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RAF Elvington was in Yorkshire, five miles south east from York. Construction started in 1940 and it opened in October 1942 with asphalt runways. 77 Squadron moved in that month and remained until May 1944 when it was replaced by 346 and 347…

By the start of the Second World War 77 Squadron was equipped with Whitleys at RAF Driffield as part of 4 Group. The squadron took part in the early leaflet dropping and bombing campaigns. By the end of April 1942 it had carried out the most…

Details of nine operations carried out between February and May 1943 from RAF Elvington on 77 Squadron flying Halifax. Targets include Cologne, Berlin and several in the Ruhr.

More than 25 airmen kitted up and standing outside two huts. Various airmen are identified and annotated on the image - ALE Robertson, SE Wodehouse, L Fairbrother.
It is captioned 'Tea Party prior Berlin 15/16 Feb 1944 30 aircrew 77 sqn RAF…
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