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Reconnaissance photograph of an oil refinery on a peninsular with large plume of smoke from upper right area. Explanatory note underneath mentions target 'VALLO (Near Oslo) oil refinery'. Submitted with description 'Reconaissance [sic] photograph…

Reconnaissance photograph showing a river running top to bottom and a bridge crossing in the middle with several spans down. There are many craters on both sides of the river. Explanatory note 'NIENBURG BRIDGE over the river Weser after the attack by…

Side by side photographs showing on the left an industrial area with roads and buildings and on the right the same area with most of the structures destroyed. Explanatory text underneath 'Zeitz. The left hand photograph shows this synthetic oil plant…

Left and right - side by side reconnaissance photographs showing on the left a town with river flowing top to bottom with buildings and roads. On the right - large areas bottom left quadrant shows destroyed buildings and craters. Explanatory text…

Left - full face portrait of an airman wearing tunic with flight engineer brevet. Submitted with description 'Full-face photo of unidentified flight engineer'. Right - reconnaissance photograph of a dam across the upper of two rivers with text…

Top - a reconnaissance photograph of results of a bombing attack showing a canal running bottom left to top right and very many bomb craters in middle. Text entitled 'Super-Shooting' at bottom explains photograph shows result of night attack on…

Top - target photograph showing smoke from bomb explosions, small area of buildings visible bottom left corner. Submitted with description 'Aerial photo of Osnabruck after a bombing attack, showing smoke. Ministry No. C5130'.
Bottom - target…

Top - reconnaissance photograph of a totally destroyed industrial facility. Captioned 'Zeitz oil refinery. Submitted with description 'Aerial photo of Zeltz [sic] oil refinery showing bomb damage. Air Ministry photo No. C4985'.
Bottom - oblique…

A vertical aerial photograph showing bomb damage to runways and surrounding area of airfield, submitted with caption; “Le Culot airfield in Belgium”.

A vertical aerial photograph, labelled; “Dreux Rail Facilities Immediate Report K2423[?], shows bomb damage to region around rail facilities, submitted with caption; “Dreux, N. France”)

A vertical aerial photograph showing rail yard with damage to the surrounding areas, submitted with caption; “Argentan in N. France”.

A vertical aerial photograph showing bomb damage to farmland near to a breach in sea defences with areas of land having been flooded, submitted with caption; “Sea wall broken at Flushing.”

A newspaper cutting describing a night operation by Mosquitoes on the Ruhr followed by USAAF day bombing. Attacks were also made on Berlin and the Gestapo building in Copenhagen.
On the reverse are adverts.

A vertical aerial photograph showing the airfield, south west of Deelen, Arnhem. Bomb craters are visible across the runways.

A vertical aerial photograph of the marshalling yards at Frankfurt showing extensive damage.

A vertical aerial photograph of Berlin showing heavy bomb damage.

A vertical aerial photograph of Mannheim. The left of the image is shrouded by clouds. Throughout the photograph, multiple sites of bomb damage span the urban industrial town. Mannheim harbour is visible, located where two rivers, Altrheinhafen and…

A vertical aerial photograph of Koblenz showing considerable damage. The city, train station and railtrack are located through the centre of the image. Europabrücke and Moselle river are visible in the top right of the photograph.

A vertical aerial photograph of the synthetic oil plant at Lutzkendorf near Leipzig. Bomb damage destroyed the entire plant. Extensive damage and craters are visible throughout the image. The remains of Braunsbedra and adjacent railway line are…

A vertical aerial photograph of Mainz Hoesch Benzin Synthetic Oil Plant, located North East of Dortmund city. The image shows cloud, craters and extensive bomb damage. A railway line is seen across the top. Brügmanns Hölzchen and Hoesch Park are…

A vertical aerial photograph of Mainz. The top right of the image shows the Rhine. Mainz Hauptbahnhof and railway is located in the lower half. Heavy damage is visible throughout the photograph, to the city's industrial centre.

Photograph one is an oblique aerial photograph of Hamm, showing extensive damage and bomb craters throughout.
Photograph two is a vertical aerial photograph of Brest naval base and ports, with numbered annotation.

An annotated vertical aerial photograph of naval facilities at Heligoland. U boat pens and a burnt out oil storage facility are marked.

Top left - reconnaissance photograph showing town with docks. Basin running middle left to top right with many barges tied up, River runs above top edge of basin with industrial building between, Below basin more industrial buildings and a further…

Reconnaissance photograph of a port city with sea to the right and a river running centre right to left. Docks above and below river mouth. Photograph caption '622 W/642. I.P.R.U. 27.5.41. F/20:R↑'. Page caption 'Brest'.
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