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Writes of his last operation in a Halifax when his aircraft was shot down and exploded killing all the other members of the crew. Describes journey to camp and being in Frankfurt while it is under bombing attack. Continues with description of life as…

Louis Makens worked as a farm worker before the war but volunteered for aircrew. He discusses his training on Wellingtons and operations flying Stirlings with 196 Squadron including a crash landing, and glider towing. His Halifax was shot down 18/19…

A summary of Flight Sergeant David Joseph's RAF service. Joining the RAF on 27 October 1941, in January 1944 he joined 76 Squadron and was shot down on 18 March 1944 on an operation to Frankfurt. He became a prisoner of war at Hydekrug Luft VI,…

Nine accounts of flying activities during the war.

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'David Joseph's son Brian met Paul Hilton in the 1980's through work, and he was wearing a prisoner of war tie. In…

Includes David Joseph's service in the RAF, his training in Canada and his operations on Halifaxes at RAF Holme-on-Spalding Moor and his movements after being shot down 18 March 1944 and becoming a prisoner of war.

Ron Tomlin grew up in Birmingham and was an apprentice carpenter before working in a munitions factory. He volunteered for the Air Force at 18, and after training, flew operations as a bomb aimer with 10 Squadron. His aircraft was forced to ditch in…

John Harrison grew up in Yorkshire and worked in the Civil Service before joining the Royal Air Force at 18. After training, he flew operations as a mid-upper gunner with 106 Squadron from RAF Metheringham before being shot down over Leipzig and…

Richard Curnock was born in Grantham and joined the Royal Air Force in 1941. He achieved the rank of warrant officer and served in 425 Squadron. Richard tells of how he followed his two older brothers into the services, and his time serving in the…

Ron Hemsworth was born in Peterborough and founded a model flying club with a friend. He joined the Royal Air Force in 1941. He flew operations as an air gunner with 76 Squadron from RAF Linton on Ouse. His aircraft was shot down on an operation to…

Second from the left is Flight Engineer Al Hawley, who jumped without his parachute, third is Les Thicke, who was in Stalag Luft 6 with Ron Hemsworth, fourth is Air Gunner Ron Hemsworth, extreme right is George Testal who was a fellow prisoner of…

A man and a man dressed as a woman are strolling. He wears a flat cap, pullover and flannels and boots. He is using a walking stick. She is smartly dressed a skirt in a top and hat and is a carrying a handbag, Behind is a betting stall with a bookie.…

Harry's betting stall at the races. Harry is dressed in shorts, shirt, bow tie and straw hat. He also is wearing a set of binoculars. He is standing on a stool beside a blackboard with the odds. He has an assistant at his side writing on a board. He…

A man is dressed as a surfing woman. He is wearing shorts and a bikini top and is holding a surfing board.

Two men dressed as Native Americans. One is wearing a loin cloth and tribal markings the other is dressed as a woman with long braids and a frilly hemmed dress. Behind two spectators look on and in the distance a hut.

A man dressed as a horse. On a raised platform are a man dressed as a cheerleader and another man dressed in an old fashioned sleeping garment. Behind them is a band behind stands.

Two men dressed as jockeys, holding whips. They are standing in front of a wall with posters. At the side is a truck.

In the foreground a man dressed as a horse. On a raised platform a man and a man dressed as an elegant lady are holding each other closely. Behind them is a small band, only an accordion can be seen. At ground level there are many spectators.

Punch and Judy stall with two puppets in action. They are watched by a spectator. On the front of the stall is written 'Punch and Judy'

A man dressed as an elegant lady standing for the camera. He is wearing a large brimmed hat and is carrying a handbag. He has a sash with writing on it.

30 men arranged in three rows. One row is crossed leg, one kneeling and the third standing. Two are dressed as nurses, three have crests on their tee shirts, three have 'BBC' on their tee shirts, one man in a large hat and one man in a uniform.

A group of men dressed as cowboys and Native Americans arranged in two rows, one standing, one kneeling or seated. Behind are many spectators and on their left a man in a kilt.

A steward is walking with his arms out-stretched, behind a horseman is walking, led by a jockey. There are many spectators and a hut behind

A group of 12 men, some dressed in kilts and uniform tops are standing and sitting round a table with a tartan blanket. The wall of the hut has been made to look like a mud hut and the roof has straw to make it looked thatched. On the roof is a…

A group of eight men in kilts and uniform tops. Another man is kneeling in front of them in full uniform. At the side are two men dressed as women in short dresses.

A man in top hat and tails but without trousers is with a man dressed as an elegant lady. He is wearing a sash with writing on and is carrying a handbag. There are three other men dressed casually in shirts and shorts. They are standing in front of…
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