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An autobiography of Jim Taylor's time in the RAF before the war. He spent time training with Oliver Bell, who is recorded in the memoir.

A Vickers Victoria used for teaching and training at Cranwell.

Flying log book for Oliver Bell covering the period from 18th January 1935 to 30th September 1938. He was at RAF Cranwell and then posted to Aden and the Middle East with 12(B) and 8(B) Squadrons. Aircraft flown were Hart, Vincent and Wellesley.

H. W. Bennett’s RCAF Pilot’s Flying Log Book, from 7/8/43 to 14/10/48, detailing training and instructional duties as a pilot.
Based at RAF Brough (No. 4 Elementary Flying Training School), RCAF Station Neepawa (No. 35 Elementary Flying Training…

Top left - front quarter view of a Wellesley parked on grass airfield. Captioned 'Long range Wellesley, Cranwell 1939'.
Top right - Wellesley coming in to land on grass airfield with hangars in the distance.
Bottom left - front view of a Wellesley…

Top left - view down the side of a barrack block with another to the right.
Bottom left - view of distant barrack blocks and huts across a field.
Right - view through the gates of College Hall, RAF Cranwell. Captioned 'RAF College Cranwell 1937'.

Top left - two men wearing blazers and slacks shaking hands while standing on stone steps. Captioned 'Tommy and Wilkie'.
Top right - seven airmen wearing tunics standing by a brick building. Caption unreadable.
Bottom left - a man wearing pullover…

Group of man wearing sports kit sitting and standing in a field. Man of right wears RAF uniform tunic. Captioned 'Hockey group, Cranwell 1937'.

Top left - three airmen wearing tunics standing on grass with trees either side. Captioned 'Cranwell 1940'.
Bottom left - a group of airmen wearing tunics sitting and standing by a brick building. Captioned Cranwell 1937'.
Right - portrait of eight…

Left - man wearing protective dust coat standing by door of a twin engine aircraft. Captioned 'George Blower, Cranwell'.
Right - eleven airmen wearing tunic and side caps standing in front of a building. Captioned 'Inst section Cranwell 1941'.

Top left - full length image of an airman wearing tunic and peaked cap standing on path. Captioned 'Cranwell 1938'.
Top right - full length image of an airman wearing tunic and peaked cap. Captioned 'Wilkie 1938'.
Bottom - full length image of an…

Gives address for 900473 AC2 C Eyles, Class 6E at East Camp Cranwell.

Three documents -
#1 The unveiling of a memorial at RAF Skellingthorpe recorded in the Lincolnshire Echo.
#2 is an invitation to a 40s night at the Birchwood Leisure & Community Centre.
#3 is an invitation to Ernest's wife to attend the unveiling…

Preface covers his training as an apprentice at RAF Halton and subsequent training as an electrical fitter at RAF St Athan. Outlines career with transition to ground engineer and then other postings. Continues with time as an instructor teaching a…

Air-to-air view of a Lancaster letter 'KB-B' with 'City of Lincoln' nose crest and operation bomb symbols flying left to right over College Hall at RAFC Cranwell.

Membership card and rule book for the Sleaford district Branch issued to Aubrey when he was a member of the Royal Air Force College Cranwell Band.

Introduces Michael G Hanson an RAF reservist and tells of time sailing before stating training. Covers elementary and advanced training before joining 233 Squadron at RAF Leuchars on Hudson. Relates life on the station, in local area and on maritime…

Crest with eagle on rock, moto Alitum Altrix

Air-to-air view of a Percival Prentice registration VR232 over RAF Cranwell. Annotated 'yours truly in formation, Cranwell march 1949'. Captioned 'Dryhurst Harold 1939 Percival P40 Prentice'. Additional information about this item was kindly provided…

Pilots flying log book for G H Dryhurst, covering the period from 1 June 1950 to 8 January 1952.

Pilots flying log book for G H Dryhurst, covering the period from 3 May 1948 to 31 May 1950.

Pilots flying log book for G H Dryhurst, covering the period from 29 August 1941 to 27 August 1942, when he was shot down and became a prisoner of war and from 20 July 1945. He was stationed at RAF Peterborough (17 EFTS), RAF Cranwell (RAF College…

RAF personnel record containing personal details, service record, postings and discharge.
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