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Seven airmen wearing tunics with brevet, three sitting and four standing. Pilot is front centre.

Seven aircrew wearing tunic with brevet including pilot. Four seated and three standing behind.

An air marshal shaking hands with an airmen wearing battledress with observer brevet. Three other aircrew are in line up and two other officers, one a wing commander, looking on. In the background a Lancaster.

Seven sergeant aircrew all wearing tunics with brevet in two rows outside a wooden hut.

Navigator’s, air bomber’s and air gunner’s flying log book for A Woolley, flight engineer. Covering the period from 6 July 1943 to 25 June 1945. Detailing his flying training, operations flown and instructor duties. He was stationed at 1654…

Flight Sergeant Archibald Steele’s Flying Log Book as a pilot and flight engineer from 20th April 1943 to 10th September 1945. Flying training started with 19 Elementary Flying Training School then at 12 and 36 Service Flying Training Schools in…

Harry joined the Royal Australian Air Force on 25 June 1942 as a wireless operator/air gunner and received his initial training in Australia before going to Canada for his trade training.

He sailed on the SS Johan Van Barneve to San Francisco and…

PInwardJL2304 2.jpg
Full length portrait of James in uniform in a garden. He is wearing his officer's cap and engineer's brevet.

A head and shoulder portrait of James in uniform wearing his engineer's brevet and medal ribbons.

James Inward's engineers' brevet and medal ribbon strip with Distinguished Flying Cross, 1939-45 Star, France and Germany Star (with sliver rosette), Africa Star (with silver rosette) and Defence medal.

A report of the assistance James gave to a fellow crew member leading to his being awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross during his first operation. Annotated '1944'.

Details of James assisting his crew mate whose oxygen tube had become detached and being frostbitten in the process. For these actions, on his first operation, James was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross. Annotated '1944'.

Detailed instructions provided to captains and flight engineers with hand written notes and underlining.

Ken Duddell flew operations as a flight engineer with 460, 12 and 103 Squadrons.

Interview in two parts.
Part one.
Chris Allison served as a flight engineer. He answers questions from school children about what it was like to fly in a Lancaster.
Also taking part in this interview was Tony Bradley who was a child in Hull…

Frank Dennis is presented with information gathered by researchers following his initial interview. His aircraft was attacked on an operation and the researchers were looking for further information about it.
Frank talks about the Luftwaffe's Tame…

Ray Parke trained as a flight engineer. During a training flight the pilot wanted to get back to base as soon as possible because he had a date but they were flying a Stirling. The pilot made an error on landing and the wheel stayed in the ditch and…

Extracts from Peter Baxter’s Flying Log Book as Flight Engineer from February 1938 until 16 June 1946. The extract only includes his flying record and is missing front and end covers, details of postings and aircraft flown.

After pre-aircrew…

Eight airmen including Bill Foskett grouped at the tail of their B-17. Len Roose is holding their lucky horseshoe. On the reverse 'Ray Delisle (Waist Gun) Myself Ted Bonner (WOP) (Radar) (Waist Gun) Fred Barber (Engineer) Len Roose (Mid Upper) with…
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