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86 uniformed personnel of the occupational conversion unit including three women arranged in five rows in front of a Lincoln aircraft. David is standing far right in the third row. Nine men are sat cross legged on the grass with an alsatian dog in…

Jean Thompson is standing with two other women, all wearing Women's Auxiliary Air Force uniforms. On the reverse:
"1. Edith 2. Me [Jean Thompson] 3. Beryl" "J 6195"

A letter signed by the Secretary of State for Air, Harold Macmillan, on behalf of the King, addressed to Jean Thompson for distinguished service. Accompanying the letter is a portrait photograph of Jean Thompson in a WAAF uniform.

A collection of photographs. Some are head and shoulder portraits. The other photographs show groups of women wearing Women's Auxiliary Air Force uniforms.

Four head and shoulder portrait photographs of Women's Auxiliary Air Force personnel wearing WAAF uniforms. Top left: Beryl, bottom left: Pat 'Little Dot', bottom right: Pamela Hiosell.
On the reverse of two of the portraits are hand written…

Members of the Women's Auxiliary Air Force a seated at desks using teletypes. Signatures on the the reverse: Lee Pickering, Fay Parker, [indecipherable] Watson, M. Rhicles.

A collection of head and shoulder portrait photographs on a piece of card. The photographs are annotated with names and dates of WAAF personnel at Bawtry Hall: [indecipherable], Pat Garlick, Pamela Hiosell, Joan Shingler, Cissy Ward, Marion…

Servicing wing of 463 and 467 Squadrons Royal Australian Air Force photographed at RAF Waddington in May 1945. Personnel are photographed in front of a Lancaster.

A group of airmen and airwomen arranged in three rows around a wooden fence.

Five WAAFs sitting on the grass. one is wearing a white coat.

Two photographs of three WAAFs.
On the reverse of one is 'Audrey Lily Doris'.

Seven WAAFs and a pilot. On the reverse 'Ruby Mildred Gwen, Joyce Georgie, Audrey, F/O Johns, Nora (James Nana)'.

#1 is seven WAAFs. On the reverse-
'Joyce Mildred Ruby Gwen
Nora Georgie
#2 is Audrey. On the reverse 'NAAFI HQ Gardens'.

#1 is five WAAFs in great coats. Behind is a sign saying 'Whitehall'.
#2 is the same photograph but the individuals are named 'Florence Dorothy Audrey Lil Elsie'.
#3 is seven WAAFs and one airman arranged in two rows.
#4 is seven WAAFs and a…

#1 is a full length portrait of three WAAFs, including Audrey.
#2 is Audrey sitting on a desk.

Audrey left school at 14 and began work as a clerical assistant for a tailoring firm in Leeds, then moving into furniture sales.
Audrey was 23 when the war started and was conscripted on 15 December 1942 electing to join the WAAF. After her kitting…

From his youth to the award of his DFC by the King.

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Civilian women and children standing near the wing of a Halifax accompanied by two Women's Auxiliary Air Force personnel. There are nine Royal Air Force personnel standing near the wing and in the aircraft wing's shadow. Annotated on the reverse…

Mounted full length studio portrait of Kathleen together with her Royal Air Force cap badge, eagle badge, identity tags and decorations. Defence Medal and War Medal 1939-45. Labelled 'Corporal Kathleen Norris nee Cross 1940-1945'.

Full length studio portrait of Corporal Kathleen Cross in uniform.

Bareheaded head and shoulder portrait of Kathleen in uniform showing her corporal stripes.

24 Women's Auxiliary Air Force personnel with one Royal Air Force sergeant. He sits in between eight women on the front row with two rows, each of eight, standing behind. Annotated 'Ivor E Lewis' 'Penarth'.

The reverse has short messages and a…
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