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Seven photographs from an album.
#1 is the Algiers Grand Post Office with palm trees and a pool in front.
#2 is a sunken ship with a man leaning on it.
#3 is Ron in flying kit at his station on his aircraft.
#4 is a statue on a plinth, in a…

Eight photographs from an album.
#1 is an airman in the cockpit of a Baltimore with the cockpit open.
#2 is four airmen beside their tent.
#3 is Ron at the controls of an aircraft.
#4 is a port side view of a Baltimore.
#5 is an airman standing…

Ron sitting on the pilot's seat and turned to smile at the camera.

Two photographs from an album.
#1 is a half length portrait of an airman in flying kit inside an aircraft.
#2 is a pilot in his seat in an Anson. It is stamped Mar 1942.

Two photograph from an album.
#1 is a pilot at the controls of an aircraft.
#2 is four airmen leaning against a wooden railway building. Above is a sign for Priceville.

An airman in a rear turret of an aircraft fuselage supported on blocks of wood. From information kindly provided by the donor. 'Johnny Johnson in Lanc at Roses'. Photograph is captioned 'Johnny Johnson DFC Ex/Flt 617 Squadron RAF.

Two figures wearing oxygen masks look out through the opening of a rear gun turret. From information kindly provided by the donor. 'Rose turret 343'. Same photograph but image has been reversed recorded as turret 46.

An individual demonstrating how to bale out of a Rose turret by leaning headfirst through the opening in the perspex.
From information kindly provided by the donor. 'S Rose Lancaster turret 344'.

Navigator's. air bombers and air gunners log book used as a daily diary from 23 January 1944 until 31 January 1944. Describes daily activities including lectures as well as training and test flights. Mentions social activities, weather, inspections…

Top left - cockpit of a York with pilot visible. Captioned 'Dum Dum airport, Calcutta'.
Top right - an airman wearing shorts, shirt and peaked cap standing by the centre tail fin of a York. Captioned '"Taffy" feeling tired at Dum Dum'.
Bottom left…

Note explaining why author's father and several pilots of 106 Squadron arrived singing Java Jive over the radio (R/T). Station commander was not impressed.

The sergeant is standing at his post behind the pilot in the cockpit of a bomber. On the reverse 'SG Marshall'.

The four airmen are standing outside a tent with a sign saying 'Air Movements'. On their left is a larger sign with 'Baggage Instructions' and much instructions. On the reverse 'The boys again. Reg - Ted - Self - Vic No 60 PTC Tengah Singapore…

An airman at his station on board an aircraft. On the reverse 'SG Marshall (Eng)'.

From information kindly provided by the donor. 'Tail Gunner in turret, A.Stone.'

Roy sitting in his turret. On the reverse 'Roy in his turret'.

RAF form 295 used for spells of leave or as a temporary pass. Uncompleted.

Printed form filled out for Wakefield H E of 1332 HCU Riccall, that he did not have any restricted or classified documents, gifts, arms or articles taken from enemy in the field.

Writes about operations to Hanover and Mannheim. Describes fires after attacks, poor German defences and German fighter attacks. Offers some sympathy to Germans on the ground and describes a fighter attacking them. Describes their first trip to…

Writes that he is fit and well after having done six operations and describes some of them. Mentions their usual bomb load. Relates that a fighter had attacked a Halifax just behind them. Mentions eating eggs and bacon before and after operations.…

Writes about the issue of the 1939-45 star which he and his crew had received. Relates that he had to bale out after his aircraft had been in collision with a Halifax. mentions damage received and describes crew abandoning the aircraft. Goes on to…

Writes while on course in Blackpool. Mentions studying for exams and relates how well he did. Comments on cakes she sent and the weather. Asks after family news and asks her to send black tie.

A cartoon of two women in protective clothing, one carrying a sign saying 'Danger Area'.
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