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Written when at the Initial Training Wing in Newquay.

Highlights two items about operation to Dusseldorf. Firstly the effect of 'G' and secondly the effect of adrenalin. Describes impressions on Dusseldorf trip. Goes on to describe reasons for his apprehension all during his first tour. Goes on to…

Eight photographs from an album.
Photo 1 is rows of long tables and chairs, captioned 'Mess, Airmen for the use of'.
Photo 2 is double tiered bunks, captioned 'Last on Parade'.
Photo 3 is an airman sitting on a bunk reading, captioned 'So does…

Don Browning was posted to 463 Squadron at RAF Waddington. On one operation two aircraft collided and Don lost friends he had undertaken training with. On an operation to Calais the weather was very poor and the mission aborted but not all aircraft…

Script for parade commander.

Maintenance operations underway on a Lancaster. Its code is 'H²ARRY'[sic]' 40 operations are marked by painted bombs and further aft is a cartoon character holding a bomb in a threatening manner. Two men are working underneath. There are two engine…

Telegram announcing 7 days leave

The detailed biography begins with government measures at the start of National Service. Philip Hopgood volunteered and enlisted at Padgate, Warrington. He was classified as medically Grade 1. Initial training was at RAF Regent's Park (Lord's Cricket…

A pass issued to Arthur Atkinson by RAF St Athan allowing him to be absent from his quarters.

James Ferguson Latimer was born in Edinburgh. His family emigrated to Canada when he was young but moved back to Scotland in 1939. He recalls witnessing a German U-boat torpedo a ship as they sailed back home. Latimer joined the air force and…

Bill Cooke's Service and Release document which covers his time in the service from 6 August 1943 to 17 March 1947.

Replies to his previous letter and hope the weather will be good so he can finish his high level bombing training. Encloses latest photograph of daughter Frances and writes of laundry and books. Continues with mention of fire watch schedule and…

Writes that she has been billeted and that she is very disappointed and cut up about him not getting a commission. Hopes that he might be chosen for specialised training on strength of his navigation results and get another chance of a commission.…

Writes that she is sending parcel with socks and cigarettes. Mentions she has received belongings of released internee who will arrive soon. Continues with news of sister, other friends visiting and her plans for other activities. Writes about her…

Writes of days activities including issues with ration cards. Mentions organising savings group and other activities and catches up with baby news. Mentions blackout and that there was no air raid. Writes that she has had a reply to advertisement and…

Writes about packing up her things and having to leave her dog. Mentions financial issue and catches up with family matters. Continues with news of travel arrangements.

Comments that his suggestion to go back to London before travelling to Scotland to join him is not a good idea. Talks of travel arrangements and other arrangements she has made including those for her dog.

Writes that she is urgently waiting his reply to her telegram but nothing yet. Hopes that she will be able to join him and asks him to get travel voucher for her and her dog. Describes parcel received from mother with his birthday present and some…

Continues to discuss where she will go and mentions alternatives, joining him and problems of him moving on during his training. Writes of baby matters. Mentions getting a letter from her sister sent before recent 'Blitz' and is not sure if she is…

Writes on her research on bathing babies. Talks of people visiting her and meeting man who is taking over their allotment and having difficulties with him over woman who Ursula had agreed to allow to collect current crop. Mentions arranging for…

Writes she is sorry he has not heard from her and details letters and parcel she has sent. Asks that he gives his opinion on the way forward with gardener. Relates her daily activities, shopping trips and baby preparations. Provides detailed list of…

Long letter where she deals with issues of her moving to be with him in Aberystwyth providing he has sorted accommodation and nursing home. Notes they will have two weeks together as he is due posting. Writes of her issues concerning their dog who…

Writes of current frustration and housework issues and of socks she is sending him. Mentions she heard on radio that wives of servicemen can travel cheap on railways, but he needed to get a voucher from his unit. Comments on nursing home and…

Writes thanking him for letter and sorry he has flu and not to meet her at station if he is ill. Talks of travel plans.

Writes wishing him happy birthday an hopes that parcel she has sent arrives in the day. Mentions she is sending photograph album to remind him of events over year they have been married as well as other items (cigarettes, socks and cake). Writes that…
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