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John's mess bill, August 1946.

Four airmen in a Mess. On the reverse '1945 Basra'.

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A business card for an electroplating company. On the reverse 'F/Sgt Taylor CE Sgts Mess 224 MU RAF Scorton nr Richmond Yorks'.


[pages 1 and 2 are missing]
Alan writes that he has been in London. He travelled back by train and ferry. Then via Brussels and then train the next day into Germany where a lot of the towns had been bombed.
[more pages missing]

Alan thanks her for two letters. He is missing her. He describes flying through cloud canyons.
He describes trips to Bocholt, Germany and Orleans.

Alan describes his working day. He saw General de Gaulle in Brussels. He toured around Brussels then went to see a film.

Alan writes that the weather has been cold and miserable. They have moved into new accomodation in a former German mess. He asks for food and something to use in hot drinks.

Alan writes that he has arrived at Melabrook, Brussels. Food is excellent and the girls that do the cooking are pleasant.

Alan writes thanking his parents for their letter. [page torn and section missing] The mess is good and he is being kept busy. He has been to plays and films.

Alan writes that on arrival at Huntingdon he got picked up in a car and was taken to his new station. A truck picked up his kit and bicycle. The food in the mess is good.

Alan writes thanking for a letter and newspapers. He went to Belfast on his day off, visiting the cathedral and the City Hall.
He has been doing a lot of flying.

Alan writes that the mess is very poor but overall the food is 'fairly good'. He appreciates his bicycle.

Bill is sitting writing a letter. It is captioned 'Writing my last letter home. Campoformido Officers Mess Garden July 1946'.

Two airmen seated on a wall and steps. A third looks on.
On the reverse ' "Sand in my Shoes". Outside the Palazzo al Mare Officers Beach Venice Lido June. 1946'.

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Two seated men with others in the background. On the reverse 'Christmas Day 1945. In the Sergeants' Mess. Campoformido Udine Italy'.
On the reverse of a second copy 'Xmas Day'.

A card issued by 61 Staging Post, Officers' Mess. It includes the menu and on the reverse signatures collected on the day.


Airmen seated in the mess which is decorated for Christmas. On the reverse 'Bungalow at Xmas'34. (No 8 Sqd)'.

He apologises for not having written before but is pleased that Abdul (Ronnie) is again fit to fly. He reports that Freddie is in Switzerland and is doing well.

She writes that she is off to Switzerland for treatment. Her health has partly recovered. She has been out in a car to look at Marlow and the Thames.

Four photographs of Naples area August 1945.
Open menu airmen's mess, 42 ANS Port Elizabeth. Captioned 'The only good meal we had in the mess'.


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