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Shows nose of a B-17 and the inboard port engine. Nose art of a show girl with 'Little Audrey above her'. B-17 in which US officials travelled to RAF Woodhall Spa. 31 March 1944'. On the reverse '5.4.44, MSC99, 2 Cam 2, 51:48'. Addition information…

Noel Appleton at the controls of a Lancaster. He is seated in the cockpit with a window open and his arm resting on the ledge. The Lancaster has 36 operations marked under the cockpit. On the reverse 'Noel Appleton B. 18-9-1920 D. 13-12-2008'.

Seven aircrew, six standing, one seated, in front of Lancaster, V, on an airfield dispersal. All the men are in flying suits and boots. Behind the crew, under the aircraft, can be seen one other man in uniform. Nose art with head and shoulders of a…

The nose of a Halifax bomber. It has a code 'S' on the undercarriage flap. There is nose art of a figure. The aircraft has chocks under the main wheels. On the reverse is 'Ronald Bailey'.

Six airmen sitting on top of a Lancaster cockpit with the pilot seated inside. Victor Azzaro is third from the left. Six airmen are wearing peaked caps and one a side cap. The nose art indicates at least 65 operations were completed.

Six aircrew in front of Wellington D, parked in front of a building with chocs on wheels. Nose art of Donald Duck pointing at ducklings visible on aircraft. Four aircrew are wearing peaked caps and two side caps.

Eleven groundcrew in front of centre section of Lancaster, on the reverse '115 Squadron, RAF Witchford, Sid Bunce second from right standing'. Nose art on aircraft indicating 30 completed operations. Airman on bicycle in background.

Album page with eight black and white photographs various orientations. Captioned 'E Easy - they did 25 Operations in this Halifax'.
Top, Halifax bomber, ladder present against port wing at least two ground crew present.
Upper-mid-left photograph,…

Close up of three bomb trolleys with bombs and carriers, armourer winching up bomb, nose and centre section of Lancaster with nose art.

Four Lancasters taxiing nose to tail on perimeter track, airfield scene in background.

Photograph of model Spitfire with feline head nose art and squadron letters 'RE'. On the reverse '20-7-44, Spitfire, Top speed 400 MPH, 2 x 20mm cannon, 4 x 303 m/guns. 1934-1944'.

Picture of a model Typhoon aircraft with skull and cross bones nose art.

View of cockpit area and part of forward fuselage of a Lancaster with a man looking out of open cockpit side window. Below the cockpit 137 bomb symbols in 11 rows. To the right of bottom row 'No enemy plane will fly over Reich territory' On the…

View of cockpit and fuselage of a Lancaster LM220 WS-Y with an airman looking out of the cockpit window. On the nose 'Y' and nose art of a cartoon of a leprechaun-like figure with top hat, holding a glass of beer. Captioned 'getting younger every…

Front quarter view of Lancaster parked with bomb doors open. On the nose 'G' and many rows of bomb symbols. Background left a 4000 lb bomb on trolley. On the reverse '50 Sqd Skellingthorpe, G + 1 x 4000 lb bomb. AVC. Doddington Road end'.

Side view of the front of a Halifax. On the nose a silhouette of a chorus girl with 'Expensive Babe'. Under the cockpit, four rows of 25 bomb symbols and one swastika. In front seven aircrew in flying suits and Mae Wests walking away from aircraft.…

14 airmen standing and kneeling in front of a Lancaster with nose art indicating 29 operations completed.

On the reverse: '115 Squadron, RAF Witchford, Sid Bunce' and 'Sid X'.

Six aircrew wearing tunic or battledress all with aircrew brevet standing in line in front of the nose of a Lancaster. The Lancaster has nose art of a lady swirling her dress, the name Zola and twelve bomb symbols. The bomb bay doors are open. At…

Original cartoon drawing of woman with swirling dress used as basis of noise art for Denis Clyde-Smith's Lancaster. Annotated 'With love to the crew and ground crew of the Zola bomber from Zola'.


Six airmen, one wearing tunic, the others in shirt sleeves standing in line in front of a Wellington. There is a further man looking out of the port cockpit window. The front of the aircraft and part of the port engine are visible. In the background…

Front of Wellington and part of port wing with boarding ladder down and another ladder leaning on starboard (far) side.

A group of six aircrew under the nose of a Lancaster with nose art, the name 'Zola' and bomb symbols. Article relates that crew had requested that the creator of the cartoon in the Daily Mirror to draw them Zola as a mascot. Notes the targets that…

Seven aircrew stand in back row wearing Mae Wests and parachute harnesses. Five wear side caps and two peaked caps. Twelve airmen are sitting or squatting in front wearing battledress or cold weather clothing. In the background the front of a Halifax…

Large group of air and ground crew standing on the port wing and forward fuselage of a Halifax. One aircrew is standing with foot on a chock by the port undercarriage. There is one man looking out from a cockpit window. The aircraft has nose art of a…

Six aircrew standing in back row wearing battledress or tunic. Seven airmen squatting in front wearing battledress. In the background the front of a Halifax with nose art of a lady reclining in a heart. Underneath are bomb symbols. Dennis W Raettig…
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