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Harry joined the Royal Australian Air Force on 25 June 1942 as a wireless operator/air gunner and received his initial training in Australia before going to Canada for his trade training.

He sailed on the SS Johan Van Barneve to San Francisco and…

Instructions on how rooms are to be maintained.

The first of three chapters of Bill's wartime service.
There is a second copy with handwritten edits.

Joyce Exton Wallace recalls being put on a charge for insolence to a non commissioned officer. Joyce and her colleagues had missed the last train back to camp at Stanmore after attending a dance. She was reprimanded for reacting inappropriately to…

Starts with birth and childhood and description of living conditions. Discontinuous pages follow. Description of training instruction. Next page describes invitation and participation to American celebration. Mentions hangers with B-17s and Glen…

Commences with call up and journey to Innsworth camp. Describes accommodation, activities and compatriots in detail. Continues with very detailed description of training and activities at Compton Bassett. After a farewell concert was posted to Bawtry…

Covers early life and reasons for joining up. Mentions initial posting to flying control at Grimsby followed by posting to Cranwell for training in flying control. Postings to Grimsby and Fighter Command Norfolk. Goes on with Katie's description of…

Poem about an encounter with a policemen accompanied by a WAAF officer.

Writes that she was sorry to have missed her the day she left but says she had a good time. Comments on activities and catches up with news of friends.

Two offences recorded both AWOL, one in Canada and the other at RAF Feltwell, for the first reprimanded and the second admonished.

Thanks her for cakes and asks her to send him his encyclopaedia of wireless. Comments on good weather and being confined to camp over not handing in pass. Catches up with news and mentions a pilot who had been killed.

Includes notes on the air force act, Kings regulations and air council instructions, the official secrets act, disclosure of information, communications to the press, complaints and grievances, testimonials, communication with officials, officers…

Note explaining why author's father and several pilots of 106 Squadron arrived singing Java Jive over the radio (R/T). Station commander was not impressed.

12 Cartoons of various types of airmen encountered in the RAF.
The keen type, the creeping type, the – I've been in longer than you type, the very fond of his tapes type, the couldn't care less type, the roll on demob type, the line shooting type,…

The Honor system used and what is does not tolerate.

Declares that he has 21 days recreation leave due to him.

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Detailed instructions for squadron parade with all commands and actions required. Signed by adjutant 76 Squadron.

This item was sent to the IBCC Digital Archive already in digital form. No better quality copies are available.

An extract from Tee Emm magazine about a pilot that died doing unauthorised low flying. It refers to a dozen other accidents where pilots and crew lost their lives doing low flying.

Cyril failed to pass his stage C checks but the board allowed him 4.5 hours extra training.
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