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Letter informing AOC 5 Group that Sgt William Roy Peter Perry was commissioned in rank of pilot officer. Issues new service number.

Commissioning of airman GD branch - information on employment as pilot and hours flown.

Appointing William Benjamin Baker DFC a pilot officer in the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve.

A framed document awarding Robert the rank of Warrant Officer.

Scroll for promotion to Warrant Officer effective 29 September 1944.


Letter from relation of Harry Binns navigator who had been killed in a crash. Asks Bill to tell Mrs Binns about Harry's last days. provides some information about Harry and asks him to share any experiences.

Acknowledges receipt of commission form.


Includes personal details and list postings from 1943 to 1945. Promotions up to Flight Sergeant. Commissioned in June 1945.

Starts with a letter to him after she finds out he is a prisoner telling how she felt when he was missing and how happy she was with the news that he was a prisoner. After a day by day diary of her feelings, activities, news of friends and…

Confirms that her husband was promoted to warrant officer with effect from 1 August 1943.


Glad to receive letters and photographs of baby. Comments that she was looking thin and hoped she was OK. Writes that he received official notification of his promotion and expected to be moved to another camp. Glad that she was getting money from…

Writes that they were glad to hear that her husband was safe and a prisoner of war. Notes that other crew members were also prisoners. Congratulates her on behalf of husband who received his commission 13 September 1943.

Informs her that he husband was promoted to rank of flying officer and includes new rate of pay and mentions prisoner of war deductions.

Give dates of service, type of commissions and promotions as well as dates of release. Submitted with caption 'Discharge papers and service record'.


Records Peters appointment as a Pilot Officer

This is part of John Allnutt's life story, from when he was a teenager on the family farm in Australia just before the war, joining the Royal Australian Air Force, his aircrew training in Australia. It continues with his journey across the Pacific,…

Certificate of service and discharge from RAAF as a Flight Sergeant, was issued when John was commissioned on 29 November 1944.

Head and shoulders portrait of Frank John Allnutt after receiving his commission.

Additional information about this item has been kindly provided by the donor.

Full length portrait of a warrant officer wearing uniform tunic with half brevet and side cap standing in open ground. On the reverse 'Allen Gould after he'd received his warrant (badge on sleeve)'.

Commission as pilot officer for Ernest Henry Tansley.


Regrets that there is no news of her son Pilot Officer E H Tansley. If they received any information they would pass it on. Mentions they hope she has had confirmation that her son was promoted and had been awarded received a DFC.

Basil writes he has been promoted to Major and wishes him belated happy birthday.
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