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John Taplin and fellow crew members. They are standing in front of a Nissen hut. On the reverse they have signed their names. An additional note states 'LR (Rear Gunner) Waite Dad [circled, John Taplin], Gordon (Nav) Black'.

Four airmen in front of a Nissen hut. The man standing second from the left is seen holding a cigarette in his mouth. On the reverse is the handwritten number "521 63".

Eight uniformed men standing in a row, three with peaked caps and five with peak caps. They are standing in front of a car with the partially covered registration plate, ending V866. Behind the group is a Nissen hut with five metal chimneys arranged…

Seven uniformed men arranged on the bonnet of a car with an eighth man in uniform at the wheel. Three men are wearing peaked caps, four wear half caps and one is bareheaded. One of the men hold a pair of gloves in his hand. Half brevets and sergeant…

A group of nine of Audrey and family. They are sitting in front of a nissen hut.


#1 is five ground crew standing in front of two crash trucks.
#2 is 12 men and women from the SSQ staff.
#3 is 12 men and women in front of trucks, captioned 'Staff'.
#4 is a red and white control caravan.
#5 is an ambulance.
#6 is a Nissen hut…

Joyce Exton Wallace recalls a misunderstanding whist giving orders to inspect the barrage balloon bed wires which was misinterpreted as an order to inspect the wires of the 16 beds in the Nissen hut.

Harold Jack Lazenby's autobiography.

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Six airmen in battledress, three standing and three lying in the entrance to a bell tent. There are Nissen huts behind.

Six airmen in battledress, with brevets. Three are sitting in the ground and three behind them, sitting on a bench. Bernard Ross is seated on the left. The airman front centre is a pilot. The one at the rear left is holding a book. In the background…

Top left: man sat reading a newspaper. On reverse, 'Les Harris'.
Centre: Three servicemen sat outside a Nissen hut. On reverse. 'Three oppo's'.
Bottom left: Inside Nissen hut bar. On reverse: 'The transit mess'.
Bottom right: Man sat on wicker…

He has moved to Tuddenham , Suffolk. On the journey they rushed to a pub while waiting for a train. He writes that he cannot discuss what he is doing at his new base.

He has been transferred to Northern Ireland. His accommodation is good.

John standing outside a Nissen hut at RAF Downham Market.

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An airmen wearing battledress with flight sergeant rank and flying boots feeding a horse/pony. In the background buildings including Nissen huts and tents.

Ted and a friend engaged in sporting activities. Ted has a baseball and ball. His friend has an American football and catcher's glove. They are dressed in shorts. Behind are Nissen huts. On the reverse 'To the sweetest girl in the world. From the…

Six photographs on an album page.
#1. Four men seated at a table in a Nissen hut. Bedding, washing and other paraphernalia of living can be seen. It is captioned: 'STURGATE '45'
#2. Six airmen in uniform, seated on bicycles with their arms around…

Writes about her lack of leave and that he has had photographs taken. Comments on his new camp and going into local town (Selby) for a meal. Continues with chat about his activities and that he was on a dispersed drome living in Nissen huts an long…

Albert Frederick Nye, holding a cigarette, outside a Nissen hut with a second Nissen hut alongside. Annotated on the reverse is 'A F Nye'.


An airman wearing battledress with brevet and medal ribbons standing holding the saddle of a bicycle which is propped against a Nissen hut. On the reverse 'RAF Tilstock, Mar 45, Willy the ______ from the west'.

Six airmen in a group outside a Nissen hut. On the reverse ' "Too Stiff to Move" so the photo was taken again, a little further away. L to R Pilot, Wop, Mid upper gunner, rear gunner.
L to R Navigator, Bomb- Aimer'.
Information supplied with the…

An airman wearing tunic standing carrying a number of unidentified objects. In the background Nissen huts. Submitted with caption 'tiger'.


A montage of a strip of 18 photographs featuring veterans from squadrons based at RAF Oulton. The first ten photos feature veterans assembled in front of a building. The last nine photos are the veterans assembled in front of a Nissen hut. On the…

Four men, three of them pilots, standing outside a Nissen hut.
There is a second slightly cropped version.

Three airmen seated outside a Nissen hut. Bicycle to the left.
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