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Nelson Nix grew up as a child during the war. His father kept the village shop and was also a special constable and member of the Observer Corps which later became the Royal Observer Corps. The post had access to the Darkie sets which were used to…

Crown art top, blue surround with 'Royal Observer Corps, Forewarned is forearmed'. In the centre metal embossed image of a man watching.

Left page - top left - partially obscured image of marching troops.
Right - troops on parade with standard in front.
Bottom left - two members of Royal Observer Corps standing leaning on the propeller of a twin engine aircraft.
Bottom middle…

A book for aircraft spotters containing names and addresses of every Spotter club in the UK, recognition points, classification of monoplanes, aircraft silhouettes, rad and visual spotting, notes about gliders and parachute troops, hints, gases,…

A head and shoulders portrait of Doris in Royal Observer Corps uniform.
On the reverse 'Doris Edith Reddish ROC 12/10/25 -17/05/17'.

Doris' experience in the Royal Observer Corps. She explains how they would record an aircraft. They recorded all aircraft.

14 items from Doris' service in the Royal Observer Corps.
Item 1 is the two badges on her cap.
Item 2 and 3 are Doris' cap.
Item 4 and 5 are both sides of an enamel badge.
Item 6 is a cloth Royal Observer Corps badge.
Item 7 is a cloth rank…

Seven medals awarded to Peter Hazeldene:

Distinguished Flying Cross;
1939-1945 Star;
Air Crew Europe Star;
Defence Medal;
War Medal 1939-1945;
Queen's Jubilee Medal;
Royal Observer Corps Medal.

A brief biography of Peter Hazeldene DFC covering his RAF service and subsequent life.

An invitation for Peter to attend a Royal Garden Party at Bentley Priory.

A five page document recording Geoff's time in the R.A.F. from August 1943 until August 1949, in addition to his flying career as a pilot he undertook many other tasks as the aircrew training machine wound down.

Geoff in Royal Observer Corps uniform standing next to Spitfire named Observer Corp.

Full length with ROC other ranks, end of building and rural background

Full length photograph of Geoff in Royal Observer Corps uniform, pilots brevet with wife Evelyn in bridal dress, standing outside the porch of a building.

32 women and 3 men of the Royal Observer Corps, in uniform, Betty Greenwood (Harrison at the time) is third from the left in the second to last row, submitted with caption; 'Her school class with the 3 Royal Observer Corps teachers - Betty is three…

William was five years old when war was declared. He lived on a farm in north Lincolnshire not far from RAF Kirton in Lindsey, RAF Scampton, RAF Hibaldstow, RAF Blyton, RAF Sandtoft and RAF Sturgate. An anti-aircraft unit was also nearby. William…

Merv Owen was a school boy during the war. He recalls two aircraft crashes in and around Welton in Lincolnshire, a Lancaster and a Ju 88.

Iris McClements remembers being issued with a gas mask at the age of 11, before the war started. Her family moved to Eldwick when she was about 13 to avoid the bombs. She joined the Women’s Junior Air Corps and recalls being issued with a bucket,…

Betty Greenwood was born in 1926 in Belton, Lancashire. She attended Princess Mary high school and was privately educated in Paris but returned due to the threat of war. Aged 16, she was offered various jobs but decided to join the Royal Observer…

A group of 21 personnel arranged in three rows. In front of the first row is a silhouetted model of a four engined bomber with '9' underneath.

Additional information about this item has been kindly provided by the donor.

Introduces the revived Aircraft Recognition Journal, mentions its role in the future training of the Royal Observer Corps, and stresses its official nature.

Ray Hooley was at school in 1939 when war broke out and was evacuated to Mansfield. When the boys were returned to their school in Nottingham their shelter was in the basement and they were horrified to find when they went down for the practice that…

Doris Reddish attended Sleaford High School followed by commercial college. She worked at Moore, Cooper and Burkett’s in Market Rasen until she joined the Royal Observer Corps. She trained in Lincoln for aircraft recognition then served as a table…

Iris McClements was a member of the Women’s Junior Air Corps and then the Royal Observer Corps. She met her husband on one of his visits to York.
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