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D E Crampin’s Wireless Operator’s Flying Log Book covering the period 15 October 1943 to 24 March 1953. Detailing his flying training and operations flown as Wireless Operator. He was stationed at RAF Yatesbury (2 Radio School), RAF Evanton (8…

A Halifax, EY-E, air-to-air view of the port side.

Enlisted in 1939, ground staff until re-mustered as aircrew, Feb 1943 to RAF St Eval, anti-submarine sweeps. May 1943 to 78 Squadron, 1943 instructing at OTU, July 1944 to 35 Squadron Pathfinders, total of 66 operations. Demobbed February 1946.

Reconnaissance photograph of an airfield with three runways, perimeter track, dispersals and buildings. Submitted with caption 'Aerial view of wartime RAF Breighton'.

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A large group of personnel sitting and standing in three rows in front of a Halifax. In addition large groups of airmen are sitting and standing across the top of the wings and engines. Submitted with caption '78 Sqn Breighton after VE Day'.

Site record plan, line drawing of runways, perimeter track, dispersals and buildings of RAF Breighton.

Log book covering the period of service on 78 Squadron at RAF Breighton from September 1943 to June 1944 flying Halifaxes. A total of 31 night time operations were flown. Targets were Hannover, Bochum, Kassel, Dusseldorf, Mannheim, Leipzig,…

Gives background on what inspired him to write a memoir. Theme of chronical is 'Luck'. Writes of joining RAF as soon as he was old enough and of initial tests and selection as a wireless operator/air gunner followed by 18 months deferred service.…

Room with maps and easel at front and rows of empty wooden chairs. Submitted with caption 'Breighton Briefing Room'.

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On the right Halifax Popeye's Purge LV794 airborne with wheels down just above the ground while below a man watches. To the bottom centre and left a small truck towing a check pattern runway caravan with wind sock behind.
Two versions of the same…

Rear quarter view of Halifax letter 'EY - M' parked on dispersal with engines running. Submitted with caption '78 Sqn Halifax MkIII EY-M at dispersal RAF Breighton'. Two versions of the same image, the second submitted with caption '78 Sqn Halifax…

In the middle distance a Halifax taking-off with main wheels still on the ground. In the distance left a hangar and right another Halifax. In the foreground the starboard wing of a Halifax. Captioned 'Halifaxes of 78 Squadron taking off from RAF…

Target photograph shows glare and explosions. Built up area roads are faintly visible. Captioned '252.BTN 7/8-6-44//NT F/8, 5000, 080 degrees, 01.13, JUVISY RD, C, 19x500, F/L DAVIES, U78'. Submitted in folder titled 'U-Uncle Target Images'.

A large group of RAF personnel including members of the Women's Auxiliary Air Force sitting and standing in three rows with a building in the background. Titled 'Duty Staff of: Flying Control, Crash Tender and Ambulance and Met office RAF Breighton'.…

Eleven airmen mostly wearing battledress with side or peaked caps squatting and standing in two rows under the port wing of a Halifax. Three in the back row right side have visible brevet. One man third from left front row wearing overalls is holding…
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