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Letter discussing his health and his relationship with Joyce.

Inside a rom with door and window with net curtains. Made camp bed with blanket and sheet; multiple shoes and boots neatly placed underneath. Table with checked cover and two open drawers alongside.

From No 2 RAF rest and leave camp. For Sergeant Powell. Permission to visit Capri as member of an organised party.

Invitation form CMC sergeants mess RAF Shallufa, and ticket to dance at the Maltese club Suez.

Certified that Flight Sergeant Powell was tested and proficient in handling club Dinghy at Moascar other ranks sailing club.

At RAF Abu Suier. Made out for Flight Sergeant Powell N. from April to December 1946. Two similar forms The second covers January and February 1946.

Airmen's Mess menu for Christmas day 1943.

Top left - seven aircrew wearing battledress with brevet, three sitting on bench and four standing behind. Captioned 'We band of brothers'. Top right - airman wearing flying helmet in right hand seat of cockpit. Captioned 'Skipper please let me have…

Top left - B-24 parked on airfield, captioned '104 a/c Foggia 45'. Top right - air-to-air view looking down on B-24 with bombs falling. Captioned 'Bomb hit B-24 but plane survives, not our plane, taken in 44'. Middle left - three airmen two wearing…

Tree line street with two story building on far side. Group of servicemen walking down the street with others walking in the distance.

In the foreground left a tent with a man walking past. On the right small structures. In the distance centre a B-24.

A airman wearing battledress with Mae West, flying helmet and flying boots standing with foot up on a chair in front of a tent.

Four airmen wearing khaki uniform with sergeant rank, three with shorts and with long trousers, all standing in line in front of tents.

An airmen wearing battledress with flight sergeant rank and flying boots feeding a horse/pony. In the background buildings including Nissen huts and tents.

Two airmen wearing battledress with half brevet standing beside a tent.

An airman wearing khaki uniform with shorts, holding flying helmet, sitting on a chair in front of a tent. His Mae West is over one shoulder. Other tents in the background.

An airman wearing battledress with half brevet sitting on a chair in front of a tent. Other tents in the background.

Two airmen with uniform shirt sleeves rolled up sitting across from each other round a small table, playing cards inside a tent.

Two airmen wearing khaki uniform shirts with sleeves rolled up. Man on left has sergeant rank. Both standing in front of a tent.

Three airmen, two wearing khaki shirts and shorts, the other battledress with half brevet. Standing in front of a tent with other tents in the background.

Two airmen wearing battledress with half brevet and side caps standing in front of a tent.

Two men in greatcoats walking across snow covered ground with tents to the left and in the distance , Two buildings, one in middle the other background right. On the reverse '104 Sqd; camp, airmans site'.

A large three story building with double floor windows above doorways. Sign on front 'Palazzo Degli Studi, NAAFI - EFI, other ranks club'. On the reverse 'EFI Foggia'.

Two airmen, one standing, the other sitting in a large room with palms in pots and scattered arm chairs. Sign for restaurant and toilets. On the reverse 'EFI Foggia'.
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