Aircrew and Geoff with a crew that he flew with



Aircrew and Geoff with a crew that he flew with


On the LH page, two aircrew sitting in the entrance hatch of a Lancaster, in flying equipment. Captioned 'Two representatives of the Nav Union 103 Squadron. F/O Kev CURTIN on the left and F/Sgt later F/O Pat CURTIN.
Australian twin brothers and relations of the then Australian Prime Minister. Pat Curtin unfortunately went missing on PFORZHEIM March 1945 on his 32nd. trip. Two good lads."
On RH page, four photographs the first a group of aircrew stand underneath an aircraft, caption 'Waiting to fly in a Halifax '
Second one six aircrew, caption 'At Blyton Den - F/E, Frank M/UG, Self - Nav, Danny - skipper, Doug - B/A, Ted R/G'. Third one, six aircrew standing in front of wooden building, caption 'The full crew - Gordon (Wop) on right'. the fourth is of three aircrew standing in a lane, village in background, caption 'Doug Frank & Dennis out for a stroll'.




Five b/w photographs


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“Aircrew and Geoff with a crew that he flew with,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed February 22, 2024,

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