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Five Group Newsletter, number 27, October 1944. Includes a foreword by the Air Officer Commanding, and features about operations, gardening, signals, tactics, air bombing, navigation, this month's bouquets, radar navigation, training, second thoughts…

Two long tables with formal place settings with sergeants and some civilians sitting either side. Along the walls are large windows and on the wall on the left a clock.

A woman and baby lie in bed, A man poses behind them. On the reverse crossed out 'Mrs A J Turner, 28 Married Qtrs, RAF Station Stradishall, Suffolk'.

Man wearing just shorts lying on a bed in a barrack room reading a newspaper. On the wall shelves with clothes. On the floor a tin trunk and a shoe. On the reverse 'John'.

Writes of his last operation in a Halifax when his aircraft was shot down and exploded killing all the other members of the crew. Describes journey to camp and being in Frankfurt while it is under bombing attack. Continues with description of life as…

Christmas at RAF Felixstowe. Artwork show standing airman with bottle and one slumped sleeping with full stomach. Printed menu.

Mentions time as a balloon operator at Felixstowe and then training as an air gunner. First tour on 50 Squadron RAF Swinderby on Manchester, but had to wait for aircraft to arrive as squadron still flying Hampden when he arrived later transferred to…

11 items on a page of a scrapbook.
Item 1 - programme for a revue 'Let's Have Another One' taking place on RMS Scythia on 5-8 November 1945.
Item 2 - photograph of A C Coller in tropical uniform standing beside two local boys who are sitting on…

The last issue of Kandy Calling. A magazine with news, quizzes, stories, sports reports, personalities, photographs, cartoons, letters to the editor and adverts.

Top left - three airmen in khaki uniform with side caps standing in line with trees in the background.
Top right - air-to-ground view of landscape with many bomb craters.
Middle left - an airman on bed in barrack room.
Bottom left - air to…

Group of airmen sitting both sides of a long dining table on a veranda. Front left man has his arm round a locally employed steward. Several other stewards stand behind diners.

Group of eight men sitting round a dining table in a large mess dining room. The four in front are Royal Air Force sergeants. Two men on the far side of table are wearing naval uniform. In the background other tables with diners. Ben Openshaw is…

A man in swimming trunks and sunglasses sits reading a book outside a hut. Above left a man looks out of an open window. On the right, the door of the hut is propped open.

A row of camp beds from front to rear outside the veranda of buildings on two sides of square. An airman wearing tunic is standing front right and others are sitting on and standing by beds in the distance. In the background trees,

Two lines of grass roofed huts with telegraph wires between them. A man stands on the right front and two others in the distance on left..

Four airmen wearing shorts and shirts sitting at a table inside a hut playing cards. On the right the legs of another man lying on a bed. On the reverse 'I bet you can't guess what we are playing'.

Ben Openshaw wearing shorts and short sleeved shirt and tie, stands with hands in pockets in front of grass roofed huts. On the reverse of the second (b/w) photograph 'The first time I put grease on my hair'.

Two airmen, one wearing long trousers and the other shorts standing play-fighting. Behind another airman wearing shorts looks on. In the background grass roofed huts and trees.

A group of airmen kneeling on the ground in front of a figure dressed up in sheets. Another figure stands alongside, dressed up in a towel and sheet headdress. In the background are grass roofed huts. On the reverse of the b/w photograph 'My subjects…

Almost full-length portrait. One colour and two b/w prints of same photograph of Ben Openshaw standing wearing tunic and side cap with grounded rifle in his right hand. In the background left and rear are single storey huts. On the reverse of one of…

Five men wearing shorts and shirts standing in the open. Four are pointing to the man in the middle who is tipping his hat. In the background are grass-roofed huts and trees.

Ben Openshaw standing outside, by an open hut door wearing swimming trunks with a wide-brimmed hat and towel round his neck.

A man wearing shorts, shirt and flying helmet standing with bottle in hand and camera round neck in a doorway. On the reverse of one photograph: 'No, not drunk' and '40 Honiton Rd, Welling, Kent'.

Three men wearing swimming trunks with towels round necks standing in line in front of a hut with open door and window. The man in the middle is wearing a wide-brimmed hat.
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