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Left page: top, notice of the award of the Distinguished Flying Cross to Pilot Officer R.V.Keeling.
Middle and bottom, congratulations to Bob on his award.
Right page; top, title of the Vauxhall Mirror.
Middle, report of Bob's operational career…

Top, left and right squadron leader epaulettes. Middle, left, pilot's brevet; right, metal badge with crown, wreath and RAF with pin. Bottom. from left, Distinguished Flying Cross, 1939-45 Star, Aircrew Europe Star, Defence Medal, War Medal 1939-45…

From left, Distinguished Flying Cross, 1939-45 Star, Aircrew Europe Star, Defence Medal, War Medal 1939-45 and Air Efficiency Award.

Top left, annotated 'The crashed Lancaster 29 August 1944';
Centre, a group of seven airmen standing under the fuselage of a Lancaster, wearing Mae Wests, annotated from left 'Jack Crawford, Doug Looms, Dave Cook, Tom Dykins, Bert Jackson, Paul…

Top row, from left;
A group of 13 uniformed airmen arranged in two rows outside an open window in a tile fronted building. Seven are standing all with half caps with six seated in front, including two officers. The individuals are annotated, from…

The photograph shows Group Captain Sheen painting the DSO after the aircraft completed 125 operations. Captioned 'Old Mike Squared - believed to have done more ops than any other aircraft in Bomber Command with 139 operational flights to its credit. …

A head and shoulders portrait of Derek in uniform wearing his navigator's brevet and his ribbons including Distinguished Flying Cross and single oak leaf. On the reverse 'Derek Clare S no 103536'.

A head and shoulders portrait of Derek in uniform showing his observer's brevet and ribbons, including for the Distinguished Flying Cross. On the reverse is a stamp from the photography studio of Edward C Partridge and annotated '5874/2' and 'Derek…

A summary of Derek's career in the Royal Air Force including an explanation why he he carried a rabbit foot mascot in his flying suit. Explains that his flying log books are held by the National War Museum in London. Describes Derek's disappointment…

A three quarter length portrait of Jim. He is named on the reverse.

Bill Siddle's time in the RAF pieced together by research. He was a pilot who flew the Lancaster with 9 and 83 Squadrons. He was commissioned in 1944, was awarded the DFC and Bar and completed more than 60 operations. He left the service in 1946 and…

Robert George Sharland's Distinguished Flying Cross in a case.

A case inscribed "Presented to PILOT OFFICER ROBERT GEORGE SHARLAND by the inhabitants of Thursley to mark their appreciation of the award of the DISTINGUISHED FLYING CROSS. 14th September 1943."

A portrait photograph taken at Robert George Sharland's and Beryl Lilian Sharland's wedding. Robert is wearing a RAF uniform. An air gunner brevet and pathfinder badge can be seen accompanying a Distinguished Flying Cross ribbon on Robert's uniform.…

A headstone for Robert George Sharland. The headstone includes his rank, awards, role, date of death and age. Also inscribed is "FROM THOSE WHO KNEW AND LOVED BOB. MEMORIES OF HIM ARE EVER NEAR AT REST".

A certificate for Robert George Sharland awarding him the Pathfinder Force badge on 1st May 1944. The certificate details Sharland's rank, service number and awards. The certificate is signed by Donald Bennett, the commanding officer of the…

Four pages with dates recorded from 2nd August 1943 to 27th April 1944. In this excerpt, Robert George Sharland is recorded to have undertaken 27 flights, 18 being in the day and 9 being at night. The first page details Sharland’s training and…

Six medals awarded to Frederick:
DFC, Air Force Cross, 1939-1945 Star, France and Germany Star, Defence Medal and War Medal.
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