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Harold Jack Lazenby's autobiography.

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RAF Form 3813: Discharge from the Royal Air Force upon joining the Royal Auxiliary Air Force

The story of John Martin's last operation, how he was shot down, escaped the aircraft and was captured. He was interrogated at Dulag Luft in Frankfurt then transferred to various Stalg Luft camps. His story covers in his life until he was repatriated…

The RAF has changed their plans and they are not being sent overseas or mixed with transport command. Redundancy looks likely.

Booklet with an explanation of position and rights issues by H M Government to all serving members of H M forces. Covers all matters to do with conditions of release and resettlement.

Book on what to do when leaving the service and how to do it. Covers: release leave and uniform, matters for immediate attention, pay and allowances, other service matters, resettlement into civil life, national insurance and pensions, Northern…

Congratulates him on award of DFC and ask how things are in 'civvy street'. States he was due out next April but is considering a deferment. Goes on to write about news from the squadron and his activities. Invites him to a party in the mess and…

To officer commanding 242 Squadron RAF Oakington from Flt Lt William Roy Peter Perry requesting postponement of release for 6 months.

A record of Jose being released from service and proceeding to PDC (Personnel Despatch Centre) Wythall.

A receipt issued to Jose for the return of her service clothing.

A brochure to encourage service members to continue in the RAF. There are ten questions with handwritten answers indicating that Jose was happy to leave.

A form to be used when reapplying for employment with a former employer.

Details about how to return to employment particularly with former employers.

A brochure with details about the RAF Association.

A booklet offering what to do on leaving the service and how to do it.

This item is available only at the International Bomber Command Centre / University of Lincoln.

20 page report on a conference about Educational and Vocational Training. Domestic training such as cooking, repairing, cleanliness and personal health and hygiene.

The cover of a booklet produced for service men and women. It is an explanation of their position and rights.

This item is available only at the International Bomber Command Centre / University of Lincoln.

Educational and Vocational Training poster. On the reverse is handwritten 'Jose M Hayhurst RAF Duxford'.

middle pages from RAF Form 2520 issued to Bill at the end of his service.

Says he is back and would be flying that night. Mentions visit to Bournemouth and seeing film. Writes about colleague waiting for demob. mentions his new second pilot from New Zealand.

Sixteen page journal with text and photographs. The final issue with message from Field Marshal Lord Chetwode, Editorial, article on history of prisoner of war mail/parcels, awards ceremony, prisoner of war students, garden parties, articles about…
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