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An armoured car at RAF Aden.

Four photographs from an album.
#1 an armoured car
#2 10 airmen captioned 'The Lads' Aden 1934'.
#3 a formation of three Fairey IIIFs from 8 (B) Squadron.
#4 a March past of 8 (B) Squadron on the King's Birthday.

Eddie being presented with the award in the open from Air Vice Marshall Don Bennett. A third airman is standing to one side close to a free standing microphone. A vehicle is parked to one side.

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A port side view of a Halifax departing at dusk, watched by nine men.
On the reverse '10 Squadron Halifax 1942 Taking off on operation. Property of Ivan Ure [redacted].

First, five men work underneath the fuselage of a Halifax in to which bombs are being loaded. Three further men are working on the port wing of the aircraft. The aircraft is held in place by chocks on the wheels. Second, David in flying suit,…

Firstly, a man in uniform with sergeant's stripes and a brevet, wearing gloves, sat on a Cookie. The bomb is on a bomb trolley in an open field alongside an aircraft with buildings and hedgerow in the distance.
Second, David, second right, is sat…

Men and service vehicles of 84 Group RAFVR, Second Tactical Air Force on a road. Civilian onlookers can be seen on the pavement on the left of the photograph.

A group of military personnel of the 84 Group RAFVR, Second Tactical Air Force, sitting in the grass by the road. RAF service vehicles can be seen in a line on the road. The first one is marked RAF 58915, type 370A.

The photograph on the left page shows a Harvard flying. The photograph on the right page shows a Harvard on the ground. Snow can be seen covering the ground and a vehicle and accommodation huts can also be seen in the background.

Top left shows a Saro Cloud flying boat with ground personnel surrounding it. An RAF petrol bowser can be seen being towed by a tractor. The top right shows personnel standing next to a Percival Vega Gull. Bottom left shows aircraft on the grass in…

18 men on motorcycles, four men in background near truck. Decipherable registration plates: “BHA 682” and “43304111”. Reverse: “Love you [indecipherable] from Jim, xxx” and “V 462”.

Front/port view of a Lancaster being loaded with bombs., watched by the aircrew.

A port side view of Lancaster PO-S R5868 with a bomb load ready to be loaded.

A Lancaster being refuelled. There is a man driving a tractor and a trolley has oxygen bottles. Captioned 'Lancaster Wigsley 1943'.

#1 is five ground crew standing in front of two crash trucks.
#2 is 12 men and women from the SSQ staff.
#3 is 12 men and women in front of trucks, captioned 'Staff'.
#4 is a red and white control caravan.
#5 is an ambulance.
#6 is a Nissen hut…

#1, 3 and 7 are Lincoln Cathedral. #2 are swans on River Witham, Lincoln. #4 are the staff of RAF Wigsley SSQ, 1943. Captioned' Berry, Duncan,Gibbs, Williams, Corthine, Hobley, Smith, Moor, Sinclair, Green, Crowther'. #5 shows an ambulance, labelled…

A group of seven members of Women’s Auxiliary Air Force holding a folded barrage balloon with another one holding the balloon bag which has handles and a printed D on the side. There are vehicles behind and a hedgerow with a utility pole and…

A group of eight members of the Women's Auxiliary Air Force in shirtsleeves and berets folding a barrage balloon. One Fordson Sussex balloon winch tender and two further vehicles. Hedgerow with utility pole with woodland beyond.

Eight members of the Women's Auxiliary Air Force in shirt sleeves and berets folding a barrage balloon. Two others sitting with a balloon anchor with two Fordson Sussex balloon winch tenders and two other vehicles behind. Hedgerow with utility pole…

A group of nine members of the Women's Auxiliary Air Force in shirtsleeves and berets folding a barrage balloon on the ground. Two members sit to one side on a balloon anchor. There are two Fordson Sussex balloon winch tenders, two further vehicles…

A group of ten airmen standing behind two rows of seven kneeling and four sitting Women's Auxiliary Air Force members. Five airmen wear peak caps and five side caps; two have half brevets on their uniform, one wears corporal stripes and one officer…

A group of ten members of the Women's Auxiliary Air Force and three airmen in front of a Fordson Sussex balloon winch tender. Five of the women are sat in two rows on the ground and the remaining are standing. The airmen are wearing side caps and one…

Group of 11 airmen standing behind two rows of seven kneeling and four member of the Women's Auxiliary Air Force sat on the grass. The women are wearing berets and five of the men wear peaked caps and six side caps. Two of the men have half brevets…

21 RAF ground personnel arranged in two rows in front of a lorry. On the left and right two men are seated on motorcycles. On the reverse 'Aston Down 1941 MT Section' and '[indecipherable] School Rd 10 B153 Miniature Hair Fair Eyes Eight Blue Comp…

An airman in khaki and shorts sitting on the front bumper of an RAF Ford lorry. Written on the bumper is 'Shropshire Lass'.
A second photograph has him leaning on the front of the same lorry. On the reverse is stamped 'MAAF RAF Camera Club Serial NE…
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