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Eight men in a variety of dress, sitting and standing in next to an ambulance with sign 'Ye olde blud tub'.

Four airmen one standing and the others sitting on a bomb trolley underneath a Lancaster.

Front quarter view of a Lancaster with several bomb trollies underneath and a bomb being hoisted into bomb bay while two ground crew conduct load with others looking on. Partial view of nose art.

Front quarter view of Lancaster with bomb being loaded by ground crew. Fuel bowser in front. Aircraft has devil nose art with words 'Nick the Nazi Neutralizer'. Gantry by port inner and an airman on top of wing.

A row of five Lancaster parked with snow on the ground. A tractor on the left with bomb on trolley.

Two airmen in the process of loading a bomb in bomb bay of a Lancaster.

Front view of two airmen sitting on a David Brown towing tractor.

Front view of Lincoln with MC bombs on trolley. An airman stands by trolley and a bicycle leans against port undercarriage.

Front quarter view of the front of a Lancaster. A propeller in dangling from a crane by the port inner engine being held by an airman on gantry. Another airman stands behind on a gantry while a third on the ground consults a book. Aircraft has name…

A airman standing on top of wing of a Lancaster watching two airmen working on the port outer engine below. Another two airmen work on the propeller of the port inner engine. Aircraft has name 'Dumbo' on nose and three rows of operation symbols.…

Photograph of 2 men in uniform holding rifles, one seated in a Land Rover and the other leaning on the vehicle. There is a union jack flag tied to the bonnet of the Land Rover. Vehicle registration is 64AA88. Annotated on the reverse 'In Germany…

Rear quarter view of a Lancaster letters 'PO-F' parked on airfield dispersal. A lorry in visible on the right.

Front quarter view of a Lancaster with fuel bowser in front. There is a man on top of the bowser and a group of men under aircraft's nose. Incendiary cannisters await loading.

Six airmen sitting on a 4000lb HC bomb mounted on a trolley with a sergeant sitting in front. In the background a Lancaster.

Three photographs from an album of No. 3 British Flying Training School, Miami, Oklahoma. The school was also known as the Spartan School of Aeronautics.#1 is the Senior Course Barracks, a large wooden building. #2 is a port side view of a Stearman…

19 airmen, ground crew and dog watching the addition of a bar to the DFC on the nose of M squared, Lancaster. Some of the men are sitting on bombs waiting to be loaded. On the reverse - M2. Record aircraft in Bomber Command. Mike squared 103 Squadron…

Four men in front of a fuel truck. On the reverse 'Giovanni, Eduardo, Callaghan & Driver. Udine 1946'.

A view of the new roundabout from the Udine control tower. There is a Jeep, a mobile control caravan, two small trucks - one of which is afire engine -plus two tents. On the reverse: "Flying Control Roundabout" Udine. Feb 1946.'

Bill and Arthur on the parking area beside their control tower. Behind are trucks, a tent and a C-47.
On the reverse ' "Strictly on Flying Control Grounds" Note our wizard "Roman" road. Campoformido. Udine. Italy. March 1946.'
There is a second…

Two men standing on top of a fire engine. On the reverse: "The Fire Officers on the Job" Udine 1946'.

An armoured car at RAF Aden.

Four photographs from an album.
#1 an armoured car
#2 10 airmen captioned 'The Lads' Aden 1934'.
#3 a formation of three Fairey IIIFs from 8 (B) Squadron.
#4 a March past of 8 (B) Squadron on the King's Birthday.

Eddie being presented with the award in the open from Air Vice Marshall Don Bennett. A third airman is standing to one side close to a free standing microphone. A vehicle is parked to one side.

Additional information relating to this item was…

A port side view of a Halifax departing at dusk, watched by nine men.
On the reverse '10 Squadron Halifax 1942 Taking off on operation. Property of Ivan Ure [redacted].

First, five men work underneath the fuselage of a Halifax in to which bombs are being loaded. Three further men are working on the port wing of the aircraft. The aircraft is held in place by chocks on the wheels. Second, David in flying suit,…
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