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A group of four sitting on snow with a couple of dogs. One man has a cross over his head.

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A view of three Lancasters flying low with mocked up Upkeep bombs for the filming of The Dam Busters film. They are flying over a field with a horse in. The photograph is annotated 'E54.1-PUB.156'.

Five rows of airmen and ground crew arranged in front of a Lancaster. Don Evans is circled.

This item was sent to the IBCC Digital Archive already in digital form. No better quality copies are available.

The first page comprises a page of caricatures annotated with quotations from the individuals pictured, including Wing Commander J Cunningham, Wing Commander Townsend, Warrant Officer Carter, Flight Lieutenant Erlwig, Staff officer Priestley, Flight…

Three photographs of uniformed men, the first 13 bareheaded, standing in the columned entrance on the steps of a brick building. Annotations read 'from left to right Flight Officer Palmer, Flight Officer Bray, Flight officer Handley, Flight Officer…

Three pilots standing at the front of a Wellesley aircraft, with the Alsatian dog, Marquis.

Six airmen seated in a mess. Five men are pilots. Four of the men have signed their names and Marquis the Alsatian dog is named. Richard Kellett is on the right with a cat on his shoulder.

Joyce Exton Wallace recalls a time when she was with barrage balloons protecting an army barracks in Barry when a dog stole their meat ration. It was subsequently replaced by locals pooling their own meat rations.

A group of men from an advanced Kittyhawk fighter bomber wing at a service held by RAAF Padre Squadron Leader R Davies. Some men are seated on benches but most are on the concrete. In the foreground is an Alsatian. In the background are Australian…

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Three photographs of the left, centre and right of a squadron group identified as 97 Squadron. A dog mascot is front and centre.

This item was sent to the IBCC Digital Archive already in digital form. No better quality copies are available.

Head and shoulders portrait of Bernard Ross in uniform with an air gunner brevet and medal ribbons. He is holding a dog. It is annotated: 'Lots of Love, Bert and Whiskey'

Two slightly different poses of the same group photo.Nine trainee airmen wearing battledress and forage caps with trainee bands and one sergeant navigator. Five are sitting and five are standing. Behind them is a corrugated iron wall or fence. The…

Five photographs. From top to bottom, left to right: #1: Three airmen in tunics, two with brevets, sitting on a couch. Captioned: 'FRIEND'. #2: A group of army and RAF servicemen, all wearing battledress, sitting and standing in two rows. Most have…

Thirty airmen and a dog sitting and standing in four rows wearing a variety of uniforms. In the background right, part of a tent. Captioned '462 Squadron (I was snoozing in the tent)'.

Charlie, in uniform, standing in a garden with a dog. It is captioned July 1943.

A formal photograph of 46 trainee airmen, a corporal and a sergeant. All are seated or standing, in four rows, in front of a building and are wearing tunics. The trainee aircrew have a white stripe on their forage caps and are wearing white belts.…

Top left: Elephant with tusks grazing under a tree. On reverse, 'made in India'.
Top right: Goats. On reverse' 'goats at play'.
Centre: Herdsman and boy grazing goats on hillside.
Bottom right: Srirangapatna Fort. On reverse, 'Fort gate to Sri…


Top left: Steam train on bridge crossing over a road.
Top right: Hay cart pulled by two bullocks.
Centre: Two sailing boats moored on a beach.
Bottom left: Wheeled carts with a bullock.
Bottom right: Hay cart with driver, pulled by a bullock.


Annotated copy of The great raids - Peenemunde 17 August 1943 by Air Commodore J Searby.
Book includes:
Handwritten note on front 'In memory of Fred Dunn, killed Nov 22/23 1943'.
Telegram to Mr A C Dunn regretting to inform him that his son Sgt…

Sleeping dog with an RAF side cap. On the reverse 'A dog taking advantage of the RAF "feather beds".


He has been horse riding and flying. He enjoys bombing and evasive action. He has four weeks of the course left.

He expresses surprise that he is married. He has been on leave but snow stopped his progress. He went horse riding in the National Park.

He has been horse riding again in the mountains.

An airmen wearing battledress with flight sergeant rank and flying boots feeding a horse/pony. In the background buildings including Nissen huts and tents.
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