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Half length portrait of an air observer wearing tunic and peaked cap. On the reverse 'Flying Officer Bill McCall Girdwood age 23 = 6 . 43 killed 22.6.43'.

Charles Henry Clarke (standing second from left) with his crew in flying gear in front of a Lancaster.

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Charles Clarke joined the RAF aged 17 and began training as a pilot but he became ill with mumps and later trained as a bomb aimer. His aircraft was shot down on an operation to Schweinfurt and he became a prisoner of war. He took part in the Long…

Charles volunteered for the RAF when he was 17 and trained as a bomb aimer at RAF North Luffenham. After qualifying, he was posted to 619 Squadron at RAF Woodhall Spa. He was shot down on his 18th operation and he became a prisoner of war. He talks…

A list of 48 operations undertaken by Ernie Twells. It details date, target and flight time.

Ernie Twells' obituary detailing his life before, during and after the war.

A letter from the King awarding Ernie Twells his Distinguished Flying Cross.

Doris and Ernie Twells with two men and a woman. Ernie Twells and the man are holding an ornamental plate. Captioned 'Doris and Ernie with leader of Derbyshire County Council'.

The nose and main spar of Lancaster EE134. Six men are working on it.…

Captioned 'Flight Lieutenant Ernie Twells D.F.C. 619 Squadron 24 missions 617 Squadron 41 missions'.

Air-to-air view of Lancaster, PG-H' flying almost solid cloud cover. The image is taken looking back to the front/port side.

Shows a single bomb load for operation. Details distributor and preselection settings and other information. Includes times route. bombing height and H+ times for squadron aircraft on wave four and wave 5. On the reverse mentions Newhaven, Parramatta…

Lists crews and aircraft letters for operations. At the bottom lists 'Command Bullseye'.

Royal Air Force Flying Log Book for Ernie Twells, flight engineer, covering the period from 15 June 1943 to 19 August 1945. Detailing training, operations flown and post war flying. He was stationed at RAF Swinderby, RAF Woodhall Spa, RAF Bramcote,…

RAF Strubby was in Lincolnshire, eight miles south-east of Louth. Construction began in 1943 and it opened in April 1944 as part of Coastal Command. It was transferred to Bomber Command in September 1944. The station closed in 1972.
It was home to:…

619 Squadron was formed in April 1943 as part of 5 Group Bomber Command. It operated throughout the war as a heavy bomber unit. It was disbanded in July 1945.
It was stationed at: Woodhall Spa, RAF Coningsby, RAF Dunholme Lodge, RAF Strubby and RAF…

RAF Woodhall Spa is in Lincolnshire, 16 miles south-east of Lincoln. It opened in February 1942 as a satellite of RAF Coningsby. It was home to several squadrons flying Lancasters and Mosquito aircraft. 97 Squadron transferred there in 1942 and 619…

RAF Dunholme Lodge was in Lincolnshire, six miles north from Lincoln. Construction began in 1941 and it opened in May 1943 as part on 5 Group. 44 Squadron moved there and was joined the following year by 619 Squadron. They both moved out in September…

RAF Coningsby is in Lincolnshire, eight miles south-west of Horncastle. It opened in January 1941, as part of 5 Group Bomber Command. 106 Squadron moved there in February 1941equipped initially with Hampdens, converting shortly afterwards to…

Air-to-air view port front quarter view of a Lancaster. Below are extensive cumulus clouds.

The log book covers the operational career of flight engineer David Sanders from 5 July 1944 to 29 May 1945. He joined 619 Squadron at RAF Strubby on 28 September 1944, from where he flew Lancasters on two daylight and three night time operations…

Charles Clarke volunteered for the Royal Air Force when he was seventeen years old and flew operations as a bomb aimer with 619 Squadron from RAF Woodhall Spa. His aircraft was shot down on his 18th operation and he became a prisoner of war. He was…

David Sanders flew operations as a flight engineer with 189 and 619 Squadrons. He joined the Royal Air Force as a flight engineer and discusses an operation when they arrived too early over the target, being followed by a night fighter and having a…

Contains details of 22 operations where David Sanders flew as flight engineer. Includes all up weights, bomb loads, fuel loads, snags, numbers of aircraft, defences, remarks and number of aircraft missing on operations.
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