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A portrait of Brenda Smart in WAAF uniform captioned 'To Hazel & Bill, with lots of love from Brenda.

Judy has just heard that Ted is a prisoner of war. She tells her news from her new station.

Connie Thornhill (nee Crowther) and five WAAFs.
On the reverse 'Hereford May 2nd 1942 Irene Edith Joyce Connie Dorothy Alice'.

A head and shoulders portrait of Connie. On the reverse 'WAAF Cpl CE Thornhill 2049455 Service 1940 to 1945 Married Oct 26th 1943'.

42 Airwomen arranged in four rows in front of a wooden hut. It is annotated 'NCO Admin School Wilmslow March 29th to April 19th 1944'. On the reverse many of the WAAFs have signed their names.

Three items relating to the loss of Ted's Lancaster. #1 is a note about the crew - 4 were killed and 3 baled out. #2 is the reverse of the note explaining that the WAAFs at Edith Weston were very kind to the Forces. Ted sold his logbook and medals to…

Geraldine Sadler, daughter of Joyce Bell, with her husband and her [mother, Joyce] at the IBCC memorial, Canwick. [Her mother] is in a wheelchair holding [his/her RAF/WAAF} cap.

Joyce and Oliver on their wedding day, outside their church. On the reverse '1942'.

A head and shoulders portrait of Joyce Bell (nee Langdon) in uniform.
On the reverse '27/12/1921 -22/02/2021
Joyce Langdon 18 yrs
Joined RAF 1940 1942'.

Two members of the women's auxiliary air force taking. One has shiny leading aircraftwoman badge on arm of uniform. Caption 'I wondered how you got it!!!'.

A march past of airmen and WAAFs. An officer is saluting and the Mayor and Mayoress are standing by. The lead group of airmen are just marching past St Edward's Passage. Gonville and Caius College rear left, St Mary's church rear right.

Joyce and Oliver with six airmen on their wedding day. On the reverse 'Joyce & Oliver Bell Wedding Day May 21 st 1942 Harworth Church'.

A head and shoulders portrait of Joyce in WAAF uniform, Oliver's future wife. On the reverse '27/12/1921 - 22/02/21 Joyce Langdon 18 yrs Joined RAF 1942 1942'.

Oliver and his bride leaving the church, both in uniform. On the reverse '1942'.

In the foreground left, three aircrew wearing flying suits and parachute harness all holding tea mugs. On the centre right an airman wearing battledress with half brevet holding a mug and on the right a Women's Auxiliary Air force officer holding a…

Left - six airmen wearing battledress and one airwoman lying, sitting and kneeling on grass in two rows with a Lancaster in the background. Captioned 'Some of the crew with the lorry driver'.
Right - four airmen carrying a fifth outside a hut.…

Jose and her parents are standing in a garden with Buster at the front. Jose in her WAAF uniform. On the reverse ' Dorothy, Jose, Herbert Hayhurst Buster (dog)'.

A head and shoulders portrait of Jose in WAAF uniform.

Jose's room whilst in the RAF. Items of clothing are hanging above the bed and a kit bag is in front of the window.
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