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RAF Hartford Bridge was in Hampshire ten miles south east of Reading and it opened in November 1942. It had been used to test Horsa, Hotspur and Hamilcar military gliders. The station was also used to develop FIDO and used by a variety of units,…

Photograph 1 is an air-to-air view of a Boston in flight with six more in the distance, captioned 'Boston A/C. 342 Sqd Lorraine, Free French.'
Photograph 2 is of a line of Bostons on the ground, captioned 'Boston A/C. 107 Sqd.'
Photograph 3 is of a…

Photograph 1 is of a group of French airmen arranged in four rows in front of a Nissen hut. Captioned '342 Sqd Lorraine (Free French) R.A.F. Hartford Bridge.'
Photograph 2 is of a French airman standing in front of a Boston, 'C'. It is named Ville…

Photograph 1 is a colourised image of four airmen including Reginald George Cavalier in fancy dress. Captioned 'West Raynham R.A.F. Norfolk. Photographic Section. R.G.C. Chalky White Jack Smart Jim Hider.'
Photograph 2 is of five airmen including…

Photograph 1 and 2 are of the King and officers standing in front of a Boston.
Photograph 3 is of the King being shown a vertical aerial camera set up.
Photograph 4 is of the King and Queen with an officer looking at his watch.
Photograph 5 is of…

Photograph 1 is a vertical aerial photograph of a transformer and switching station at Orleans. Most of it is obscured by bomb explosions and smoke. A wide road runs diagonally across the image. Captioned 'R1.342F 3 OCT 43// B.5"

Photograph 1 is of the operations board for 76 Squadron.
Photograph 2 is of the operations board for 78 Squadron.
They are captioned 'Operations Board, Target Cologne Germany, June 1942. 76 Squadron, 78 Squadron, Halifax A/C. R.A.F. Middleton St.…

RAF West Raynham was in Norfolk, two miles from the village of the same name and five miles south west of Fakenham . It opened in 1939 initially with grass runways as a training station for 2 Group. From 1940, a wide assortment of aircraft types,…

RAF Great Massingham was in in Norfolk 12 miles east of King’s Lynn. It opened in September 1940 as a satellite station for RAF West Raynham with grass runways. As part of 2 Group the station was home to Blenheim squadrons and, for a month in May…
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