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Form sympathy letter from Buckingham Palace to Mrs F Phillips following the death of her husband.

A letter from the King expressing sympathy on the loss of his son.

Details of Sam's time with 128 Squadron at RAF Wyton and RAF White Waltham.
There is a photo of Arthur Harris giving the salute.

Roy Chadwick stands in front of a Lancaster talking to H M The Queen. To the left a group of dignatories including the King in uniform, look on. In the background left a hangar, to the right spectators and another hangar. On the reverse 'Their…

Roy Chadwick stands in front of a Lancaster talking to H M The Queen. To the left a group of dignatories look on. Behind left a hangar, to the right spectators and another hangar. On the reverse '[sic] Avro Anson 1935'.

In the centre H M the King wearing a light suit and tie at the front of a progression of men in suits. To either side workmen at machine benches. Inside a factory building. On the reverse 'The King visits Chadderton about 1941. Roy Chadwick mid photo…

Three men on a stand behind a partially constructed aircraft looking into the cockpit. In the foreground other men look on and in the background many spectators. Scene inside factory with skylights. On the reverse 'H M King George VI at A V Roe & Co…

The letter accompanies Charles Distinguished Flying Medal and a letter from the King.

The letter advises Charles of his award of a Distinguished Flying Medal.

A magazine produced in a prisoner of war camp. It describes the need for education in the camp, the lecturers, the subjects taught and examinations taken or about to be taken.

A brief note awarding Peter the DFC, regretting it cannot be awarded in person. Signed George RI.

A letter from the KIng awarding Fred a DFC and a note from Arthur Harris describing why he received the award.

A letter from King George VI to Cliff Watson awarding him the DFC, regretting he is unable to award it personally.

A crest for 427 Squadron with approval from King George VI.

King George VI, the Queen, and Princess Elizabeth being introduced to a group of RAF airmen and ground crew. Ron Doble is standing behind them, marked with a cross. On the reverse 'To Ron From His Mid-Upper X mark the spot "Jock" '.

Notes that the King will hold investiture at Buckingham Palace on 4 December 1945.

Regrets unable to personally give Pearce well earned award of Distinguished Flying Medal.

King George VI on the right wearing greatcoat shaking hands with a Royal Air Force officer wearing a greatcoat on the left. There is another officer obscured behind the king. In the background a building.

A scroll awarded to Harry Redgrave acknowledging his death on active service.

King George VI and Queen Elizabeth wearing civilian clothes in an open horse drawn carriage. In the background trees,

Condolence letter and envelope from King George VI to Jessie Redgrave on the death of her husband, Harry.

Two photographs of Robert Stott, one portrait, seated, upper torso in civilian clothes, second in uniform with sergeant's stripes, seated on a small box leaning against house wall, small child on his knee. The third is of Robert's medals and…

An album book containing: 1. Photographs of Ian Wynn, his family and his first crew captain. 2. A history of his first captain. 3. Letter of sympathy and memorial scroll. 4. A diary of events from joining the air force up to first operation fully…

Lester of condolence from King George on death of Hedley Madgett.
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