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Four airmen one standing and the others sitting on a bomb trolley underneath a Lancaster.

Front quarter view of a Lancaster with several bomb trollies underneath and a bomb being hoisted into bomb bay while two ground crew conduct load with others looking on. Partial view of nose art.

Front quarter view of Lancaster with bomb being loaded by ground crew. Fuel bowser in front. Aircraft has devil nose art with words 'Nick the Nazi Neutralizer'. Gantry by port inner and an airman on top of wing.

A row of five Lancaster parked with snow on the ground. A tractor on the left with bomb on trolley.

Seven airmen and two women sitting on top of a vehicle with a Lancaster and another airman pulling a bomb trolley in the background.

Two airmen in the process of loading a bomb in bomb bay of a Lancaster.

Front view of Lincoln with MC bombs on trolley. An airman stands by trolley and a bicycle leans against port undercarriage.

A airman standing on top of wing of a Lancaster watching two airmen working on the port outer engine below. Another two airmen work on the propeller of the port inner engine. Aircraft has name 'Dumbo' on nose and three rows of operation symbols.…

Seven airmen stand behind or sit on a 4000lb MC blockbuster bomb. Another airman is finishing adding words '100 not out' to the bomb. A senior (air commodore) RAF officer stands on the right watching. In the background the front of Lancaster R5868…

Front view of a Lancaster with train of bomb trolleys. Two men loading bomb in open bomb bay.

Six airmen sitting on a 4000lb HC bomb mounted on a trolley with a sergeant sitting in front. In the background a Lancaster.

Three airmen standing behind a 4000lb blockbuster bomb with a Lancaster in the background with squadron letters 'PO-L'. Bomb has names of ground crew with L love.

First, five men work underneath the fuselage of a Halifax in to which bombs are being loaded. Three further men are working on the port wing of the aircraft. The aircraft is held in place by chocks on the wheels. Second, David in flying suit,…

Firstly, a man in uniform with sergeant's stripes and a brevet, wearing gloves, sat on a Cookie. The bomb is on a bomb trolley in an open field alongside an aircraft with buildings and hedgerow in the distance.
Second, David, second right, is sat…

Front/port view of a Lancaster being loaded with bombs., watched by the aircrew.

A port side view of Lancaster PO-S R5868 with a bomb load ready to be loaded.

Pilot Bob Halewood (right) and man named Mark standing in front of a laden bomb trolley with aircraft behind. Bob is wearing a non regulation scarf about his neck. Annotated on the reverse 'Bob Halewood (right) Mark (left)'; 'Bob Halewood + Mark'.…

Two airmen, one on the right wearing tunic with brevet and sergeant rank, the one on the left wearing battledress and smoking a cigarette sitting on bombs on bomb trolley under a Halifax.

Five airmen sitting on the ground in the shade from the rear fuselage of a Halifax. There is one bomb trolley under the port wing and another under the bomb bay. Step ladders and maintenance platforms in front of the port wing.

Side view of Halifax MZ540 PT-H parked on dispersal. Part of another aircraft in the background right. A bomb trolley and bicycles underneath the fuselage.

An airman is guiding a bomb being winched up into a bomb bay. A bomb trolley on the right and bicycles behind.

An armourer guiding a bomb being winched into a bomb bay. Another airman stands to the left and part of the bomb trolley is visible on the right.

Top - painting of a Lancaster being bombed up. Captioned 'Winter of 43 somewhere in England. by David Shepherd'.
Bottom - photograph - view from above of a Lancaster with Spitfire and Hurricane on either wing over sea. Captioned 'Memorial in Flight,…
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