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R W Slaughter’s Flying Log Book detailing operations and training flown as Air Gunner covering the period 15 October 1942 to 17 August 1943. He was stationed at RCAF MacDonald (3 Bombing & Gunnery School), RAF Upper Heyford (16 OTU), RAF Wigsley…

AM Form 78 with the information that the aircraft is missing.

News clipping. John Taplin is reported as a prisoner of war in Germany.

The newspaper article reports that John Taplin is alive and a prisoner of war.

The letter acknowledges John's father's request for his personal effects.

The letter offers sympathy from the directors of ESA Ltd, John's former employers.

The letter advises that John's effects have been forwarded to the Central Depsoitory.

The letter, from John's former employers, expresses sympathy that John is missing.

A cutting reporting John Taplin is missing.

An article reporting that John Taplin and W Clarke are missing.

The message advises that John is missing.

The telegram states that John is a prisoner based on information from the International Red Cross.

The writer expresses sorrow that John is missing.

He writes that he is sorry that John is missing. He hopes that John will turn up safe and well.

The letter confirms that John is missing during an operation over Hamburg. The circumstances are not known.

A letter from the Air Ministry informing Joan Broderick that her husband, Kenneth James Broderick who has been missing in action, is presumed dead.

A letter from the Air Ministry sent to Joan Broderick to inform her that her husband Kenneth James Broderick has gone missing in operations. The Air Ministry reassures Joan and will inform her if they receive any news, and they ask her to do the…

A letter sent to Mrs Broderick from a Flight Lieutenant of 106 Squadron. The letter concerns the whereabouts of Joan Broderick's husband, Kenneth, who is presumed deceased. The letter is a response to a previous letter and offers advice and guidance…

A response to a letter sent by SJ Broderick from the RAF depository to Mrs TR Broderick including an inventory of Kenneth Broderick's personal effects. The letter outlines the process for returning them following an official status of presumed dead…

A letter from the British Red Cross and Order of St John of Jerusalem sent to Mrs Joan Broderick concerning her husband, Kenneth. The letter provides an update on the whereabouts of Joan's husband, of which the German authorities have no further…
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