Ronald Boone operations on 77 Squadron



Ronald Boone operations on 77 Squadron


Details of nine operations carried out between February and May 1943 from RAF Elvington on 77 Squadron flying Halifax. Targets include Cologne, Berlin and several in the Ruhr.

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[underlined] 18 Feb 1943 [/underlined]

Mine laying ops.

Route: [underlined] BASE [/underlined] ===[underlined] HORNSEA [/underlined]===[underlined] BALTRUM [/underlined]. Release point:54.08. N [underlined] FLAMBOROUGH [/underlined]===[underlined] BASE [/underlined]

Bomb Load: 1 MK IV B200 - NIL DELAY
NIL Cameras
NIL Nickels

Halifax 11 DT 685 “C”

F/SGT Goodwin found good visibility and his mines were laid in position as detailed from a height of 800ft. Moderate amount of light and heavy flak. A searchlight was observed at eastern side of [underlined] JUIST [/underlined] Aircraft landed safely.

[underlined] 26/7 Feb 1943 [/underlined]

Halifax DT 643 “A”

Target [underlined] COLOGNE [/underlined]


Bomb loads 2 x 1000-37 pistol fuse 845
810 x 4lb incendiaries (ord)
32 x 30lb incendiaries (ord)

Nickels - Aircrafts A + J
Cameras - All aircraft.

Primary site located, dropped bombs on green TI Marker from 15000ft, whole area well carpeted from incendiaries, no distinctive fires. Nickels dropped 15 minutes after bombing. Enemy believed to be ME109 passed overhead 10ft above our aircraft and attacked from starboard quarter from 800 yards closing to 600 yards, evasive action taken, M109 [sic]broke away to port. Flak moderate heavy 2 search lights cones seen. Returned safe.

[page break]

[underlined] 26/27 March 1943 [/underlined]

Halifax 11JB 842 “E”

Left base 19.51
Landed back 00.19.

Bombing [underlined] DUISBERG (SR) [/underlined]

Bombs dropped at 18000ft cloud over target 10/10ths and results of bombing not seen. Large explosion was seen as aircraft left target area, 4 packages of G10 nickels were dropped after bombing. Numerous ineffective searchlights. Landed safe.

[underlined] 27/28 March 1943 [/underlined]
Bombing [underlined] BERLIN [/underlined]

Left base 19.56
Landed back 22.13

Took off but found Constant Speed Unit on Port inner was fluctuating. Bombs jettisoned safely position 53.46 N 02.01 E. also nickels. Returned safe.

[underlined] 29/30 March 1943 [/underlined]

Bombing [underlined] BERLIN [/underlined]

Left base 21.50
Landed back 05.11

Bomb loads: 2 x 1000 GP TD 0 025
5 x SBC (90 x 4)
5 x SBC (8 x 30)

Bombs dropped onto cluster TI markers from 18000ft. Ground haze at target, 2 fires seemed to be developing. 3 G 14 nickels dropped after bombing. Fires were seen when our aircraft was 120 miles away on return journey, flak light and number of searchlights. Return safe.

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[underlined] 28/29 April 1943 [/underlined]

Halifax 11 JB 846 “L”
[underlined] DUISBO? [/underlined]

Left base 20.24
Landed back 03.12

Mine laying dropping point 56.51 N x 11.09 E
Mines 1 x G 708 IV
1 X B 200 IV

Dropped at 300ft in position. Ordered flak from 2 flak ships, encountered no damage to aircraft and 12 searchlights in operation. Operation completed.
[underlined] 30th April/1st May 1943 [/underlined]

Bombing [underlined] ESSEN [/underlined]

Crew briefed but aircraft didn’t take off.

[underlined] 4/5 May 1943 [/underlined]

Bombing [underlined] DORTMUND [/underlined]

Left base 22.41
Landed back 03.54

Target attacked from 16300ft release point being 3 or 4 red TI markers in bombsite. Whole target covered with fires. Red explosion followed by blue one then big white flash was observed. Heavy flak from 3 or 4 guns observed and appeared to be accurately predicted. Safe return.



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