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Ray Parke trained as a flight engineer. During a training flight the pilot wanted to get back to base as soon as possible because he had a date but they were flying a Stirling. The pilot made an error on landing and the wheel stayed in the ditch and…

Eight airmen including Bill Foskett grouped at the tail of their B-17. Len Roose is holding their lucky horseshoe. On the reverse 'Ray Delisle (Waist Gun) Myself Ted Bonner (WOP) (Radar) (Waist Gun) Fred Barber (Engineer) Len Roose (Mid Upper) with…

A brown cloth dog mascot, sat on his hind legs with brown glass eyes and a black button nose. He is wearing a red collar and a black felt beret style hat and has a wooden pipe in his mouth supported by his front paws.

A summary of Derek's career in the Royal Air Force including an explanation why he he carried a rabbit foot mascot in his flying suit. Explains that his flying log books are held by the National War Museum in London. Describes Derek's disappointment…

A small brass coloured man with a big round moon-like head and tin helmet. He is holding a thumb up as if hitchhiking. A safety pin is attached to his helmet. A character which was painted on a 405 Squadron Wellington, supplemented by a note stating…

Alan was born in Parramatta, Sydney, in Australia. After going to the Middle East with the army, he returned to Australia, when Japan entered the war, and transferred to the RAF in November 1942.
Alan was posted to Bradfield Park for training and…

Photograph of black cloth dog mascot and note on reverse '"Vicky" maker of Charlie the dog "MASCOT", WAAF (MT driver) 149 Sqd Methwold for Charles Cuthill, Lancaster I NF927 "D" for Dog.149 Sqd, Vicky made dog mascot for Charles Cuthill, because…

First page annotated 'Unpublished writing by Charles Cuthill, publication rights please, Matt Nicol'. Continues with account of icing, flashes round the aircraft and static on the intercom. Difficult flying conditions and weather. Reference to…

Small cloth black dog mascot and text explanation. Belonged to donor's grandfather and had been in family for 74 years. Provides some other information in items donated.

Seven airmen wearing parachute harnesses and Mae West standing and kneeling in front of a Lancaster. Man on left front row holds a stuffed spotted cat. Submitted with caption 'Photo - Lancaster Crew'.

This item was sent to the IBCC Digital Archive…

A collection of lucky charms.
#1 is a crucifix
#2 is a buddha
#3 is a metal disc dated 1897 and on the reverse 'Mother'.
#4 is a crucifix
#5 is a four leaf shamrock

A furry monkey with caption 'mascot carried by dad throughout the war'.

Top - photograph of an airman in the cockpit of a Lancaster. On the fuselage below nose art of duck with peaked cap walking down road with sign to Berlin. Row of bomb symbols underneath.
Below - explanation that Admiral Shyte-Awk was the aircraft…

Popeye doll with red scarf, blue jumper and trousers taken on flights by a crew for luck. The word 'Foreign' is written on the back of its neck.
The mascot was recovered from the crash of Lancaster WS-O LM432. The aircraft was flying from Manston…

Marion Clark grew up in Lincolnshire and served as driver at RAF Hemswell and RAF Ingham. She discusses her role as a driver and life on a bomber station.

Writes that he is fit and well after having done six operations and describes some of them. Mentions their usual bomb load. Relates that a fighter had attacked a Halifax just behind them. Mentions eating eggs and bacon before and after operations.…

Gives background on what inspired him to write a memoir. Theme of chronical is 'Luck'. Writes of joining RAF as soon as he was old enough and of initial tests and selection as a wireless operator/air gunner followed by 18 months deferred service.…

Diary kept by Keith Campbell 24 July 1944 to February 1945 describing being shot down, evading and capture and life as a prisoner of war. Some entries talk about operations. Ends with the forced march away from the Russians. Note on front - 'original…

Starts with account of operation to Paris on 3 May 1944 when attacked by Me 109 and writes of crew actions. Continues with list of operations giving details of target, anti-aircraft fire, flight time, some bomb loads, events, results. From 3 August…

An email to Reg Miles from John about a Lincoln at Cosford. It has a reputation for being haunted.
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