My War Story



My War Story


A memoir written by Dick Curnock. It covers his wartime service and also his service after the war for the RAF. It covers his brother Sam and his accident as a pilot.
Dick started his training at Lords in London, Bridlington then Bridgnorth and Dalcross. Next move was to Wellesbourne where he crewed up and practised bombing from a Wellington., then Dishforth for conversion on to Halifaxes.
His squadron was 425 at Tolthorpe and he undertook night flying training. On his second mission he was shot down near Augsburg. He was taken prisoner and interrogated before being transferred to Stalag Luft VI. He describes his life there.
As the Russians got nearer they were transferred by cattle truck to Stalag Luft 357 at Torun.
Next they were subjected to the Long March in April 1945. During this the flight engineer, Ginger Wheadon was shot by an RAF Typhoon.
After being liberated and returning to the UK he served briefly in Egypt then Italy as an RAF transport driver. During this time he went to Egypt to visit his brother, Bob who was ill in Cairo.
Eventually he was demobbed from Italy via Austria and Paris,



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Dick Curnock, “My War Story,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed October 31, 2020,

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