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Reg's account starting when he was shot down on an operation to Berlin. After Berlin he was transferred to Frankfurt for interrogation then by train to his camp. Camp life involved food, the preparation and acquisition of extra food by theft, trading…

Flying log book for F A Robinson covering the period from 8 September 1938 to 22 January 1951. Detailing his flying training and operations flown, includes flight certificates, congratulatory messages and notes of appreciation from senior officers, a…

Four items on an album page.

Item 1 is a photo of nine Shackleons flying in formation.
Item 2 is a sketch map of a route from St Eval, Reykjavik, Goose Bay, Q Point, Jacksonville, Montreal, Greenwood then returning to St Eval. Titled 'Ex.…

The telegram advises Oxspring that a press party will be arriving to photograph a Lincoln and Vampires.

Air-to-air view of three white Shackletons flying over an airshow for the Queen's Coronation. On the ground are large numbers of aircraft, people and parked cars.

Three photographs, first is of four airmen with Landrover, ground equipment in background, reverse captioned 'Nicosia, Cyprus Oct 57, NCO i/c Hunter detachment from Odiham'.
Second, seven airmen in white overalls posing in front of USAF aircraft,…


Two photographs, first two SNCO's in uniform but with RAF officers hats, reverse captioned 'RAF Odiham 1956, self and Johnny Johnson, both eventually Warrant Officers'.
Second group in civilian clothes, reverse captioned 'RAF Odiham, Sgt's Mess…

Three photographs, first, is group of individuals in a bar, reverse captioned 'Sgts's Mess, Odiham, 1956'.
Second is smaller group of people in same bar, reverse captioned 'Sgt's Mess Odiham 1956'.
Third is of a Land Rover with an individual…

Two photographs, first three ladies and three SNCO's, reverse captioned 'Sgt's Mess RAF Odiham Sept 1958'.
Second of Jack and Jean, reverse, captioned 'Sept 1956 Sgt's Mess RAF Odiham, Hants'.

Two photographs, first is large group of women and SNCO's, reverse captioned 'Sgt's Mess Odiham April 1955, photographers stamp Edward Partridge, the Vandyke Studio, S. Farnborough, telephone 889'.
Second is of five men, four in overalls and flat…

One photograph, three ladies and three SNCO's, reverse captioned 'Odiham, Xmas 1958, Pete Ayling, Mrs Ayling, Lily Baxter, Jean, Jim Baxter, self'.


Programme for event held at RAF Odiham, including a menu. Fred is referred to as an Honoured Guest, as is Andy Wiseman.


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