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History of the station from December 1940 including resident squadrons and aircraft , royal visit and other points of interest after the war up to the current day.

Two airmen in flying gear leaving a Lancaster, DS707, 'EQ-?' by the rear hatch.

A Lancaster Mk 2 'EQ-H' is on the ground and chocked whilst its engines are run up. On the ground an engineer looks on. It is annotated 'PL22517'.
Another annotated 'PL22518'

Two sets of three airmen on ladders and one airman in the cockpit of a Lancaster 'G'. The nose has a 408 squadron badge, a maple leaf and 'Miss Kingsville'.

A blurred image of several aircraft in flight. Information supplied with the image states 'Laurie Godfrey 408 Sqn'.

Raymond Moore flew 31 operations as a flight engineer with 408 Squadron. He describes initial training at Skegness and then further training at Cosford, Halton and St Athan. He describes the crewing-up procedure at Eastmoor and describes the…
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