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Arthur Ward’s Flying Log Book as an air bomber from 20 November 1942 until 27 August 1944 on completion of his operational tour. Trained at No. 10 Advanced Flying Unit, 27 Operational Training Unit 30 Operational Training Unit, 1651 Conversion…

P M Edge’s Flying Log Book as a bomb aimer from 20th March 1943 until 28th September 1944. Initial bombing and gunnery training at 41 Air School in South Africa, before posting back to the UK in September 1943. Further training at 10 Advanced…

A listing prepared from the London Gazette with aircraft flown by John.

Seven men, three with parachute harness and the others wearing battledress with brevet standing in line by the undercarriage under the starboard wing of a Stirling.

Coloured painting of 3 Stirling Bombers from 7 Squadron in flight. Artist's signature: A F D Bannister. Printed and published by J Salmon Ltd, Sevenoaks.

Order of service for a memorial service conducted at sea. Head and shoulders photograph of Flight Sergeant Kenneth Rutherford, 935212, in uniform on the front cover together with 15 signatures ('Jacqui Whitehead' and 14 indecipherable). Border of…

Observer's and air gunner's flying log book for Pilot Officer Bob Butler covering 22 September 1940 to 23 September 1942 detailing training flights, air tests and operations.
Served at RAF Jurby, RAF Bassingbourn, RAF Newmarket, RAF Waterbeach, RAF…

Letter stating that Bob Butler has been reported missing as a result of air operations on the night of 23/24 September 1942.

A letter from Frank Gales (father of Pilot Officer P F W Gales), stating that he has been unable to find a photograph of his son and Bob Butler. The letter also outlines brief details of the operation where his son and Bob Butler were reported…

Hamish Mahaddie was selected during a tour of operations to become the recruiter for the Pathfinders working closely with Don Bennett. He discusses the changing technology of aircraft during the war years. He personally flew the Whitleys, Stirlings,…

Pilot's flying log book for Robert 'Bob' Keeling covering the period 1 July 1943 to 23 October 1945 when he was a test pilot with the Royal Aircraft Establishment. In addition it covers the period 14 January 1946 to 26 November 1949 when Bob was a…

Pilot's flying log book for Robert 'Bob' Victor Keeling covering the period 15 June 1939 to 30 June 1943. Details his training and operational duties. Bob flew 27 night operations, 15 as second pilot to Pilot Officer Deacon, Sergeant Prior and…

Six photographs and a Certificate.
#1 is the group photograph, the signatures have been identified.
Arthur is back row, second left.
#2 is a squadron photograph with Arthur in the front row, sixth left. A typewritten caption reads 'RAF…

Two photographs on an album page.
#1 The seven airmen are posed at the rear door of Stirling EE957.
#2 is a queue of airmen and workers at a NAAFI van.

This item was sent to the IBCC Digital Archive already in digital form. No better quality…

Ray Parke trained as a flight engineer. During a training flight the pilot wanted to get back to base as soon as possible because he had a date but they were flying a Stirling. The pilot made an error on landing and the wheel stayed in the ditch and…

G A Hubbard’s Flying Log Book as Air Gunner and Wireless Operator from 2 October 1941 until 17 June 1946. Initial training at No. 2 Wireless School, RCAF Calgary and No. 5 Bombing and Gunnery School, RCAF Dafoe. Further training at 24 Operational…

Bill Foskett’s Flying Log Book as Bomb Aimer from 6th November 1942 until 3rd July 1945. Retrained in Canada as bomb aimer and air gunner at 31 Bombing and Gunnery School (Picton) and 31 Advanced Navigation School (Port Albert). Posted to 2…

Observer's and air gunner's flying log book for Alan Edwin Camlin, air gunner, covering the period 12 November 1943 to 12 January 1946 and detailing his training and operations flown. He was stationed at No.7 Air Gunner School RAF Stormy Down, No.11…
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