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Two images, the top being a copy of the lower one. Six airmen standing at the front of a Whitley. It is captioned
'- Honeybourne '43
- L to R
Wilf Faulkner, Self
"Gopher" Wilson , Ted [missing]
Alvin Williams, Jas, [missing]'

Expresses appreciation for completing a large part of his tour under command of Willis. Writes about his tour as instructor and news of his crew. Assumes Willis will return as station commander at Foulsham or a postilion in group and if so requests…

Sinclair Nutting Grew up in Canada and worked on the family farm before he volunteered for the Royal Air Force. He flew operations as a rear gunner with 405 Squadron. After the war he emigrated to Australia.

David Leicester grew up in Australia and worked as an office boy before he volunteered for the Royal Australian Air Force. He completed 68 operations as a pilot with 35, 158 and 640 Squadrons and as a Master Bomber with Pathfinders. He describes how…
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