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Flying log book for L D Leicester covering the period from 11 November 1941 to 12 December 1944. Detailing his flying training and operations flown. It also contains an extract for the award of a bar to his DFC, technical notes, certificates…

Alan Edgar, a man and two women standing drinking. Alan is in uniform and the ladies are in evening dresses. The other man is wearing a dinner jacket.

A biography of Arthur Pritchard written by his daughter. It covers his training, operations and the night he was shot down. Despite speaking no French he was assisted to a hideout in Paris where he remained until Paris was liberated in August 1944.

A newspaper article referring to the French Forces of the Interior who had liberated Bordeaux and Toulouse. It is annotated 'Express No 18 5/1/45 6 1/3 hours 200 a/c + PFF and 300 a/c +PFF = 500 a/c 2 attacks'.

A newspaper article referring to the US Army and its 400 mile offensive. It is annotated 'Express No 8 6-11-44 4 ½ hours 1033 a/c + PFF Bang On'.

Two newspaper articles referring to the same operations. Targets were Leuna, Giesson, Osnabruck, Bottrop, Mitelland canal, Cologne and Berlin. It is annotated ' Sketch No 12 6/12/44 8 hours 400 a/c plus PFF Merseburg News Chronicle

A newspaper cutting referring to operations to Duisburg, Munich and Ulm. It is annotated 'Nottingham Evening Post No 14 17/12/44 5½ hours 260 a/c + PFF'.

A handwritten note about an operation to Wanne-Eickel. A 5 hour return trip. 233 a/c plus PFF. The operation was not successful and there was no newspaper coverage.

A newspaper cutting referring to operations to Essen, Homberg, Hamm and Hamburg-Harburg. Annotated 'Express No.1 25-10-44 4½ hours 846 a/c plus PFF'.

A newspaper cutting referring to operations to Duren, Aachen , Munster and the oil plant at Wanne Eickel. It is annotated ' Sketch No 9 18-11-44 6 hrs 450 a/c + PFF Big Explosions'.

A newspaper cutting referring to the bombing of oil plants at Harburg and Dortmund. It is annotated 'News Chron No 7 5 ¼ hrs 131 a/c + PFF'.

A newspaper cutting referring to operations to Nuremberg and Ludwigshaven. It is annotated 'Lincs Echo 2-1-45 8 ¼ hrs 594 a/c + PFF No 17'.

A newspaper cutting referring to an opertaion to Cologne. It is annotated 'Express No 3 and 4 No 3 30-10-44 5 hrs 35 823 ac + PFF No 4 31-10-44 5 hrs 17 436 ac + PFF'

A newspaper cutting referring to the bombing of Essen, Osnabruck, Witten, Leuna and marshalling yards at hr 555 a/c + PFF Essen'.Frankfurt. It is annotated 'Lincs Echo No 13 12/12/44 5½

Operational Record ledger created by Pat Falkinder (nee Day). Running log book which includes briefing, targeting, crews and methods of prosecution for various bombing operations. It includes a photographs of Pat Day in uniform and several aircrew.

Covers the period from joining as a Halton Apprentice in September 1932 for training as an Aircraft Fitter. Through the completion of his training and posting to 16 squadron, before being transferred to Egypt in 1937 and on to Iraq with No 4 Flying…

F/O Kenneth Marriott DFC. Obituary. Second tour Pathfinder.

Joe Harrison seated. He is wearing a blazer decorated with his medals and a Pathfinder badge. On the wall behind are wartime photographs.

Bride and groom, one woman in British Army uniform, one Royal Air Force sergeant with observer brevet, church minister and five civilians. The groom has pilot wings.

Captioned: 'Robert M'Clean's wedding in 1944, the other RAF personell is Fred…

Enamelled metal badge with eagle on a light blue background with a circle of dark blue, with text 'The Pathfinder Club'.

Blue and gold Pathfinder club tie made by Ryder & Amies, Cambridge. Wool, 128 cm with golden embroidered eagles.
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