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A line of airmen with three airwomen at the right standing in front of a Lancaster.

12 photographs of Josef and his crew's funeral.
#1 WAAFs and airmen holding wreaths at the graveside.
#2 coffins at the graveside
#3 airmen, Ella and Reg at the graveside.
#4 the procession of coffins.
#5 is airmen mourners
#6 and 7 are a…

A crowd of mainly airwomen at the end of runway, waving off aircraft.

Fourteen airmen in a group standing, squatting and standing with an airwoman sitting centre of front row. In the background the front of a Lancaster with bow legged man nose art and the words 'How Stap Me'

Six airmen and one airwoman standing around or sitting in a car with a Lancaster in the background. The car registration is BMP726 and it has 'The Menace' painted above the windscreen.

Seven airmen and two women sitting on top of a vehicle with a Lancaster and another airman pulling a bomb trolley in the background.

A large group of smiling people including servicemen, members of Women's Auxiliary Air Force and ladies in civilian dress crowded inLincoln'sAssembly Roomsdecorated with union flag.

A group of spectators lined up waving off a departing Lancaster. A motorbike in the foreground.

Seven aircrew gathered round a table drinking from mugs while talking to a seated flight officer.

Servicemen and servicewomen in uniform and one woman in civilian dress behind a long counter. Bunting and flags decorate the room. A sergeant stands in front of counter on the left.

Servicemen and servicewomen in uniform and one woman in civilian dress behind a long counter. Bunting and flags decorate the room.

A large group including RAF male and female personnel and some civilian women gathered inside large room.

Alan thanks her for two letters. He is missing her. He describes flying through cloud canyons.
He describes trips to Bocholt, Germany and Orleans.

Nine servicemen and one servicewoman arranged on the starboard wing of a Lancaster. Four of the men wear Mae Wests, two are sitting astride the far engine behind the propeller and one is sitting astride the nearside engine behind the propeller. On…

Eleven service personnel, ten men and one woman, arranged around the mid-upper turret of a Lancaster with initials PM on its side. Labelled '103 Sq - PO Slee with air and ground crew'.

An airman sitting surrounded by a group of nine female stewards some holding bottles.

Large group of airmen sitting and standing in five rows in front of a Lancaster in post-war colour scheme. Includes some Women's Auxiliary Air Force.

Harry joined the Royal Australian Air Force on 25 June 1942 as a wireless operator/air gunner and received his initial training in Australia before going to Canada for his trade training.

He sailed on the SS Johan Van Barneve to San Francisco and…

Member of the Women's Auxiliary Air Force in shirtsleeves holding a parachute pack.

A resume of 'Jack' Whymark's family and service career. Includes extracts from Jack’s diaries, details from his logbook and histories of the crew and passengers of Lancaster PA278.

Left page: top left, invitation to Flying Officer R V Keeling DFC and Mrs Keeling to the wedding of Alice Sharpley and John Keeling.
Top right, six wedding guests including a man and woman in uniform at at Boswell House, North Elkington.

Left page: top, the Luftpost, numbers 10 and 18.
Middle, left report of an aircraft landing on a car.
Middle centre, woman holding a baby, reports of engagements and births of babies.
Bottom left, report of the death of Lieutenant Geoffrey William…

A newspaper cutting about Lancaster Mike Squared which completed 140 operations and Joan Rooke's time in the WAAF.

John Bell completed a tour as a bomb aimer with 619 Squadron. The crew decided they would like to continue flying and so volunteered to join 617 Squadron. They were interviewed by Wing Commander Leonard Cheshire and accepted on to the squadron. When…

Kathleen Reid worked in reserved occupation but wanted to join the RAF as a WAAF. She was initially trained as a telephonist but remustered to flight control. Duty meant staying all night in the tower to guide flights home. Then they would be…
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