.

Wedding party in a garden including the bride and groom, three bridesmaids and two men in civilian suits.

A portrait photograph taken at Robert George Sharland's and Beryl Lilian Sharland's wedding. Robert is wearing a RAF uniform. An air gunner brevet and pathfinder badge can be seen accompanying a Distinguished Flying Cross ribbon on Robert's uniform.…

G.R. Cottle holding Joan Sharland in his arms next to car, with a man and two women sat behind. Another car is behind them.

Alfred is standing with his wife Margaret Elizabeth, surrounded by two other women and a man. Two children are seated. The women are holding bouquets of flowers.
The reverse reads "LAURENCE PHOTOGRAPHS READING & PLYMOUTH." and "19sb".

A biography of Bill written by his flying colleague from Bomber Command. It covers his war and post-war activities.

From his youth to the award of his DFC by the King.

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Note from Reg expressing his feelings.

Two poems about loss, love and hopefulness.

Written from the Sergeant's mess describing a dance at the station he had attended, family news and receiving a letter from Rose breaking off their relationship. Annotated 'Reg's last letter, received the same day as the news'.

A group of seven Women's Royal Auxiliary Force and three Royal Air Force personnel. One woman is in the arms of one of the men with the others crouching in front of the other women. The group is standing outside a corrugated and a wooden building. On…

Annotated 'West Malling' 'Lena Smith' a photograph of her in uniform, with corporal stripes, sitting on steps with metal railings leading to the open door of a brick building. On the second page, annotated ' Edna Evans (Sutton Bridge) and Leslie…

Viscount Clive with his daughter Davinia Herbert; acting Squadron Leader F D Hughes who was killed in action and an annotated picture of 'Flight Lieutenant Tony Stuart' in evening dress.
The second page shows Flight Lieutenant Anthony Stuart…
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