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A group of airmen gathers round a Hampden with undercarriage up on grass. Crane by the tail and man in cockpit. Squadron letters 'VN'

On the left the track left by aircraft as it crossed road and on the right a Lancaster wheels up with broken wing rests in a field. Some people around the aircraft.

Side view of a Lancaster resting in field wheels up with broken port wing.

Trail of aircraft which has run over a road into a field. A group of people stand on the side of road.


Lancaster wheels up in a field with four airmen standing in front of port inner engine while another pokes out of hatch on top of fuselage.

A Wapiti (registration K1154) crashed in field with four men surrounding and inspecting aircraft.


A Lancaster in a field with undercarriage up and bent propellers. Has nose art and rows of operation tally symbols.

Jack Whalley’s Royal Air Force Observer’s and Air Gunner’s Flying Log Book from 9th July 1941 until 10th October 1952. Initial training at No. 9 Air Observers School as an air observer, navigator, air gunner and bomb aimer. Further training as…

Wreckage of a twin engine aircraft on grass airfield. A hangar is in the background.

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Medal set belonging to Harry Dawson (178722 Royal Air Force). 1939-1945 Star, Air Crew Europe Star, Africa Star, Defence Medal, and War Medal 1939-1945. Includes his identity tags and a letter about the loss of Wellington Z9106.

Hampden with squadron letters VN-J in a field with some undercarriage up.

Side view of a Lancaster on ground with wheels up. Squadron letters 'QR-X'.

Letter confirming that her son, George Robinson, is missing, presumed dead and describing the circumstances surrounding his loss. It is dated 13 May 1944 and carries the reference: "514/C.2051/10/P.1." Most of the text is typed but a handwritten…

A newspaper cutting about George Robinson being reported missing. It briefly describes the circumstances and gives some details about his late father, his recent marriage and his education.

He served at the Marine Aircraft Research Establishment

Left page: top and bottom, view of the 10 February 1946 Potters Bar station train accident, annotated 'more photographs with Bob as pilot'. Right page: top left, consecration of a new altar; top left, two women walking in a garden; middle tight, head…

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Left page: top left, a report of a gorse fire on Harpenden Common. Centre, seagull in flight, annotated 'original photograph taken by Bob'.Top right, weather report; middle, attendees at a police dance, annotated 'Geoff Shaw was in the same squadron…

Left page: from top, descriptions of the Magister, Anson and Whitley aircraft, annotated 'RAF aircraft in which Bob did his training'.
Whitley aircraft, B-DY, C-DY and E-DY, flying in formation; bottom, crashed Whitley MH-H, annotated 'Usworth 17 11…

Interview in three parts.

Part 1.
Doug Marsh was the son of a Royal Navy officer and moved around quite a bit as a child between Kent and Lincolnshire. When his father retired from the Navy his parents bought a fish and chip shop in Grimsby but…

Terry Hodson was conscripted to the RAF towards the end of the Second World War. He started in the airfield construction team doing work as and when needed. He was involved in preparing the area in London for the Victory Parade. He left the RAF…

Basil Fish volunteered for the RAF in 1941 from Manchester University where he was a student and a member of the University Air Squadron. He was posted to 617 Squadron at RAF Woodhall Spa. On one flight his aircraft crashed on return and although…

James Douglas Hudson followed a friend to join the RAF. He trained as a navigator and was posted to 101 Squadron at RAF West Raynham. On his final operational flight with the squadron he ran out of fuel and crashed. He was taken prisoner by the Vichy…

Cliff Thorpe and Roy Smith grew up in the village of Elsham while RAF Elsham Wolds was operational.
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