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An aerial photograph showing runways and apron at Moody Field, as annotated on the reverse.

Top - oblique aerial photograph of an airfield with many bomb craters. Two wide grass runways forming a “V” at bottom left, with taxi-track running left to right across centre of photograph. Hardstanding leads off at top right with two or more…

A reconnaissance photograph of an airfield with three runways and dispersals all round. Camp buildings bottom right. Submitted with description 'Aerial photo of RAF Metheringham. Annotated "3253. CPE/UK 2009. 16 April 47. F/20" // 16/400 Multi (4)…

List of do's and don'ts for flying operations at Haverfordwest as well as a list of lamp signals and a map of the airfield with runways and dispersals marked.

Two oblique aerial photographs.
Photo 1 covers the airfield which has a three runway layout.
Photo 2 has the airfield in the distance but in the centre is many buildings. There are lines of unidentified objects covering substantial areas of the…

Head and shoulders view of a gentlemen in shirt sleeves in the foreground. In the background a Lancaster on runway.

Additional information about this item was kindly provided by the donor.

Drawing with a view along runway. In the distance a bomber just above runway with two voice bubbles. 'Isn't it about time we touched down?' and 'Air speed 130 any minute'. Service and emergency vehicles in the foreground are chasing after the…

An aerial view of McDonald airfield surrounded by snow, captioned 'McDonald 6,000 ft'.

A sketch map of the lights on runway 06/24 at RAF Middleton St George.

A vertical aerial photograph of Dishforth. Hangars and dispersals can be clearly seen. The central grass area has been camouflaged but the grass runways can be identified. Several aircraft are visible.
It is captioned '11 TPC 28.5.43 //F5" 6"=1 mile…

Three aerial photographs of Tholthorpe. Dates were supplied with the collection.

Photo 1 is an oblique taken in the 1970s. Information supplied with the collection states 'The disused Tholthorpe airfield in the 1970s looking towards the west. The…

A vertical aerial photograph of Leeming. Camouflage markings can be seen on the airfield.

A vertical aerial photograph of Leeming showing the extension to two runways to the south and south east. Halifaxes can be seen on dispersals.
It is annotated '8 TPC 28.5.43// F5" 6" = 1 mile Leeming'.

An oblique aerial photograph of RCAF Brantford.

A copy of a vertical aerial photograph of Leeming with an annotation 'Dispersal for "A-Able" -429'.

An oblique view of Brantford aerodrome captioned 'No 5 SFTS Brantford -1942'. The ground is snow covered.

Five photographs of Lancasters Mk 2s departing on an operation. As they start their take off a crowd of well wishers wave them off.
Annotated 'PL22520-PL22524'

A tractor with a snow clearing machine on the front. It is throwing an arc of snow off the runway. A four-engined bomber can be seen in the background


An oblique aerial photograph of RAF Tholthorpe (disused) taken in the 1970s.

Three vertical aerial photographs of the airfield at Tholthorpe. The first is annotated 'Photo taken 28/5/43 before the photo on the wall in the Pub'. It is also captioned '14 TPC 28.5.43 //F 5" 6"- 1 mile Tholthorpe'.

A vertical aerial photograph showing the airfield, south west of Deelen, Arnhem. Bomb craters are visible across the runways.

Three Lancasters preparing to take off, taken from another aircraft .

Three Lancasters preparing to take off. One is lined up on the runway.

Five photographs from an album. Photo 1 is a view from the B-24 with vague field patterns on the ground. Photo 2, 3 and 5 are the airfield with the runway pattern visible. Photo 4 is looking past the B-24 port wing to the ground. The images are…

Photograph of Lancaster landing, runway caravan in middle distance, Lancaster parked in far distance.
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