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On the LH page, two aircrew sitting in the entrance hatch of a Lancaster, in flying equipment. Captioned 'Two representatives of the ? ? 103 Squadron. P/O Kier Gretham? on left and F/Sgt - later P/O - Pat ?' . 'Keir finished his tour & returned to…

Eight photographs, all full length, LH page, first is of Geoff standing in a garden, caption unreadable except for 'Self at ... and Sept 44'. Second and third are of four aircrew standing in front of a low wall with a tree, building and motor…

Nine photographs, LH page first one is of Lancaster nose, someone leaning out of cockpit window, squadron letter U visible. Second is of starboard engines of a Lancaster in flight, captioned 'Taken from Uncle in flight - over ten tenths cloud'. Third…

AM Form 78 with the information that the aircraft is missing.

A port side view of a Halifax departing at dusk, watched by nine men.
On the reverse '10 Squadron Halifax 1942 Taking off on operation. Property of Ivan Ure [redacted].

A port side view of three Halifaxes in flight.
On the reverse 'Not[underlined] a nice way to fly 1943 10 Squadron Property of Ivan Ure [redacted].

A port side view of a Halifax on dispersal under maintenance. On the reverse 'Marston Moor 1942/3 Property of Ivan Ure, [redacted]. Question: How many working on the aircraft "E" for Edward? No prize'.

A squadron grouped in front of a Halifax.
On the reverse is a signature [indecipherable].

Pages from recognition handbook of British aircraft with three axis diagrams and technical information on: Harvard, Hellcat 1, Dakota, Lockheed 14, Fortress II, Halifax I, II and V, Halifax III, Walrus, R-5 helicopter

Pages from Pages from recognition handbook of British aircraft with pages containing three axis view diagrams of aircraft and printed technical information. Aircraft: Lysander, Spitfire V, Spitfire XII, Typhoon 1, Mitchell (B-25), Warwick Freighter,…

A colour postcard of a Halifax. The message reads that Dad has just arrived.

Front quarter view from below of an airborne Handley Page Halifax.


Side view of an airborne Handley Page Halifax.


First, five men work underneath the fuselage of a Halifax in to which bombs are being loaded. Three further men are working on the port wing of the aircraft. The aircraft is held in place by chocks on the wheels. Second, David in flying suit,…

Crew posed in two rows in front of plain background. Crew are listed, Back row, Ken Casey (Australian Wireless Operator), Fred McCarten (Air Gunner), Geoff Towers (Air Gunner), George Fairless (Flight Engineer), Front row Mick Miller (Australian Bomb…

Recollections and thoughts by Geoff Towers about his service with 158 Squadron, he was a rear gunner and flew in the Halifax, he flew 40 operations. He lists his crew, Bill Sharp Pilot, Mick Miller Bomb Aimer, John Sessions Navigator, Georg Fairless…
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