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A panoramic landscape photograph of a large number of men in four rows in front of buildings..

Two identical images of Five airmen, the middle one holding a dog.
On the first the second from the left is annotated 'Rodney Coker', the third (holding the dog) is annotated 'Pete (cheers all the best) Tunstall' and the fifth is annotated 'Jim…

Ten camels on a desert track. On the reverse 'Aden 1935. Camel caravan on desert road'.


A Singapore parked on a slipway. On the reverse 'No 203FB Sqd: Aden '36. From "Obstruction Pier". "House of Sin" in the background. (Also "Andy" in the foreground).

The photograph shows Group Captain Sheen painting the DSO after the aircraft completed 125 operations. Captioned 'Old Mike Squared - believed to have done more ops than any other aircraft in Bomber Command with 139 operational flights to its credit. …

A beach scene with a horse pulling a cart with several passengers on.

Identification kindly provided by Chris Mountain of the Unidentified photos of the British Isles Group group.


86 uniformed personnel of the occupational conversion unit including three women arranged in five rows in front of a Lincoln aircraft. David is standing far right in the third row. Nine men are sat cross legged on the grass with an alsatian dog in…

A brown cloth dog mascot, sat on his hind legs with brown glass eyes and a black button nose. He is wearing a red collar and a black felt beret style hat and has a wooden pipe in his mouth supported by his front paws.

Henry Sturrock's crew in two rows with bushes behind.
Henry Sturrock's crew and six ground crew in front of a Halifax. The pilot is holding a small dog.

Additional information about this item has been kindly provided by the donor.

Rene Dubois Robbe standing in a doorway. A dog can be seen sitting next to him on the left of the photograph.


Two horses in the foreground with a Halifax coming in to land. On the reverse is "CH 12530".

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A pencil drawing of a donkey with blinkers in a harness. In a corner is an anatomical sketch of a donkey. Annotated '13/20 v.g. J Saunders VS'.

The top photograph on the right page shows two men in wearing aircrew equipment with trees situated behind them.
The bottom photograph on the right page shows military personnel in uniform photographed on a grass field. Two dogs can be seen in front…

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A woman wearing a skirt, woollen jacket and a hat sat on the grass with a dog. There is a greeting from Iga on the reverse.


The photograph on the left of the left page shows men in a military uniform on parade. Telegraph poles and accommodation huts can be seen in the background. The photograph is captioned ""A" SQUADRON".
The photograph on the right of the left page…

The top left photograph on the left page shows accommodation huts with the caption "THE BARRACKS".
The top right photograph on the left page shows fields with trees in the background, and captioned "PLAYING FIELDS".
The bottom left photograph on…

The top left photograph on the left page shows accommodation huts. Snow is on the ground.
The top right photograph on the left page shows snow covering the ground with the accommodation huts in the background.
The bottom centre photograph on the…

A closeup of an eland. It is standing in open scrubland with a further three animals behind.


Two eland with their horns entangled in open scrubland with trees beyond.


A pair of zebras standing in scrubland with trees beyond. There is a wire fence around the area.


A giraffe in scrubland with a road crossing the area and trees beyond.


A group of airmen and a dog on the grass in front of an aircraft. In the back right of the photograph the nose of a Lysander and some military buildings can be seen.

A river scene with the heads of two hippos showing above the surface. The river bank, beyond the hippos is covered in vegetation and trees.


A baboon sitting under a tree in scrubland.


19 servicemen and a dog are photographed in front of an Oxford. The men are wearing desert uniforms. Alfred Stanley Pring is standing on the back row, third from right in front of the aircraft engine and propeller.
The reverse reads: "Back row 3rd…

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