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Letter from Air Vice Marshal H Bottomley, commanding 5 Group regarding flight battle damage to Hampden P1164. He remarks that Pilot Officer Harrison and his crew 'showed courage and determination in bringing their aircraft back to England' and wants…

This was the operation on which Ian Wynn's aircraft was lost. Captain was Squadron Leader P R Turgel. Item contains:
1. A list of crews on the operation.
2. Map of routes to target.
3. Luftwaffe night fighter combat claims for 25/26 May 1943.…

Peter Stevenson's account of his service in the Officer Training Corps at Grantham and later in the Air Training Corps. Tells of his life in Grantham and the effect of the war on the town. Also his involvement post war in museums and projects to…

A Sortie Record Sheet dated from 19 August 1944 to 17 March 1945. Relating to Pilot Officer George Holmes’ service as a Wireless Operator/Air Gunner with 83 Squadron. The sheet records 16 operations, all of which are recorded as being on Lancaster…

RAF Morton Hall was in Lincolnshire, four miles south west from Lincoln. It was a country mansion taken over by the RAF in 1942 as the Aircrew Commando School, training personnel in evasion techniques. In March 1943 it also became the headquarters of…

Signal provides weapons settings for tonight. Details distributor, delay and TV settings for bomb sight. Details photo flash and camera settings. Provides specific settings for 52 Base, East Kirby Base and 617 Squadron. Concludes with instructions on…

A document recommending the award of a Distinguished Flying Cross to Ernie Twells.

Lists airmen under heading movements from the unit,

Lists airmen under headings movements to the unit and movements from the unit

Signal indicating bomb jettison areas agreed with Royal Navy. On the reverse some calculations.


Lists airmen under headings promotions, promotion correction, results of courses, marriages and movements to the unit.

Details meteorological report requirements for flights. Covers rules for making and recording observations in the air, and actions on completion of flights, States that Squadron navigation officers and station meteorological officers are responsible…

Unit 44 Squadron, Lancaster Mk III. Filled in for all other flying 18 day and 5 night. Page is scribbled over with lines.

Signal from 5 Group to all 5 Group Stations stating standby for operations on 20 January. Details A and B bomb loads with preselection settings. On the reverse 'Bombing Leader from Int'.

Contains lists of promotions, movements and movement corrections for airmen on 44 Squadron.

Indicates a single bomb load for operations on 11 March 1945. Includes time on target, preselection settings, false height settings and other notes. Annotated '146 of 5 Group and 800 a/c of other Groups'. On the reverse marking and tactics including…

Includes 32 point distributor settings and bombing instructions. 4 Lb incendiary v false height load setting. Photo flash settings.

Signal to all 5 Group Stations instructing bomb aimers to that the 32 point distributor setting is to be 0.25 seconds until further notice.

RAF Swinderby was in Lincolnshire, eight miles south-west of Lincoln. It opened in August 1940 as part of 1 Group Bomber Command when it was home to the first two Polish Squadrons with the RAF. The runways were concreted in November 1941, and it…

RAF North Luffenham was in Lincolnshire, five miles south west from Stamford. It was built as a training airfield, opening in December 1940. In January 1941 it accommodated the Number 17 Elementary Flying Training School which used Tiger Moths. It…

RAF Balderton was in Nottinghamshire, two miles south of Newark-on-Trent. Construction began in 1940 and it opened in June 1941 with grass runways as part of 5 Group. It became home to 408 Squadron and its Hampdens in December 1941. Its runways were…

630 Squadron was formed in November 1943 from ‘B’ Flight of 57 Squadron at RAF East Kirkby. It was part of 5 Group Bomber Command. It was disbanded in July 1945.
It was stationed at: RAF East Kirkby.
Aircraft flown included: Lancaster.
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