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Geoff did two Operation Dodge flights with 103 Squadron.

Geoff did three Op Dodge flights, two with 103 Squadron

Geoff did three Operation Dodge flights, two with No 103 Squadron and this one with 57 Squadron.

Flight from Naples to RAF Glatton (Nr Huntingdon) with 20 passengers then on to RAF Elsham Wolds.

Flight from Naples to RAF Glatton with 20 passengers then on to RAF Elsham Wolds.

Flight from RAF Scampton to Naples carrying supplies.

Flight from Naples to RAF Glatton carrying 20 passengers and then on to RAF Scampton.

Three sheets recording flight from Naples to RAF Glatton with 20 passengers and then on to RAF Scampton.

The recollections of Henry Sturrock of his time as a Flight Engineer flying in the Halifax with No 640 Squadron at Leconfield, he flew his first operation on 12 September 1944 and his last on 2 March 1945, he flew on 35 operations.
He also recounts…

Bill Burnett’s Flying Log Book as Flight Engineer from 22 May 1944 to 20 April 1946. Initially with 1660 Heavy Conversion Unit before transferring to 5 Lancaster Finishing School and then 617 Squadron for operational duties in Europe. In January…

George Royall's log book, detailing his RAF flying from September 1943 to November 1945. It records his training as an observer, gunner and bomb aimer, initially at 48 and 42 Air Schools in South Africa. It then records his flying training with 8…

Nine images on three sheets of selected pages from George Royall's log book, each showing a double page spread. The three images on the first sheet cover nine bombing operations as well as training and air test flights. Each image has the…

Document for passengers in B-24 aircraft. Passenger on their way home. Lists crew members including i/c passengers. Provides information and rules for passengers.

List containing some some basic service history and some details of flights made by crew of Flight Sergeant A Barford with individual pages for pilot Barford, Warrant Officer William Day - air gunner, Flight Sergeant F Bolan RCAF- navigator, Warrant…

C.R. Brown’s Flying Log Book from 5 April 1942 to 7 May 1946 detailing training, operations and instructional duties as a bomb aimer. Based at Portage La Prairie (No. 7 Air Observers School), Paulson (No. 7 Bombing and Gunnery School), Winnipeg…
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