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Left page: top and bottom, view of the 10 February 1946 Potters Bar station train accident, annotated 'more photographs with Bob as pilot'. Right page: top left, consecration of a new altar; top left, two women walking in a garden; middle tight, head…

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Left page: top right, a man in top hat and tails flanked by two women, annotated 'John Hawkin's wedding August 1960'.
Bottom left ten people inspecting a rowing boat on a frame. Bottom left, head and shoulder portrait of a boy, annotated 'Ricky'.…

Left page: top, the Luftpost, numbers 10 and 18.
Middle, left report of an aircraft landing on a car.
Middle centre, woman holding a baby, reports of engagements and births of babies.
Bottom left, report of the death of Lieutenant Geoffrey William…

Left page: top, an advertisement for a hotel.
Bottom left, view of a cathedral.
Bottom right, view of terraced fields.
Right page: top two rows reports family engagements; centre; a list of the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserves including R V…

Left page: reports of various rowing events.
Right page: reports from the Henley Royal Regatta.


Left page: top left, abstract from ships' log; top right, shields of Oxford Universities.
Bottom, a class of 21 girls annotated 'Davenport Spring term 1936 (my last)'.
Right page: top left, report of a dance, top right a rural scene of mountains;…


A brief biography of Raymond by his sister, Marie Laydon.

Extracts from Peter Baxter’s Flying Log Book as Flight Engineer from February 1938 until 16 June 1946. The extract only includes his flying record and is missing front and end covers, details of postings and aircraft flown.

After pre-aircrew…

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An athlete standing with his arms round two women. They are standing in a garden in front of a wooden house.
They are identified in Bob's memoirs as Mildred, Keith Mills and Maureen.

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An airman and an athlete standing in a garden. The athlete is identified in Bob's memoirs as Keith Mills.

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Seven athletes competing in a running race, Dominion Day Sports. The lead athlete has just broken the winning tape. They are being watched by a large group of spectators.
In Bob's memoirs he identifies Keith Mills as the winning athlete.

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Two two men are learning to ski. On the reverse 'On the Nursery Slopes Cortina, Jan 1946. Ginger and I'

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Two skiers standing outside a wooden building.
There is a second identical photograph. On the reverse 'Charlie (A member of the dance orchestra) Cortina, Italy Jan 1946.'


A book about Turner Field with photographs and text. It covers all aspects of the airfield and the staff working there.

The captain of 8 Squadron receives the Hockey Cup from Mrs Portal, watched by families. E R Abbott is standing with his back to the camera. On the reverse 'Aden 1935. No 8 Sqd Hockey Captain (LAC Arthur) Receiving Hockey Cup from Mrs Portal. (What a…

A group photo of the two football teams in fancy dress. On the reverse 'Officers v Sergeants Mess Football Match Aden 1934'.

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Two identical images of two seated hockey players, Ronnie Abbott is on the left. On the reverse of the second is 'Aden 1935. Me and my pal. What a pair. Net.' 'Net' was Ronnie Abbott's family nickname.

Additional information about this item was…


A biography with details of all of his life. He joined the RAF in 1940 and worked as ground crew.

A cutting reporting John Taplin is missing.
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