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Peter Zolty flew operations as a navigator with 106 Squadron. He discusses crewing up, life on operations and being a Jew in Bomber Command.

Monty Felton was born in London and evacuated to Brighton. He was training as a chartered accountant before he joined the Air Force. He trained as a navigator and flew operations with 10 Squadron from RAF Melbourne. He talks about his crew and…

From No 2 RAF rest and leave camp. For Sergeant Powell. Permission to visit Capri as member of an organised party.

Required to report for regular service in accordance with instructions. In the meantime would remain on the reserve with no pay or allownaces.

An airman wearing flying helmet in the right hand seat of cockpit of a B-24.

Four story building on street corner in town. Sign above door 'The Malcolm Club RAF'. On the reverse 'Foggia'.

A lorry with a group of airmen in the back, travelling down a flooded road with camp buildings and tents on the left. Another lorry in the background further down the road. Oil drums floating in flood water. On the reverse '[...], Sept 7th 1945'.

A spiral dust cloud in the centre of camp with tents, buildings and vehicles. On the reverse '104 Sqd camp during frequent dust storm'.

An airman wearing shorts and shirt walking on the edge of flooded area with buildings behind.

Flooded area with oil drums floating. In the distance buildings and tents on dry land. On the reverse '104 Camp - Sept 7 45'.

An airman wearing flying helmet and battledress with sergeant rank sitting behind a machine gun, inside fuselage of aircraft.

An airman wearing flying helmet in right hand seat of B-24 cockpit. Two versions of the same image.

A view of the side of Jack Bower flying his Lancaster. On the reverse 'Jack Bower RCAF'.

Detailed description of journey by train across the United States with comments about America and descriptions of many towns and cities passed through. Comments on some of his and his companions' activities. Makes several comparisons with Australia.

Four photographs mounted on a sheet.
#1 is two airmen standing beside a saloon car.
#2 is Robert and his crew.
#3 is the grave of Robert and his crew.
#4 is Robert in his aircraft.

#1 is a pilot at his station, identified as Robert Frazer. It is annotated 'No dates/place. Training?'.
#2 is seven airmen with Robert arrowed. It is annotated 'No dates/place. The crew (7) obviously, at a point in time, no names'.

Writes that skipper was progressing and would be out shortly. Mentions new arrival who know mutual acquaintance. Says he can get fowl and duck. Catches up with gossip and news.

Catches up with mail and family news. Mother was in hospital and he would try and get pass to go and visit her. Discusses friends, leave and activities including going into Boston for meal which he did not like, preferred Horncastle. Mentions he had…

Mentions location of car keys. Writes that he had one of her collars by mistake. Says he has found himself a crew who had seven more trips to finish tour. Concludes with chat about cat and kitten.

Asks her to congratulate friend over birth of baby. Mentions he is stiff due to PT, basket ball and swimming. Just off to camp cinema.

Writes he had spoken to the wing commander and should be getting leave, asks if she could get time off. Writes of crew going out with friend for good feed in Boston. Mentions issuance.

Mentions seeing medical officer and got shampoo and pills. Hope to get trip over soon but leave situation looked blacker than ever. Mentions her health issue and that he could not sleep.

Writes that leave was set for 13th. Catches up with news of friends and colleagues. Mentions injection and that he does not count trips or worry over 13th or final one. Concludes with chat about wireless and ask if she can get a few days off.

Writes that he was sitting in café in Lincoln and would remain at Wigsley for at least a fortnight. Mentions insurance policy.
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