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Seven aircrew wearing tunic or battledress standing in line in front of a Lancaster on dispersal. Aircraft has nose art of teddy bear with bomb under arm. The tail of another Lancaster can be seen.

Front quarter view of a Lancaster parked on dispersal. Three airmen stand separately at the front. Aircraft has skull and crossbones nose art.

Seven aircrew standing in line in front of a Lancaster on dispersal. Two other aircraft in the distance on their dispersals.

Front quarter view of a Lancaster with code PQ of 467 Squadron parked on dispersal with undercarriage wheel covers. Ladders and engine trestles by the wingtips.

Six aircrew wearing Mae West standing and squatting under the nose of a Lancaster with nose art of squadron leader rank sleeve with hand giving thumbs up, 'Squadron Leader X' and letters 'X-PO' of 467 Squadron. Another Lancaster on dispersal in the…

Front quarter view of a Lancaster parked on dispersal.

A airman standing on top of wing of a Lancaster watching two airmen working on the port outer engine below. Another two airmen work on the propeller of the port inner engine. Aircraft has name 'Dumbo' on nose and three rows of operation symbols.…

Front quarter view of parked Lancaster with two rows of operation symbols on nose and 'Barbara Mary' below the cockpit.

Rear quarter view of a Lancaster letters 'PO-F' parked on airfield dispersal. A lorry in visible on the right.

Front quarter view of a Lincoln parked on airfield.

Front view of Lancaster RF183 parked on dispersal. A group of four airmen on the starboard side.

Front quarter view of a Lancaster parked on dispersal.

A port side view of a Halifax on dispersal under maintenance. On the reverse 'Marston Moor 1942/3 Property of Ivan Ure, [redacted]. Question: How many working on the aircraft "E" for Edward? No prize'.

John's Service and Release Book covering the period 2 March 1942 to 26 February 1946.

A Lancaster standing on the dispersal. Ladders can be seen resting against the aircraft, with a man standing by the aircraft near the bomb bay doors.

A front/starboard view of a Lancaster on the ground. On the reverse 'Not the best on the squadron, but nearly as good as. "C" rarin' to go. We took her on one trip. Cedric Peck (Wivenhoe Garage) on the Groundcrew - told mum that I flew HIS a/c. (Had…

Four airmen in flying helmets and Mae Wests on the wing and fuselage of a Lancaster. The photograph was taken out of the cockpit escape hatch. In the foreground is the blister in the top of the copy for the loop aerial leading on to a low astrodome.…

Five personnel standing around a Halifax on the grass. Two further aircraft on ground beyond. On the fuselage, 'LY' and 'RT883' Annotated on the reverse 'Athan S 1947 freight to Egypt from Rome'.

Seven airmen in front of their Lancaster. On the reverse '1943 Lancaster Ted's Crew'.

Four photographs from an album.
#1. Starboard view of Lancaster AS-U standing at dispersal. The bomb doors are open and protective covers fitted over the rear and mid-upper turrets. The rear door is open and the ladder in place and the H2S dome can…

Front quarter view of a Lancaster standing on dispersal with engines running. 'D' on nose and nose art shows Christian cross over swastika with text 'right is might'. Gee-H leader stripe can be seen on the tailplane Two other Lancasters in the…

Eleven airmen, air and ground crew standing and kneeling in two rows in front of a Lancaster on dispersal. Another Lancaster is in the background..

Lancaster with white colour scheme parked on a hard standing. Other Lancasters in the background.

Front quarter view of a Halifax parked on dispersal

Rear view of a Halifax parked on dispersal with another aircraft in the distance.
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