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An autobiography of Jim Taylor's time in the RAF before the war. He spent time training with Oliver Bell, who is recorded in the memoir.

A list of the entry for E & W School No 21 at Halton. There are a total of 81 names and service numbers with their fate. Many died in service but others survived the war.
On the third page is a hand written comment.

Nine airmen wearing dust coats over uniform in a workshop gathered round aircraft engines. On the wall behind blackboards with 'Pegasus' printed on them.
On the reverse '98 Entry B Class Halton 7.5.43' and 12 signatures.

Bill is standing in his uniform. Information supplied with the collection states '1931 LAC (RAF Halton)'.

A rugby team of 15, a pilot officer and a civilian arranged in three rows. Bill is back row, second from right. Information supplied with the collection states '1930 Rugby XV RAF Halton (2nd from right, standing)'.

16 members of a rugby team. Underneath each man is named. Bill is second from the right in the second row. Information supplied with the collection states '1929-30 RAF Halton Rugby'.

Ten trainees at RAF Halton standing beside brick buildings. Information supplied with the collection states '1929-30 RAF Halton (centre)'.

Bill in uniform standing outside a brick building. Information supplied with the collection states '1929-30 A.C.1 (RAF Halton)'.

The letter to his sister and brother in law thanks them for their letter. he says he enjoys their short outings together. He has been over Berlin. He has been in hospital with a suspected skin disease.

Preface covers his training as an apprentice at RAF Halton and subsequent training as an electrical fitter at RAF St Athan. Outlines career with transition to ground engineer and then other postings. Continues with time as an instructor teaching a…

Starts with a poem and then a series of stories which together form the memoirs of Harold Yeoman, an officer who served in Bomber Command during the war, initially as a pilot on Wellingtons and then as an Intelligence Officer. He relates his…

Talks of his joining the RAF and early training at Cardington, Bournemouth and Halton. Trained as fitter and posted to RAF Scampton on Hamden with 49 Squadron. Tells many stories of life as groundcrew at Scampton. Includes John Hannah VC, losing…

From information provided by the donor. Three photographs of Peter Baxter's time at RAF Halton.
First is of the three story brick accommodation blocks arranged around a square with some apprentices running, caption '10 times round the square'.

A detailed Biography of Reg' service and post service life.

Two photographs of Halton Camp.
The first is of Groves Barracks, the second is the Officer's Mess, North Side.

After leaving school, Bertram Yeandle joined the RAF apprentice scheme and trained as an engine fitter at RAF Halton. After completing his apprenticeship at RAF Cosford, he was posted to 148 Squadron, RAF Harwell, where he serviced Wellingtons. In…

These recollections and reflections were written by Patricia Hook, Ken's wife, who was a WAAF in the operations room at RAF Mepal. They are all very similar, concentrating primarily on the Stirling crash in December 1943, where Ken was the only…

He writes thanking her for her letter and invitation to visit and that he is delighted she has received news from Bob and that he is well. He hopes he will be one of the first to meet him when he gets back. He mentions that he is going to R.A.F.…


Congratulations from squadron and award of Conspicuous Gallantry Medal.

Conveys congratulations on good news. Continues with good natured banter about winning such an honour.


Summary: George Rogers joined the RAF in 1930 at 16 as an aircraft mechanic. He talks about the build up to war, rationing and the fall of France. George was sent to India with the Royal Navy. Holidays and relaxation are discussed with stories from…
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