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Letter informing H W Bratley that he was qualified for award of Path Finder badge.

Certifies that H W Bratley qualified for Path Finder force badge. Signed by Donald Bennett AOC Pathfinders.

Conversation recorded for the Nanton Lancaster Society.
Hamish Mahaddie, the recruiter for the Pathfinder Force recalls the life of Ian Willoughby Bazalgette VC who plagued him weekly for the opportunity to join the Pathfinders. He had been posted…

Hamish Mahaddie was selected during a tour of operations to become the recruiter for the Pathfinders working closely with Don Bennett. He discusses the changing technology of aircraft during the war years. He personally flew the Whitleys, Stirlings,…

Eddie being presented with the award in the open from Air Vice Marshall Don Bennett. A third airman is standing to one side close to a free standing microphone. A vehicle is parked to one side.

Additional information relating to this item was…

A certificate for Robert George Sharland awarding him the Pathfinder Force badge on 1st May 1944. The certificate details Sharland's rank, service number and awards. The certificate is signed by Donald Bennett, the commanding officer of the…

Harold Jack Lazenby's autobiography.

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Left - certificate from secretary of state for air stating name of Acting Flight Lieutenant R.A.M. Palmer was mentioned in despatches. Right - letter to Robert Palmer stating that he had been awarded his Pathfinder badge.

Victoires de la RAF en 1943
Air Marshal Sir Richard Peck describes large composition and successes of RAF during 1943 whilst underlining the threat still posed by Germany.

Les machines
Maintains Anglo-American aircraft production is four times…

Made out for Flight Sergeant J Brennan permanently awarded the Pathfinder badge

Letter to Sergeant Brennan stating that he was now entitled to wear Pathfinder badge.

When Alfred’s mother’s house was destroyed during a Luftwaffe bombing, he was determined to join the RAF and fight back. He trained as a gunner and completed two tours and a spell as an instructor.After his final tour of operations, he joined the…

Letter encloses certificate for permanent award of the pathfinder force badge awarded on completion of his tour. Certificate signed by Air Vice Marshall D C T Bennett.

15 photographs from an album. #1 to 6 are of the RAF Memorial at Plymouth Hoe, also the final resting place for the ashes of Donald Bennett, Commander of the Pathfinders.#7 is a memorial at RAF Silverstone. #8 is a memorial at RAF Moreton-in-Marsh #9…

Title 'Air Vice Marshall D Bennet [sic] and under secretary for air, Geoffrey Lloyd talking to 35 Squadron at Graveley'. Top - on the left an officer wearing tunic and peaked cap standing slightly to the right of a man wearing civilian suit sitting.…

Top - letter to Mrs Lang enclosing certificate of award of pathfinder badge to her husband.
Bottom - mentions that Lang was reported missing on 4 May 1943 was permanently awarded the path finder badge.

Top - newspaper cutting mentioning Lang's award of DFC.
Middle - letter congratulates him on award of Distinguished Flying Cross.
Bottom - newspaper cutting announcing award of DFC to Flight Lieutenant Alastair Grant Lang.

Award of path finder force badge, Qualified and entitled to wear badge.

Award of path finder badge to Acting Squadron Leader R Wareing DFC

Mentions formation of Pathfinder force. Gee, pulse phasing radar, new compasses. Continues with short note of H2S, OBOE. Lists locations and RAF stations.
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