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The story of John Martin's last operation, how he was shot down, escaped the aircraft and was captured. He was interrogated at Dulag Luft in Frankfurt then transferred to various Stalg Luft camps. His story covers in his life until he was repatriated…

Flying log book for William Edwards, pilot. Covering the period 25 June 1942 to 31 January 1952. Details his training, operations and post-war civilian flying with Qantas. He was based at RAF Calveley, RAF Windrush, RAF Docking, RAF Church Broughton,…

In the foreground a civilian registered Halifax parked on airfield. Nose art of map of Australia and cricketer walking with bat and name 'Walzing Matilda'. Behind a Lancastrian with registration 'FGFA' but with air force roundel and tail flashes. Two…

Civilian flying log-book for Keith Thiele. Covers the period 7 September 1951 to 22 September 1964 when he flew for Qantas. Aircraft flown were Lancastrian, C-47, Super Constellation and Boeing 707. The log book continues from 30 August 1965 to 31…

Civilian Flying Log Book for Keith Thiele. Covers the period from 4 February 1949 to 31 August 1951 when he flew for Qantas. Aircraft flown were Lancastrian, C-47 and DC-4.This item was sent to the IBCC Digital Archive already in digital form. No…

Civilian Flying Log Book for Keith Thiele covering his post-war flying from 23 October 1946 to 26 January 1949. Includes employment by London Aero & Motor Services and Qantas. Aircraft flown were Halifax (possibly civilian version known as the…

An airman sitting at the pilot's seat. On the reverse 'Commanding Officer of RAF Stn Iraq 1945'.

A WAAF at the controls of an aircraft. On the reverse 'Mum - at the controls -RAF Iraq'.

The four are standing under a Lancastrian wing. On the reverse 'Orly Airport - Paris - Mum enroute from Singapore with our RAF crew to UK'.

An airman standing beside a main wheel underneath the wing of an aircraft. On the reverse 'Johnny - underneath the wing. RAF VIP Lancaster'.

A port side view of a Lancastrian. On the reverse 'Our VIP aircraft - Serviced & ready to fly to the UK -1944. RAF Iraq (Forced Landing)'.

Four airmen under the starboard side of a Lancastrian. On the reverse 'Some members of our RAF crew under the wing of our Lancaster at Orly Airport en route to UK. 1944 (Forced Landing)'.
There is a second copy with, on the reverse, 'Part of - my…

Two slightly different images of an airman at a door at the starboard rear of a Lancastrian, VM735'. On the reverse 'Checking Aircraft - 1944 Prior to Flight'.
On the reverse of the second 'RAF Iraq - 1944'.

A port side view of an Avro Lancastrian wirh Anne Imming standing under the port wing. On the reverse 'Your mum - under the Wing of RAF VIP aircraft - en-route from HQ Air Command S/East Asia - forced landing at RAF Iraq to UK. 1945 1945'.

Flying log book for J Dent, flight engineer, covering the period from 25 August 1944 to 8 May 1947. Detailing his flying training, operations flown and post war duties with 44 Squadron, air ministry film unit and 148 Squadron. He was stationed at RAF…

Covers biography of Bill Thorn early life and taking a short service commission in the Royal Air Force in September 1922 and learning to fly and posting to 17 Squadron at RAF Hawkinge.= and eventually to the Royal Aircraft Establishment at…

Continues from Volume 1. Starts with chapter 16 which covers the design and production of the York. Chapter 17, the war effort and rewards. Continues with part V - into the jet era. Chapter 19 covers civil airliners and the Shackleton. Chapter 20:…

The story of Roy Chadwick, Chief Designer of A.V. Roe & Co Ltd from 1919 to 1947, The aircraft he designed, and the lasting contribution he made to Britain's aviation industry. Covers chapter 1 - 15. Starts with early years and then a has a chapter…

Ministry of Civil Aviation personal flying log book for D Moore, covering the period from 8 November 1946 to 10 July 1949. He flew with Silver City airways from London Heathrow and Blackbushe, with Flota Area Mercante Argentina from Beunos Aires,…

Flying log book for D Moore, navigator, covering the period from 5 June 1943 to 13 June 1947. Detailing his flying training, operations flown, instructor duties and post war flying with 52 Squadron and civilian flying with Silver City Airlines. He…
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