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Recconaissance photograph of Munich. Some buildings have been marked and annotated with numbers. The Frauenkirche is visible in the bottom right corner. Captioned '3139 106W.216 3-5-44 F/36” // 540SQDN'.

Reconnaissance photograph of a harbour area with sea at bottom and land at top. The land is covered in city buildings. there are piers on the shore top right and middle left. There are many ships, some of them identified as Anna Maria, Ariosto,…

Reconnaissance photograph with a shoreline running from bottom left to middle right with sea at top and land below. Buildings cover the land; military storehouses near Via Cannizzaro e Via Giuseppe Colombo are outlined in blue. Captioned 'M702…

Reconnaissance photograph of Heligoland after bombing, with most buildings and port facilities destroyed and large plumes of smoke from fires.

Additional information about these items was kindly provided by the donor.

Vertical aerial photograph of an area of industrial buildings with a network of roads throughout and a main railway station on the left, where marshalling yards and train tracks are clearly visible. Many buildings of varying size and a wall is going…

Aerial vertical photograph of two long rows of destroyed buildings around a central space with two destroyed individual buildings and a damaged roadway system. The area is surrounded by fields but at the left hand side of the photograph two main…

Vertical aerial photograph of an area showing severely destroyed buildings and large craters appearing throughout. A road is going through the middle of the buildings and the area is surrounded by fields, also covered with craters.

On the reverse…

Reconnaissance photograph of Helgoland with port facilities visible.

Additional information about this item was kindly provided by the donor.

An vertical aerial photograph of Brest docks. Annotated 'S/M Shelters'.

Vertical aerial photograph annotated 'Munich Report No K2091 Neg No 3090' and with a North arrow. Individual buildings are outlined in black.

RAF Medmenham was in Buckinghamshire, six miles north west of Maidenhead. It was created when the RAF requisitioned Danesfield House in April 1941. It served as the headquarters for the Allied Central Interpretation Unit and was the main…

Photograph 1 is a vertical aerial photograph of the city of Aachen. There are numbered and arrowed points of interest on the image plus a north arrow. It is annotated 'R405 B/218.3.PRU 28" ' Captioned '14th July 1941 Archen [sic],…

Aerial photograph of large military camp, showing it before and after bombing. A railway line runs in from the right centre of the photograph and terminates in upper centre, having split into three lines. There is a train in situ on the main line.…

Vertical aerial photograph of Romorantin-Pruniers aerodrome, identified with text ‘Romorantin-Pruniers 46° 19’N 1°41E’. The remainder of the photograph is rural with small villages except for the airfield area which has many buildings. An…

Reconnaissance photograph of bridge. A river runs bottom left to top right and a metal arch bridge from top left to bottom right. There are a few buildings in the top left along with bomb craters. Ther are a few buildings and a railway line at the…

Reconnaissance photograph showing the Mitelland Canal at Gravenhorst running from top right to centre bottom. A large area in the centre is completely covered with craters and the canal has disappeared. To the right bottom a large wooded area and to…

Reconnaissance photograph of a German synthetic oil plant. Within a grid pattern a large number of oil tanks, buildings, pipeline and oil manufacturing installations. A railway runs along the bottom. On the reverse 'R.A.F. destroys German synthetic…

Reconnaissance photograph of a destroyed synthetic oil plant. On the left side within a grid a large number of damaged oil tanks, manufacturing buildings and installations. On the right three destroyed oil tanks at the bottom and a large number of…

Oblique aerial of bomb damage to the Krupps workshops. Captioned 'Krupps Armament Works Essen 11-3-1945'.

Aerial oblique of Cologne with the cathedral in the centre. Behind is the Rhine and a destroyed bridge. Many of the buildings are damaged. Captioned 'Cologne "The Rhine Crossing" 1945'.

Oblique aerial of a damaged city. In the centre is a river and a low hill. In the distance are undamaged buildings. Captioned 'The city of Kleve in February 1945'.

Vertical aerial photograph of bombed workshops. Most of the buildings are damaged.It is captioned 'Essen (Krupps)'.

Oblique aerial photograph of a square dock area with several naval vessels. There are dry docks at the top. The majority of the workshop are undamaged. It is captioned 'Wilhemshaven' [sic].

Vertical aerial photograph of a bombed harbour area near the the Visserhaven. The majority is damaged buildings.

Oblique aerial photograph of Hamburg showing bombing damage. In the foreground are patches of trees and buildings that are not damaged. In the middle is the river and behind are the docks. Captioned 'Hamburg'.
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