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View from side of nine aircrew in full flying kit with parachutes on the ground, standing in line in front of a Hampden. Part of a hangar in the background on the right.

A large group of airmen sitting and standing in four rows in front of a Lancaster.

Front quarter view of a Lincoln parked in front of a hangar. An airman stands in front.

A senior officer accompanied by three officers (one with sword) walks down a line of airmen at parade with grounded rifles. Hangar in the background.

A large group of airmen and officers sitting and standing in four rows inside a hangar in front of an Anson.

22 men arranged in three rows in front of an Anson in a hangar. Alan is arrowed -back row, third from right.
On the reverse 'Please identify Date:-
Occasion :-
William Allan RAF VR Navigator Mosquito bombers Pathfinder…

25 airmen arranged in two rows. Each man has had his name added.

A group portrait of 49 airmen in uniform, taken outdoors, against the side of a hangar. The men are arranged in four rows and Benjamin Ramsden is seated in the second row, fifth from the right. Ten of the men have a white arm band on their left…


Four men standing on the pavement at the side of the road in front of the 'Voisin' hangar. On the reverse 'F/O Chris Taylor F/O Stan Edwards Ft/Lt "Willy"Williams Ft/Lt Me'.

Oblique aerial views of the signal square and control tower at Udine airfield. Two C-47s can be seen on the hard standing. Airfield marking reads "LIGHT AIRCRAFT".
In the background, the 'caserma avieri', the 'Voisin' hangars, the main road, and the…

Airmen dressed in a variety of flying kit including overalls, Mae Wests and parachute harnesses. Some are holding their parachute packs and some are on the ground. They are standing on the perimeter track with a hangar in the background.

Top left shows a hangar under construction. Other buildings and houses can be seen in the background.
Top right shows rows of bi-planes standing on the grass.
Bottom left shows aircraft under maintenance in an aircraft hangar.
Bottom right…

Top left shows a hangar under construction.
Top right shows a bi-plane standing on its nose with a broken propeller, with airmen standing around it. Another bi-plane can be seen in the background.
Bottom left shows bi-planes undergoing maintenance…

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Two images of a Hawker Hurricane taken at different angles. The bottom right photograph shows the Hurricane outside a hangar.

The top two photographs show hangars and accommodation blocks, while the bottom photograph shows another building at Bricham Newton.

Servicing wing of 463 and 467 Squadrons Royal Australian Air Force photographed at RAF Waddington in May 1945. Personnel are photographed in front of a Lancaster.

A group of 15 servicemen in uniform stood on the grass with a hangar behind them.
The reverse reads "2r br".


The group of men is arranged in six rows in front of a hangar. It is captioned '1941 Either 11 OTU or 12 Squadron Binbrook. Sgt AE Cosgrove RAFVR 968259 (3rd row from top, 6th from right)'.

From his youth to the award of his DFC by the King.

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The nose of a Canberra with a hangar and the Rock, behind.


Two airmen in a hangar. On the left is Don Evans on the right is air gunner, Roy Montague.

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A squadron photograph taken at Bassingbourn in May 1939. Four rows of airmen and ground crew positioned in front of a Blenheim.

A large group arranged in five rows in front of a hangar.

Two Wellingtons with crews leaving. Behind are hangars. On the reverse '1939 149 Squad' and a photographer' stamp.

A group of 26 operational training unit airmen, of which 19 are standing behind seven seated in front of hangar doors. All are bare headed and sergeant stripes can be seen on 13 individuals. All have aircrew brevets on their uniforms.

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