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Left page: from top, descriptions of the Magister, Anson and Whitley aircraft, annotated 'RAF aircraft in which Bob did his training'.
Whitley aircraft, B-DY, C-DY and E-DY, flying in formation; bottom, crashed Whitley MH-H, annotated 'Usworth 17 11…

A pencil drawing sketch of a stage coach being pulled by two horses.

A small sheet of paper with part of a brass rubbing.

A colour postcard of a Halifax. The message reads that Dad has just arrived.

An aiming point certificate comprising a sketch of a Lancaster on the ground with rotating propellers It is captioned 'Genoa 61 Squadron 7/8 November 1942 S/Ldr Deas, Sgt Talbot, Sgt Davies, Sgt Taylor, F/Sgt Nightingale, Sgt Munro, F/Lt Leonard'. It…

Sketch of a Lancaster dropping bombs, amidst searchlights, cloud and smoke. Each bomb is labelled with the crew member's names 'F/Sgt Turner, F/Sgt Anderson, Sgt Davies, Sgt Hunter, Sgt Coombes, Sgt Cass and Sgt Osterloh'. Below the sketch is a…

First, a sketch of a Lancaster in flight, captioned 'Wismar, 12/13.X.42 F/Sgt Turner, F/Sgt Anderson, Sgt Davies, Sgt Hunter, Sgt Coombes, Sgt Cass, Sgt Osterloh. 61 Squadron.' Signed 'A Pollen P/O 1942.' Second, four men in uniform and side caps…

First, a sketch of a Lancaster in flight, captioned 'Duisburg, 6/7 Sept. 1942 F/Sgt Turner, Sgt Anderson, Sgt Davies, Sgt Hunter, Sgt Coombes, Sgt Cass, Sgt Osterloh. 61 Squadron.' Signed 'A Pollen P/O 1942.' Second, the damaged port engine of a…

A spoof photograph of a crew of five aboard a flying carpet. The pilot is wearing a light coloured flying suit and using a broomstick as a control column. An airman is crouching over the pilot looking through a telescope, another sits beside a camera…

Cartoon of the aftermath of an operation with a Lancaster flying overhead. It shows Hitler and Goering holding a candle in a holder lighting up a ruined building on which has been inscribed 'This stone was unlaid at Dusseldorf by 61 sqn F/sgt Turner,…

A poem about a rear gunner in the style of Albert and the Lion by Marriott Edgar made popular by Stanley Holloway.

Handwritten poem, two verses reflecting on the way they used to celebrate Christmas with friends and family and now someone is missing.

Poem with a photograph of Hubert standing in the back garden, row of houses in the background.

A sketch of a man sat on a wooden chair with turned spindles. He is sat at a table with a tablecloth on which is a cup and saver. The man is wearing a long jacket and trousers with turn ups. Annotated '15/20'.

A sketch of a car with a short list of words and with German translations. On the reverse are two addresses including that of Iga, a fellow prisoner of war.

A good luck card from Joe and Tony.

A pencil drawing of the head of a statue. In the bottom right corner is a study of the nose and one eye. Annotated 'J.W.G.Saunders'.

A pencil drawing of a reclining woman.

A pencil drawing, with some inked outlines of a rowing boat on shore. The boat has two sets of rowlocks, a rudder with a painter attached to the bow. There is a wooden balustrade beyond the boat and mountains in the distance. Annotated 'J Saunders…

A pencil drawing of a donkey with blinkers in a harness. In a corner is an anatomical sketch of a donkey. Annotated '13/20 v.g. J Saunders VS'.

A pencil drawing of two men. One man, wearing a suit and top hat, is sitting on a wooden chair facing the artist. He is talking to a man standing facing the seated man with one hand in the pocket of his overcoat and his other raised in the air. There…

A pencil drawing of an open violin case on a flat surface with a violin resting across it. Annotated '5s J.W.G.Saunders'.

A pencil drawing annotated 'Vs J Saunders 61/100'.
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