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Keith was five at the start of the war and lived in a farm adjoining the airfield at RAF Skellingthorpe. He describes the airfield and how the trees were cut down in the farm belt. The airfield was closed soon after the war, bought by the City…

Ted and a friend engaged in sporting activities. Ted has a baseball and ball. His friend has an American football and catcher's glove. They are dressed in shorts. Behind are Nissen huts. On the reverse 'To the sweetest girl in the world. From the…

An autobiography of Jim Taylor's time in the RAF before the war. He spent time training with Oliver Bell, who is recorded in the memoir.

Sixteen men wearing rugby kit with another two men, one wearing blazer the other an overcoat, standing and sitting in three rows in front of a pavilion. Captioned 'Daddy's rugby team mates - guess Daddy took the afternoon off...'.


Asks her to congratulate friend over birth of baby. Mentions he is stiff due to PT, basket ball and swimming. Just off to camp cinema.

Thanks for letters and mentions dates which are not possible. Mentions skipper is still ill. Speculates on accommodation. Asks if she would like a duck or fowl when he came home on leave. Catches up with news of friends and talks a little of his…

Eight photographs from an album.
#1 is the Zaghouan Aqueduct crossing a road.
#2 is the Cathedral of St Vincent de Paul in Tunis with palm trees in front.
#3 is a swimming pool with many spectators.
#4 is an empty street with washing on a line…


Four photographs from an album.
#1 is a house set in a forest covered in snow.
#2 is a frozen river surrounded by a snowy forest.
#3 is a gold course.
#4 is the entrance arch and flagpole at Heather Lodge surrounded by snow.


Four photographs from an album.
#1 is three airmen practising their golf.
#2 is a street scene.
#3 is the Federal Building in Winnipeg.
#4 is a close up of the entrance to the Federal Building in Winnipeg.

Four photographs from an album.
#1 is a memorial.
#2 is Ron in trainee khaki uniform.
#3 and 4 is a golfer practising his swing.

Four photographs from an album.
#1 is an airman observing a sun shot using a sextant.
#2 is three airmen playing golf.
#3 is a church at the side of rail tracks.
#4 is four airmen sunbathing.

Three photographs from an album.
#1 Three airmen playing golf.
#2 One airman standing in a park.
#3 Four airmen cycling four abreast across a bridge.

A man on a donkey watched by a small boy. The man has a hat and a hockey stick. The reverse has 'Polo on Christmas Day'. The reverse of a second copy has 'Oliver Bell in Aden around 1938'.


Two copies of a six a side football team. On the reverse 'Six-a-side football team at Christmas'.


Writes about his new station, the local area and places to go. Writes that they had not done much yet due to weather but he had gone solo. Writes a little about his flying, ground school and staff. Continues with description of sports and athletics.…

Maurice Anderson and Roy Hastie with their Hillman Minx in 1952, winners of the Concours de Confort.


Three photographs of various airmen.
#1 is three airmen standing behind a seated officer with a cane.
#2 is a single airman
#3 is a rugby team in two rows round a seated officer.

The Camp Magazine of RAF Wratting Common. This is the first issue and features articles of general interest, poems, sports and activity reports and witty comments about station life.

An information leaflet with addresses, activities. clubs, assistance , tipping, places to visit, map of central London and a tube map.,

Eight individuals in the foreground, one holding a small cup, five of them in swimming trunks. Other individuals and water in the background. Caption '6002 S/E win the cup'.


Reg has received one letter from his parents and one from May and Vera. He has been to another musical and a show. Studies and sport help pass the time.

Reg has still not received mail from his family. The letter from the Herons has cheered him up. He has been studying and attending shows.

Reg writes that he has yet to receive any mail. The weather has been good with lots of sporting activity.

Reg writes that he is OK. He has attended a musical, a play and a Scotland-England football match.
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