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The cockpit and nose of a Wellington with Moonshine Man nose art, 24 bomb symbols and 'Berlin or Bust'.

Two photographs of seven airmen, LJ Barter is on the extreme left. They are grouped under their Lancaster 'Blue Bird'.

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A man wearing a side cap sits in the cockpit of a Lancaster holding a hose which trails down from the open window. Under the cockpit is a cartoon of a woman reclining on a bomb under the citation 'Just Jane'. Above the cartoon is a bomb tally of 64,…

A cartoon of a bare breasted woman laying prone painted on the nose of Lancaster. There is also a bomb tally painted alongside.

A cartoon woman holding a fencing sword painted on the nose of a Lancaster with the citation Gee !'. Alongside is a bomb tally of 48. On the reverse 'Aircraft 'G' 61 Squadron'.

A cartoon character wearing Arab style dress holding playing cards labelled 'Ali Oop!' with the citation 'I Go - I come Back' painted under the cockpit of a Lancaster, the bomb doors of which are open.. Alongside is a bomb tally of 36 including 3…

Ten uniformed men sitting on the nose and cockpit of a Lancaster with one in the pilot's seat. David is second left, he and two others are wearing officer's hats, four wear side caps and four are bare headed. The Lancaster is decorated with a cartoon…

First, David, in uniform and officer's hat, sat on the bonnet of an Austin car with the registration number CMP 502. There is a second man sat in the driving seat, looking out of the car window. The vehicle is parked on grass land with Nissen huts in…

Nose art on a Lancaster depicting Mickey Mouse pulling a bomb on a trolley towards '3rd Reich' and 'Berlin' as depicted on a signpost. There is a bomb tally of 93 painted below the cockpit of which 12 indicate daylight operations. On the reverse…

Five men standing at the front of Lancaster 'R'. Another is in the pilot's seat. The aircraft has 'Robbie's Reply' and ten bomb symbols on beneath the cockpit.

11 men and a WAAF standing in front of a Wellington 'Y'. The Wellington has a large bomb symbol with 38 on it painted on the nose.

11 ground crew standing in front of a Wellington 'Zola'.
An image of Zola in underwear, 16 bomb symbols, and the phrase 'P hole gents' are painted on the fuselage.

On the reverse 'William Edward Perry IX Squadron Bomber Command serving with…

A mix of air and ground crew standing in front of a Lancaster. Additionally each man is named.

Seven airmen at the front of their Halifax, watched by two ground crew from an engine trestle. The nose has a Cross of Lorraine, Free France emblem.

An airmen looking out of a Lancaster cockpit. A crest with the inscription "RAAF" is seen on the side of the aircraft below the cockpit.

Airmen standing in front of a Lancaster. Various illustrations can be seen around the cockpit, such as a bombing tally, a kangaroo, a swastika, and the inscription "FLAK SHIP".

Front/port view of a Lancaster being loaded with bombs., watched by the aircrew.

Seven airmen at the nose of their Lancaster. On the nose is 'Green Goddess' and a cartoon woman. On the reverse is a post it with 'F Davy 3rd from Right'.

A brief story about the crew of 'M for Mother'. It includes details of the crew and a photograph of the crew in flying kit at the nose of their aircraft.

Ten airmen and ground crew standing at the front of their Lancaster 'J'. Their operations are in the form of a triangle on the nose. Each operation is a painted kangaroo.

A large group of celebrating airmen at the front of Lancaster PO-S R5868. The men are cheering the Lancaster after its 100th operation. On its nose is 'No enemy aircraft will fly over the Reich territory. Hermann Goering'.

Single aircraft on the ground with a cartoon of Goofy on its nose.

Two rows of air and ground crew. Behind is their Lancaster with the record of 25 operations.
On the reverse 'Dad'.
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