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Edward's letter advises he is promoted to T/W/O.

Letter informing AOC 5 Group that Sgt William Roy Peter Perry was commissioned in rank of pilot officer. Issues new service number.

Commissioning of airman GD branch - information on employment as pilot and hours flown.

Appointing William Benjamin Baker DFC a pilot officer in the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve.

A card issued by the Air Ministry whilst Reg was a prisoner of war notifying his commission as a Pilot Officer.

Reg has received four letters and 400 cigarettes from Unilevers, his former employer.

The letter advises that Reg has been promoted to Flying Officer.

A notebook to be used for recording wartime activities. It contains an account of Reg's bale out, capture and time in Dulag Luft, Stalag 4B and Offlag 7B.Reg records his operational experiences the day he baled out. His captors were friendly but the…

The letter advises that Reg has been commissioned as an officer and arrangements need to be put in place to receive his salary.

A framed document awarding Robert the rank of Warrant Officer.

Writes that he is thrilled with his promotion and although he would have loved to come home, was sure she would be happy that he was staying in Canada. Says he is on leave and spending time with Canadian friends. Wished she could have been at…

Scroll for promotion to Warrant Officer effective 29 September 1944.


Letter from relation of Harry Binns navigator who had been killed in a crash. Asks Bill to tell Mrs Binns about Harry's last days. provides some information about Harry and asks him to share any experiences.

Informs him that his son who has been missing since night 15/16 March 1944 had been appointed to a commission in the RAF in the rank of pilot officer.

Two documents, the first captioned 'Photostat copy of original. Reduced size', appoints Ernest as a Pilot Officer in the Volunteer Reserve and originates from Elizabeth II. The second is an extract from the London Gazette and Queen's List and is a…

A warrant appointing Ernest as a Warrant Officer. It is captioned 'Received from RAF Records in October 1984, 39 years late'.

Left - head and shoulders portrait of an airman wearing tunic with side cap. Captioned 'Stratford on Avon, promotion to L.A.C., November 3rd 1941'.
Top right LAC badge.
Bottom right - a five story square building with formal grounds in front.…

A document appointing Ray as a warrant officer.

Mentions that he has been commissioned and describes his current location. Catches up with news from home on his arrival back from Canada. Writes of leave and more family/friends gossip and of his activities. Asks how things are where Herbert was is…

Acknowledges receipt of commission form.


Includes personal details and list postings from 1943 to 1945. Promotions up to Flight Sergeant. Commissioned in June 1945.

Peter Isaacson biography relating to him surviving two tours in Bomber Command and then to being asked take a Lancaster to Australia westabout and describing his journey. Continues with early life moving to Australia, being selected for RAAF aircrew…
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