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A large group of airmen wearing battledress and side or peaked caps sitting and standing in three rows in front of a Mosquito with many symbols on nose. Captioned 'Back row { Jackson, Finlay, Pritchard, Garratt, Davy, Powell, Creswell, Curtis,…

Comments over missing letters to her. Mentions insurance and financial issues. States that they should be getting leave on about 15th of month. Was busy over weekend and could not join her, maybe next time. Writes about nose art. Says he is keeping…

View of front fuselage of a Halifax with fox nose art and eight bomb symbols, with an airman wearing side cap looking out of cockpit window.

Five airmen, four in shirtsleeves and one wearing tunic standing in front of a Halifax with fox nose art.

Seven airmen wearing battledress with brevets and side caps standing in line in front of a Halifax with fox nose art.

Seven airmen in flying kit under the nose of a Lancaster. The nose graphic records 118 operations. The nose art is of Mickey the Moocher, a cartoon mouse pulling a trolley with a bomb.

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A partial Royal Australian Air Force Flying log book for F A Mouritz. Covers (with gaps) the period from 27 September 1944 to 18 April 1945. He was stationed at RAF Skellingthorpe with 61 Squadron flying Lancasters. The log book details eight night…

Six airmen standing at the front of their B-24. On the nose are 27 operations.

Seven aircrew wearing flying clothes, lifejackets and parachute harness standing in line in front of a Lancaster with 90 bomb symbols below cockpit.

View of the front fuselage of a Halifax parked on an airfield. Nose art woman in short skirt and text "Daisy Mae". In the distant background a hangar with Halifax outside. On the reverse 'Daisy Mae'.

Cartoon of a lady with short skirt with name 'Daisy Mae'. Four rows of bomb symbols under the name.

Eight aircrew and two ground crew standing and squatting in two rows under the nose of a Halifax. Aircraft has 'Daisy Mae' nose art.

Cartoon of a lady with short skirt with name 'Daisy Mae'. Four rows of bomb symbols, 37 operations, under the name. Submitted with caption '420 Squadron Halifax Daisey Mae'.

Top - photograph of an airman in the cockpit of a Lancaster. On the fuselage below nose art of duck with peaked cap walking down road with sign to Berlin. Row of bomb symbols underneath.
Below - explanation that Admiral Shyte-Awk was the aircraft…

Top left - an airmen wearing tunic with sergeant rank and pilot's brevet standing with his arm round a woman standing alongside. Taken in a garden with large brick house in the background.
Top right - an airman wearing tunic with pilot's brevet,…

Top left - two airmen both wearing flying jackets, one sitting on a wooden chair, the other standing behind him.
Top centre - Two airmen wearing flying jackets, the one on the left a peaked cap, both standing with trees in the background.
Top right…

Top - Front quarter view of the front of a Lancaster with gremlin nose art and airman leaning out of cockpit.
Bottom - Notes with list of operations.

Painting of a yellow gremlin holding umbrella riding on a bomb with caption 'Bang On'. On the reverse 'see pages "A" & "H" of aircam aviation series - No 12, show original on Lanc. I now have original drawn by me & presented to me on completion of…

Writes that he did not have too bad a trip recently despite poor weather. Mentions that their new aircraft was quite good and now had new same nose art as previously. Catches up with news of friends/family. Mentions a friend who had gone missing on…

An air-to-air view of two Lancasters KC-W and KC-A in flight.

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Eleven airmen wearing tunics or battledress, eight standing and three on the ground in front of the nose of a Wellington. Aircraft has nose art Polish flag and three rows of bomb symbols.

The five airmen are grouped at the front of their Lancaster QR-G with 'Gee' nose art and 48 operations visible on the nose. On the reverse 'No 2 Right rear: - EJH Roberts DFC (408451)'.

The nose of Lancaster QR-G with a cartoon woman, 'Gee!' and 48 operations.

Eight airmen standing at the nose of their Lancaster. The nose art is a lady with 'Gee' painted beside her. Also painted are 48 bombs/operations.
Handwritten underneath on the mount is '3rd Left: EJH Roberts DFC (408451)

A pilot looking out of a Lancaster cockpit window. The photograph has been taken from the port wing looking forward.
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